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[Hero Concept] D'Groth - Herald of Agony [#84]

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Herald of Agony

Role: Tank
Specialty: Crowd-control / Initiate
Difficulty: 6.6/10

Hero Description

D'Groth is played mainly as a tank that really packs a punch. His unique passive gives him bonus attributes while his skills can open up many new ways of playing around the map. Since his passive requires time to build up, he is at his peak when the game reaches into a late state. His main weapon are his stone fists, both coated with metallic spikes. Actually, D'Groth's whole body is made of rock. An artificial creature that was developed using magic by the Abyssal inhabitants, which now roams around the edges of the gaping abyss in order to stop those who are trying to escape their demise.

Skills & Abilities

Passive: Residual Reinforcements
Every time D'Groth destroys terrain, it will drop pieces of rubble which he can absorb by getting close to them. The amount of rubble that comes from each destroyed terrain ranges from 4-8 pieces. After reaching each milestone, D'Groth gains bonus permanent stats, as listed below:-
10 pieces: +20 armor, +20 magic resistance
25 pieces: +650 HP
50 pieces: +10% damage reduction
100 pieces: +35 armor, +35 magic resistance
160 pieces: +15% resilience (reduce CC time)
225 pieces: +15% damage reduction
300 pieces: +1100 HP
Other than that, for every 5 pieces of rubble he gains, his physical attack will be increased by 1 point, capping at +100 physical attack. All in all, if D'Groth manages to accumulate enough rubble, he will receive 55 points of armor and magic resistance, 1750 points of HP, 25% damage reduction and 15% resilience, along with the afformentioned 100 points of physical damage.

Skill 1: Cynical Thumping (11.1s cd, 70 mc)
D'Groth immediately pounds the ground, dealing 330/370/410/450/490/530 (+50% total P.D) physical damage to enemies in a moderately sized area around him, slowing them down by 40% for 1s. After the pound, D'Groth will roll to the specified direction that the left movement joystick is pointing to, then automatically pounding the ground once more to deal 410/460/510/560/610/660 (+80% total P.D) physical damage to enemies in an ever larger area, this time knocking them up for 0.8s.

Skill 2: Pulverizing Smash (23.8s cd, 100 mc)
D'Groth powerfully lets out a punch with both his fists in front of him in a short distance, dealing 180/210/240/270/300/330 (+30% total P.D) physical damage to all enemies hit, pushing them back a short distance. If D'Groth successfully punches a wall, it will crumble and cause a new path to open up, one where both allies and enemies can pass through. The crumbled wall will leave several pieces of rubble behind, and picking them up will give D'Groth extra stats. The crumbled wall will regenerate after 3 minutes.

Ultimate: Diabolical Terror (44.7s cd, 120 mc)
D'Groth jumps a short distance towards the targeted location, then smashing down powerfully to rupture the ground, causing a large area to be impaled by rocky spikes (size: buffed mino ult). Any enemy units that get caught in the center will receive 1000/1200/1400 (+140% total P.D) physical damage and be knocked up and stay up in the air for 1.5s; while enemies that were hit at the sides will receive 650/750/850 (+80% total P.D) physical damage and be knocked up for 1s, both incurring a 80% slow effect as long as they stay in the spiky area. All enemy dash skills will be canceled upon coming in contact with the spikes (but dashing is still allowed if they are in the area). After 4s, the spikes will crumble, leaving 18-24 pieces of rubble that D'Groth can absorb to gain extra stats.

Reference Images

D'Groth is basically a rock golem that has a lot of spikes in his body. Since it is artificially created by using dark magic, it has glowing symbols around its body. There are also chains attached to it, mainly around the wrists and legs.

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I like the passive a lot. He can get rubble easily from his skills. Getting tank stats without item is really good specially for tank role hero. the skill set are nice too with very good amount of damage. Do not forget to submit this to in game cs as a suggestion with this thread link.
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