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no matter what hero you're playing, confidence is a big factor. even if your hero is inherently weaker than the enemy at first, if you're confident and you go on the attack. the enemy will go on the defense. the game meta is about being aggressive, when someone invades, the defending team ends up coming to back their team up, and usually end up dying or struggling. whoever gets first blood sets the mood for the game, whoever dies will have a mindset of: okay i messed up, im now behind and the enemy has a advantage, i need to be smart and careful. they will often retreat in future encounters, which is sometimes a poor decision, a retreating enemy usually cannot attack. allowing you to continuously assault them as they run away. a good example is wanwan, a generally weak early game mm. however, most players have a early game mindset of: i dont want to fight yet OR i need to be aggressive. when a enemy is being aggressive you tend to want to run.
so let me explain this. if a enemy is aggressive towards you, stop running away and fight back. this will change the mood of: secure the kill, to team scuffle. a team scuffle is riskier than a kill secure. and if done right, you may turn the tide and turn the odds in your favor. for example, a enemy gusion is ganking bot lane, instead of running away as wanwan, i attack the enemy gusion. this catches him off guard because : 1. mm are supposed to be prey 2. the prey is supposed to run away 3. the assassin is not supposed to be in the frontlines. by attacking the gusion, i force him and I to be in the front of the teamfight while both our teammates are scrambling to turn their attention away from each other to gank both of us. meanwhile for example, if i had ran away. the gusion would think: he's scared, he doesn't want to fight, now i just need to catch him and kill him. but if i attack, he'll think: he's not scared, he's confident, does he have a trick up his sleeve? i should be careful and precise. which is the perfect oportunity to outplay him. wanwan is a hero with weak early game damage but her mobility makes up for it.

anyways what im trying to say is that games where im aggressive and make the first move, i tend to win more. so be aggressive, stop being afraid. when you make the first move, it becomes your battlefield. you forced the enemy into a situation which catches them off guard, your battleground, your rules. its why heroes that arrive later to a teamfight shine most, because it gives them a chance to survey the sitaution and clean up. but by making the first move, you're TECHNICALLY the person that arrived to the teamfight late and it gives you a edge in the fight. so stop being afraid and go in and show some grit. especially if you have the mobility like wanwan (im also encouraging you to play wanwan). people complain about wanwan jumping forward in attacks, thats because she's a offensive mm. she wanst to get close, she wanst to break your markers. and when she does, she's gonna go on a chain kill killing spree. so dont be afraid as a "weaker" hero, because if its your playing field, you're the strongest hero atm

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Exactly. This is my type of playstyle. But also it's important NOT to be foolishly aggressive...and to know when to back off..don't be reckless and will mess up at some point. So yes, be confident and agressive but also careful  and always think about the moves you will make even 10 times in advance. It will help a lot..
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"Be confident" is a idiotic inspirational slogan imo.
Know your hero & know your enemy and then make an informed judgement when to run & when to attack. That's all.

As for wan-wan, she only jumps forward when you move the joystick. Move the joystick appropriately to keep a proper distance & kite any close range hero. Jumping into the arms of Masha's atk instead of away is idiotic. (Masha helpless against wanwan lol.) Beware of heroes with dashes tho.
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Totally true, I love to play eudora and i need to be aggressive and enemies got scared of me because i can kill most of them with one combo, playing unser tower wont really help you to gain moregold and totake buffs if you are afraid, qs well samsaras said to know your hero its as well true, you needto k ow as well how to act when you see some heros, should i rush in him or to demage him a little to take him before full burst.
Post time 2019-12-11 06:25 PM | Show all posts
Agreed completely. Always needed to be aggressive but in a smart way. Not in feeding way. I really appreciate your effort to describe this and elaborate this topic further.
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Yes, it happens. I mean, if somebody kills you 1 vs 1, you would probably retreat next time you face him, unless you have Friends. Now, more important than just having confidence is having BRAINS. You don’t really need confidence if you check and compare money levels and items. If you as a mm have 2 items and the enemy mm only has one, you can easily kill him 1 vs 1, unless he starts the fight with a gank. Checking stats board is very important and must be done at least every minute. A quick check is more than enough.
Something really important is:
a)        Who starts the fight. The one who starts has does more damage.
b)        Numbers. 2 vs 1 is always better, just as 3 vs 2 and my favorite 4 vs 1.
c)        Stats. No matter how many you are, if the enemy is full set and you only have 3 items, he will probably lifesteal and get a savage.
d)        Stuns, immobilize, silence… you don’t have any of these, you will probably lose.
e)        Dash vs no dash. That’s why granger, kimmy and karrie are better than Layla and miya; they can reposition.
f)        Is there a tank? Don’t, just don’t start a teamfight without your tank.
g)        Fock everything, just destroy the towers! That’s my strategy when playing Masha and Zask. My team always complain about my terrible zhask because I have no kills and died more than 3 times. Somehow we win the game, I have more than 50% towers ( I use arrival ).
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