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[Hero Balance] Needed nerds, buffs & revamps

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Edited by koken at 2019-12-17 05:52 AM

Well the game needs some balance in some things so here are my thoughts:


- Ling: The current cancer character. He needs his damage to be nerfed (A LOT) and he must be reachable somehow when he's on the walls. Also nerf the movility during the walls thing, like moving only through the near walls but not being able to cross map. The skill should also take 1 or 2 seconds to take effect after using it to avoid that continous "I'm gonna die so I'll spam this".

- X-borg: movility while casting nerfed. I'd allow him to still cast while moving but then reduce a lot the damage he does.

- Estes: the slow effect of the AOE of the 2nd skill MUST be reduced A LOT.

- Hayabusa: That cancer ultimate MUST be nerfed. So damage reduced and there must be a way to skip it. He could has his first skill improved in exchange.

- Selena: Stun duration and overall damage reduced. CD between both transformations increased.

- Esmeralda: damage reduced (come one she's supposed to be tankish and hits way harder than lots of dps characters).

- Dyrroth: damage nerfed.

- Aldous: the ultimate should be avoided if hidden within the grass.

- Gusion: overall damage slightly reduced.

- Helcurt: damage decreased a lot on late game.

- Wanwan: that jumping thing makes her too hard to be reached by some ranged heroes. I would reduce her base jumping speed and make that the more vitals she destroy the more fast she can move (up to the current speed), and if she focuses another hero or current's hero vitals are restored her speed be restored as well.

- Irithel: basic attack damage reduced (only on late game)


- Franco: why does this hero still use mana? He shall use something else or reduce the mana cost of his skills since he's a tank and does melee damage. His mana consumption is huge right now.

- Clint: bigger smoke bomb (twice or three times bigger). More distance/longer jump when quitting with the 2nd skill. That skill shall automatically do true damage (passive activated automatically) once used and before moving so no need to approach the enemy again to use the passive after that (the point of the skill is supposed to be walking away). He also needs too expensive gear to make a descent build.

- Diggie: The revamped bombs completely SUCK. They lay on the floor for one second after thrown instead of directly running towards the enemy. Add to that that there's a GCD second between the use of each bomb. Make them directly go to the enemy and remove the CD between each bomb. The damage is not that great at the end of the game now; I'd do that the damage of the bombs increases if he gets consecutively reached by them in the next 5 seconds after getting hit. He also needs survavility somehow; maybe he could get a small 2s shield everytime a bomb reaches an enemy (with the same design of his ulti but only on him). He should do damage and stun the enemy when coming back to life from egg to bird if he's at the same place where is the enemy (then the "Boom" text that appears would make sense).

- Faramis: he needs a lot more survavility since he's a support that has to approach to the enemy. He should be immune to slows and stuns during the approaching skill and get reduced damage. The ultimate is strange to use; I'd revamp it somehow (maybe a bigger and AOE version of the approaching skill).

- Vale: I still don't get the point of this hero. I'd totally revamp him somehow and buff him. He's wind themed so he should use the wind to move himself and push the enemies back. In addition his design is too similar to Valir (aren't they sharing the same voice actor?). I'd even change his name.

- Alice: this is a very slight buff; I'd increase a little bit the vampire effect on her ultimate to give her more survavility due to the high damage of most heroes.


- Miya: outdated hero; she needs a revamp (she's boring to play to me since everything is autoattack based right now).

- Eudora: outdated hero; maybe better mobility in exchange of burst damage. New passive as well.

- Layla: outdated hero; maybe better mobility in exchange of burst damage. The camera zoom should max out before using the ultimate (when holding the button) to check who is gonna get hit by it. Passive slighlty changed.

- Kaja: He faces similar issues than Faramis. In addition that hero is weird AF (I'd change the design a lot). My proposal: ultimate transformed into skill 2. So skill 2 could be a mixure of current skill 2 + ulti: Kaja impulses forward leaving 2 orbs on the way and graps the enemy. Skill 1 should be transformed into a whip strike (so passive changed) like the current passive. The passive could be an improved skill 1 each X seconds. The ultimate could be an enhanced version of his current skill 1.

- Bruno: His ultimate is useless on 1v1. The ball should bounce on the enemy hero's head while doing damage and transformed into the current ultimate if someone else is near. In addition A football whistle sound could sound when using the 2nd skill.

- Saber: To me he's not that bad but except skill 1, he's a throw it all character which makes him kinda boring to use. No idea about what to do with him TBH but his 2nd skill and his ultimate are too similar. The skin looks old as well.


- Zhask:  [design] well this is just something personal but he looks AWFUL in my opinion (maybe he's designed to be creepy but boy he looks disgusting to me).

- Sun: [design] He's not bad but I'd give to his staff a better importance (both visually on the character and on his skills). Maybe monkey sounds as well.

- Zilong: [design] His skills are fine to me but his design looks kinda old. Since he's about superspeed and superstrenght I would make him more energy/ki aura themed.

- Roger: [design] what about a wolf howl sound when going wolf and a human voice when going back human?

Post time 2019-12-14 01:02 PM | Show all posts
I think Saber needs a buff or revamp too. No one is picking him on Rank, expecially for this season.
Post time 2019-12-13 01:47 PM | Show all posts
Zilong needs revamp too.
 Author| Post time 2019-12-13 07:08 PM | Show all posts

In my opinion Zilong is one of the few old heroes that is still perfectly balanced. He has good damage, CC and mobility. Maybe I would add new visual effects to his skills
Post time 2019-12-13 08:10 PM | Show all posts
Dyrroth is non meta hero. Has no strong cc also. Does he deserve nerf? Same goes for haya and estes too. In fast paced game people dont pick haya. Nowdays they pick masha over haya for turret push.But i agree with most of your suggestions. Thanks for your valuable feedback
Post time 2019-12-13 11:21 PM | Show all posts
Totally agree with most of them buw i dont agree with only making dyrroth's demage smaller, but as well smaller slow, he has so much slows and i dont like it. And i wanted diggie to be nerfed, somehow he is so strong with his bombs that i cant deffend myself and shield that removes all cc is supper good and i would make it length smaller. But i cant agree with eudora, somehow i think she is really good, most of people try to fight with her on lanr but she should ambush enemies, because she is squishy, but burst demage can instantly eliminate most of enemies heros. I dont say that i wouldnt like mobility on her, but i wouldnt like her to deal less demage, so i would fix it with higher cooldown. Thanks for suggestions :D
 Author| Post time 2019-12-14 03:19 AM | Show all posts
StreetGamer replied at 2019-12-13 11:21 PM
Totally agree with most of them buw i dont agree with only making dyrroth's demage smaller, but as w ...

Diggie needs a slight buff not a nerf TBH. His bombs are kinda useless when the enemy caughts you when they aren't already placed. Angela and other supports can defends themselves better than Diggie can. That fix I suggested with the bombs would make a big difference.

PS: Are my suggestions reaching the developers somehow?


Yes, they reach developers.  Post time 2019-12-14 04:21 PM
Post time 2019-12-16 02:26 AM | Show all posts
I've been thinking this buff for Zilong, maybe make his 2nd skill a dash, kinda like Ling's 2nd skill. As for Ling maybe removing his invisibility on walls would balance him? He's still susceptible to cc though so maybe that should do the trick.
Post time 2019-12-16 04:19 AM | Show all posts
I agree with most of this suggestions, thinking about Layla if she has mobility is a good idea, and for eudora she has enough cc with burst damage if she has mobility too it will be better for her
also hope the old heroes get a buff/revamp soon

 Author| Post time 2019-12-16 11:49 AM | Show all posts
Post updated with new ideas I got
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