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[Hero Techniques] Nana Guide

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Nana - Feline Wizard
Role: Mage/Support
Speciality: Poke/Crowd Control

Nana is special among the Leonins. With a bright personality and love of adventure, she is full curiosity for all things new and hopes to one day leave her home and see the world.
But Nana also has a mischievous side that often causes trouble for those around her. She is naturally gifted with strong magical abilities, but doesn't know how to control them. The most serious time she lost control of her impressive abilities resulted in the destruction of almost half the forest. In order to protect the Leonins from her uncontrollable magic abilities, Nana decided to leave her home behind. In her travels she a Moon Elf named Miya who suppressed Nana's magic abilities and then taught her the Moon Elve's secret to control magical energies. The intelligent Nana quickly mastered the technique and became a power witch of the Leonin clan. She choose to follow Miya to the Land of Dawn and together search for a new king.

My Recommended Build
Demon Shoes, Glowing Wand, Lightning Truncheon, Holy Crystal, Genius Wand, and Blood Wings

While I was playing Nana, I noticed that you can basically use any other mage equipments on Nana and it might still work. But I strongly suggest Glowing Wand in every Nana’s build. Nana’s ultimate is very important to Nana, it deals a significant amount of damage. I have felt that it was harder to play Nana when you don’t use Glowing Wand because Glowing Wand felt like the true damage dealer with Nana. I didn’t like Enchanted Talisman with Nana because it simply felt useless with Nana, even though I thought it might help Nana if Nana used Arcane Boots. I was quite wrong with that, Demon shoes was quite a better choice for most Mage heroes to regenerate mana. Lightning Truncheon was also a perfect equipment for Nana, I mean it also help Nana deal more damage because of it’s unique passive. Divine Glaive was also one of the equipments that I thought might be good with Nana. But there was also Genius Wand that gives Magic PENETRATION as well. Genius Wand gives 15 points of Magic Penetration, while Divine Glaive gives 70% of your total Magic Penetration if your HP is above 70%, I currently am level 52 in my Mage Emblem, and I only have 11.00 of Magic Penetration. If you calculate 70% of 11.00, you would get 7.7 add that up you get 18.7. Your total would be 18.7 Magic Penetration. You could still choose Arcane Boots along with Divine Glaive, which gives you more Magic Penetration. But Nana uses his skills a lot and so I felt like Demon Shoes were necessary. I still chose Holy Crystal over Divine Glaive because without magic attack, you can’t really deal much damage with Magic Penetration. Blood Wings is basically what most Mages use in late-game, so it was necessary for durability.

My Recommended Emblem
Custom Mage Emblem with Magic Worship Talent. Gives more of a aftershock damage along with Glowing Wand for her Ultimate or First Skill.

My gameplay with Nana
I’ve played with Nana for quite some time now. When I first used Nana in rank, people thought I was trolling and said we’re going to lose because of Nana. When I use Nana, I don’t get too much deaths and sometimes I have gotten 0 deaths. Nana’s passive, Molina’s Gift, helped prevent me from getting killed. Molina’s Gift is also useful for a comeback if they chase you down trying to kill you.

Advice for using Nana
When using Nana, I recommend you to use your second skill and place it in the bushes to see if there’s anyone trying to ambush you in the bush before entering that bush. Nana’s second skill is similar to Selena’s trap, it gives you vision to see who’s in the bush. Also sometimes Enemy might try to ambush you from the behind when you’re trying to push, so you might also want to put your second skill behind you in case of any ambushes so you can flee.

Nana’s kit
I basically use 2-1-3 or 2-3-1 depending on the situation. If it was in a crowd, I would use 2-3-1. If it was 1v1, I would use 2-1-3. Many people think it’s a good idea to try and chase Nana to kill Nana, I don’t think it would help if you tried to chase down Nana when Nana is in passive because with Nana’s kit 2-3-1, I could easily eliminate them instead. Sometimes you might need to use flicker because you can’t be too close to them if they’re close range and so you would need to use flicker and then 2-3-1.

Counters/Countered by/Best Teammates for Nana

Nana is a pretty meta hero, so I’d say she might be able to counter a lot of heroes that isn’t durable enough and lacks a BLINK skill that can quickly help them get away from Nana’s second skill. But some heroes that is durable is very scared of her second skill. But sadly, she can be countered by some assassin and fighters.
Nana counters: Khufra, Leomord, and Dyrroth
Khufra is countered by Nana because when Khufra use his first skill to launch himself over to a crowd, Nana’s second skill is what he is very scared of. When Nana’s second skill hits, he is vulnerable to attacks. Leomord is also a very vulnerable hero to Nana, Nana’s second skill can also do the same thing to Leomord. Leomord needs to be able to use his skills to attack, while morphed by Nana’s second skill, he can’t do anything if he charges at enemy Nana who which will use second skill to morph Leomord. Dyrroth can also be countered by Nana simply because Dyrroth is also vulnerable near Nana’s second skill. I think you should try to use Nana’s kit on Dyrroth and see actually how easy it is to kill a very squishy yet offensive hero like Dyrroth.
Nana is countered by: Ling, Chou, and Fanny
Placing these three heroes as the heroes that can counter Nana makes a lot of sense. Ling deals very high damage with his skills and can travel very fast with his BLINK skills, can catch up to Nana when Nana’s passive is activated. Chou might be able to counter Nana because Chou’s second skill can make himself kind of immune to Nana’s second skill, therefore, Nana ‘s second skill doesn’t really effect Chou. Fanny counters Nana because even though Fanny is not even immune to any crowd control, Fanny can use her second skill to get away from Nana’s skills. Fanny can also attack Nana with her skills at the same time.
Best Teammates for Nana
Belerick, Tigreal, Minotaur, and Johnson.
There is a similarity between the 4 heroes. They all specialize in Crowd Control. Yet, I did choose them for what I see can be best paired up with Nana. As I use Nana, I see Nana as more of a Poke/Burst even though her speciality is Poke/Crowd Control. But I do think with those heroes, she is able to attack a lot of heroes with her ultimate because they can help more with their skills.

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the guide is nice. I like your way of approaching with step by step details. It would be nice if you could've added the picture of build. Cheers.
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nana is best pair with Hayabusa also, especially early game.

you can try out CD reduction items also. i always use nana if my Estes is banned. i have quite decent WR for Nana.

items that i use, maybe you can try it out.
Demon Shoes --> lighting truncheon --> fleeting time --> glowing wand --> oracle / blood wings
sometime will buy mask in early game, depend on the situation of what team mate you have
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Well i main dyrroth face nana in grandmaster not so hard amd also use spell purify and done dyrroth can kill nana easy


Maybe you haven’t really met a good Nana yet in Grandmaster.  Post time 2019-12-24 09:29 PM
Post time 2020-2-17 02:11 PM | Show all posts
i always like to play Nana as a supporting role as what she categories for.
team fight with skill 2, skill 3, follow by skill 1.
with skill 2 and skill 3 activated, most of the enemy either run away or stun / cat give your teammate to kill them.
 Author| Post time 2020-2-22 03:59 AM | Show all posts
ulala2 replied at 2020-2-17 02:11 PM
i always like to play Nana as a supporting role as what she categories for.
team fight with skill 2, ...

You can still remain as a support even with mage equipments. My build helps you deal more damage as a support Nana. I don't go to the mid lane because I let mid-lane or other mage go to mid. When your team does not have enough damage, it would be necessary to use my build to deal more damage.
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