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[Other Bug Report] Bug: Gord No. 1 Controller Starlight Skin bundle with Starlight Card event

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Edited by Matcieou7th at 2019-12-20 02:49 AM

There is a bug with the Gord No. 1 Controller Starlight Skin bundle with Starlight Card event. The poster says +9 diamonds to get Starlight benefits worth 550.


The bundle price is 1098. Their devs explained that it's 1098 (bundle) = 1089 diamonds (skin) + 9 diamonds (starlight). The event poster also says the 9 diamonds only for starlight.

If you buy the No. 1 Controller independently (buy from Shop > Skins, or gifted to you), and you check the bundle, it says the price of the hero or skin will be deducted accordingly (worth 1089). So, you expect the price of the bundle to be 1098 diamonds (bundle) - 1089 (skin) = 9 diamonds (starlight card). However, there is a bug where the starlight is still 550 diamonds.


I already reported to their customer service multiple times but they close without fixing it, or they just keep on repeating their answers and contradict theirselves.


December is almost over, and I am still fighting for the advertised 9 diamonds for Starlight while the event lasts. But I am losing hope with the responses and lack of action from customer service. Can anyone help? I'm attaching all evidence here.

This is getting really frustrating. I stopped recharging diamonds because I am disappointed with this. I was supposed to buy the whole Starborn skins, after I bought KOF skins and VENOM skin. But this very bad customer service is just disappointing!

Post time 2019-12-20 09:00 AM | Show all posts
Sorry for the inconvenience. I think its not a bug. The discount on the starlight card will apply only when you bought the bundle i.e with the skin. Not separately. Also as the CS says, the discount is given on the skin only, so if you buy the skin from shop, the 9 diamond price will no longer apply on the starlight card.

   The description says, if you own the skin/hero in the pack (which u do), the price of the bundle will be reduced accordingly i.e. 550 (actual starlight card price). Hope you understand.
 Author| Post time 2019-12-20 02:57 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Matcieou7th at 2019-12-20 03:02 PM

The price of the skin is 1089 and not 548. The expectation is to deduct 1089. But only 548 was deducted. Even the developers indicated the value to be 1089 for the skin and 9 diamonds for the Starlight card = 1098 bundle. 1089 (skin) + 9 (Starlight card) = 1098 (bundle).
When I asked about this wrong deduction computation, they admitted that it's because they applied the discount incorrectly on the skin (548) instead of the card (550). 548 (skin wrong value) + 550 (Starlight card wrong discount value as per event poster) = 1098. The event post clearly states that you can get Starlight worth 550 with only 9 diamonds, and even devs confirmed this. This computation is already wrong and shows the bug. See computation comarison below.

Expectation (correct): 1089 (skin) + 9 (Starlight) = 1098 (bundle)

Reality (bug): 548 (wrong skin value) + 550 (wrong Starlight discount) = 1098

The promo event is still on-going. The bundle is still available and customers are expecting the bundle to properly deduct 1089 from 1098 to get the starlight card worth 550 diamonds for only 9 diamonds based on the event poster.

What they need to do to fix the bug is to correct the discount application and transfer it from the skin and into the Starlight card, as clearly advertised in the event poster and also based on their responses.

Post time 2019-12-20 04:51 PM | Show all posts
I understand what you are trying to say. But you got one information wrong. You can not gift this package to anyone.
And for the system, please correct me if i am wrong.
You bought the gord starlight package which is 1098 diamonds but you got gord annual starlight skin somehow before the event. So here it is showing 550 diamond for dyrroth starlight skin only.

The thing is, the promo only activates if you buy both skins together. Then the price would be 1089+9 for gord annual+starlight dyrooth. If this not the case then please provide following information so that we can investigate further.

Profile and server id
Device model and os version
Game client version
Date when it occurred
How to trigger this bug

 Author| Post time 2019-12-21 06:20 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-12-24 06:09 PM

This is not about gifting the bundle; that is not possible. This is about buying the bundle in the shop after first buying the skin from shop > skins (or if it was gifted to you). The skin value should have been properly deducted from the bundle price, but it was not properly deducted from the bundle due to wrong bundle item breakdown discount computation.
Here are the main problems:

1. Wrong skin value deduction from total event bundle price.

The event bundle says if the skin is already owned, then the value of the skin should be deducted. The skin value is 1089, but only 548 was deducted to come up with 550 diamonds left. 548 is not the skin value, and is the wrong amount deduction.

2. Event bundle advertised 9 diamonds only (541 discount) for Starlight card. Devs also supported this discount calculation of 9 diamonds only for Starlight card.

The event poster and the devs show that the Starlight card (with value of 550) is discounted to only 9 diamonds in the bundle. But apparently, upon checking with devs, the computation of discount was not applied to the Starlight card, which is wrong. The 541 diamonds discount should be applied to the Starlight card as advertised.

3. Wrong Starlight price due to wrong application of discount on skin instead of applying 541 discount on Starlight card.

The reason why 550 is shown on the bundle if you already own the skin is because the discount was never applied in the bundle item breakdown calculation of discount, which is wrong.

For better understanding, let me share the breakdown of the bundle computation per item, and the discount applied. First scenario is the correct, expected scenario (based on dev and event poster teaser info). Second scenario is the incorrect one, which is what's happening as also confirmed by devs later on.

Scenario 1: EXPECTATION: The expected bundle price breakdown with discount should be as follows (as evidenced and confirmed by event teaser poster and also dev computation I shared):

Gord No. 1 Controller Skin: 1089 diamonds (no discount)
Starlight Card: 9 diamonds (550 diamonds - 541 diamonds discount)
Total: 1089 (skin) + 9 (Starlight card) = 1098

If you get the Gord No. 1 Controller Skin in advance, the proper bundle price deduction of skin should be:
1098 diamonds (full bundle with skin and Starlight card) - 1089 diamonds (skin) = 9 diamonds (new bundle price with only Starlight card)

Scenario 2: REALITY (BUG): The problem is the actual bundle price breakdown is incorrect.

Gord No. 1 Controller Skin: 548 diamonds (1089 diamonds - 541 diamonds wrong item discount)
Starlight Card: 550 diamonds (no discount/wrong)
Total: 548 (skin) + 550 (Starlight card) = 1098

If you get the Gord No. 1 Controller Skin in advance, the wrong bundle price deduction of skin is now:
1098 diamonds (full bundle with skin and Starlight card) - 548 diamonds (wrong skin value) = 550 diamonds (new bundle price with only Starlight card wrong/no discount)

Notes on bug with this incorrect bundle item breakdown discount computation:

A. Gord No. 1 Controller Skin is valued at 1089, not 548. Deduction of value is wrong.
B. Starlight Card is 9 diamonds because of promo discount. Not 550. This is clearly stated in event poster and also devs feedback on proper computation. But the discount was incorrectly applied to the Gord No. 1 Controller skin instead of the Starlight Card.

Your devs confirmed, with evidence screenshot above, that the reason why the Starlight card is showing 550 (regular price) instead of 9 (advertised event bundle discount and also confirmed by dev) is because the bundle discount was applied entirely on the skin, instead of the Starlight card. This is incorrect because the event poster advertised the discount on the Starlight Card and not the Skin. The developer also confirmed the 9 diamonds discount computation should also be applied on the Starlight card and not the Skin (1089 skin + 9 card = 1098 bundle). But the actual computation (which shows bug) is 548 skin + 550 Starlight card = 1098. This computation is incorrect.

The 550 diamonds is showing because of wrong discount application, not because you bought the Gord No. 1 Controller skin in advance. Devs did not say the discount will be removed from Starlight card if you buy skin in advance. They only said that the discount was not applied to the Starlight Card properly, but was incorrectly applied to the skin (whole discount on skin only).

I already attached all evidences through screenshots. Please take a look at the original post for these.

A lot of users are affected by this bug.

Gifted By:
Nickname: Matcieou7th
Account No.: 73171471
Server: 3218

Received By:
Nickname: £¢ki
Account No.: 178162555
Server: 3177

Device Model and OS version: iPhone XR iOS13, iPad latest OS
Game client version: Role 178162555
Date Occured: Dec 3 til present
How to trigger bug:

1. Buy Gord No. 1 Controller skin directly from Shop > Skin, or receive Gord No. 1 Controller Skin as gift worth 1089 diamonds (don't buy bundle yet)
2. Go to event poster bundle and it shows 550 diamonds instead of advertised 9 diamonds

I’m still getting contradicting and never ending back-and-forth replies from devs. First they compute the Starlight card as 9 diamonds and confirm skin is 1089 (1089+9=1098), supporting what the event poster shows.

Then after checking further they tell me that they applied the discount on the skin (many, many times). So the 1089 value of skim is computed as 548 only (wrong computation). And that the Starlight card does not have discount at all. This is not what the event states. This is the exact bug. The computation is wrong. The reason why the Starlight card did not get properly discounted is because only the skin received the discount. But it contradicts the poster.


This is going in circles already. This is going in circles. Something is clearly wrong here and the customer service in-game is clearly not doing anything to fix it. They cannot see the whole picture which is really frustrating. I have reported this since Dec 3 and it's still going in circles.

Post time 2019-12-21 08:54 PM | Show all posts
its complicated but let me try to explain it to you.
original price of gord annual starlight skin - 1089
price of bundle package -1098

but the thing is this they did not reduced the value of the starlight membership, they reduced the value of the skin in that bundle. So its discount of skin, not of the membership, skin is in discount only in bundle not in skin shop .

So what they are trying to say is with only 9 dias more than its original price you can get starlight too. Not that the price of starlight is reduces to 9 dias.
 Author| Post time 2019-12-22 11:47 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-11 06:04 AM

That isn't what the event states. What you are stating is what the current breakdown is, which is wrong and does not align with the event poster, nor the computation (1089+9). So if you "hide" the discount on the skin instead of applying it on the Starlight card, then that is wrong and deceitful. Even if you ask all the customers who see that ad, they will tell you that the Starlight card should be the one with a discount. This is what I am contesting--the misleading ads! Even the devs earlier said 1089 (skin) + 9 (starlight card) = 1098 (bundle). That's pretty black and white clear that skin has no discount, and Starlight card has discount.

If you say that the skin has discount and Starlight has no discount, then the calculation is different from what the devs has said. It should be 548 (skin) + 550 = 1098 (bundle). But, again and again, your devs themselves has confirmed the computation is 1089 (skin) + 9 (starlight card) = 1098 (bundle).

See comparison of two computations and why one is correct over the other which is wrong:

CORRECT: 1089 (skin) + 9 (starlight card 550-541) = 1098 (bundle)

-Correct computation
-aligns with advertisement
-correct skin value
-aligns with devs computation on customer service response

WRONG: 548 (skin 1089-541) + 550 (starlight) = 1098 (bundle)

-incorrect computation
-not the same as event poster
-incorrect skin value
-does not align with dev computation of bundle

I argue with the evidence and logic above that the discount applied on skin was wrong. Why did they reduce or discount the skin price when the event poster does not say that? Why did they not apply the discount on Starlight Card when the event states a discount of 9 diamonds for the 550 value? This is against logic and misleading.

Review this event poster. What does that mean to you if you're a customer? Does that mean anything about skin getting discount, or the Starlight card getting discount? It's a no-brainer and very straightforward. If you do something else that does not align to your posters, that's misleading. And the current computation is far from the advertisement.


Looks like this won’t get fixed. If the customer service of ML is this poor, they will really lose paying customers. But I don’t think they care based on this experience.

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