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[Hero Techniques] Hayabusa Guide

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          Today in hero guide let's know about our deadly ninja Hayabusa.


Hayabusa is one of the most mobile hero in the game, can break through the frontlines easily and get those squishy heroes in the backlines, can deal massive burst damage to the opponents.
   PASSIVE   - NINJUTSU: SHADOW HEAL                     

Hayabusa’s  ninjutsu damage inflicts 1 shadow stack every stack increases Hayabusa’s ninjuts damage by 5%.  
Whenever Hayabusa deals skill damage to an opponents, they acquire a mark, after that whenever Hayabusa deals damage to the marked opponents the damage is increased by 5%.


This mark can be stacked up to 4 times, hence if  Hayabusa deals damage to an opponents that has 4 stack the extra damage dealt to the opponent is increased by 20%.


Hayabusa throws three shurikens forward that will travel back to him after flying a certain distance. Each shuriken deals 170(+70% Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical damage to enemies, slows them and recovers Hayabusa's 10 points of energy. Damage and regeneration effects of this skill decay over time.
Every levelof this skill will grant Hayabusa 3% spell vamp.

                                                            haya skill 1.gif

This skill gives Hayabusa damage and spell vamp, It deals adequate amount of damage and spell vamp is verygood. At max skill level, it gives 18% of spell vamp and has 270 base damage.Shurikens returns back to hayabusa after travelling a certain distance and while returning back if there is any enemy on it's way they will take damage too.And most important this skill helps Hayabusa to regain his energy quickly. Every shuriken hits gives Hayabusa 10 points of energy, if all three shurikens hits an enemy Hayabusa regains 30 points of energy, which is the energy cost of this skill.


Hayabusa moves in a designated direction and releases a phantom behind him. If he hits anenemy in the path, he will stop immediately and release 3 phantoms that travel in different directions. When phantoms hit enemy heroes, they will seep into them deal 130(+30%Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and slow them by 40%. Lasts 2s.
Use again: Hayabusa can move to a phantom’s location. If that phantom happens to be in an enemy hero. Hayabusa will deal extra 130(+30%Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to them. Every time Hayabusa moves using Quad Shadow, the CD for shuriken will reduce by 1s.
                                                               haya skill 2.gif
This blink skill makes Hayabusa very mobile, it is used to mark enemy with shadow and kill them and it's also an escape skill for Hayabusa if hp is low or in a pinch situation. Hayabusa dashes towards a certain direction creates 4 shadows and can come back to any 4 places where his shadows stand. Every time Hayabusa comes back to a shadow his CD of Skill 1 is reduced by 1s immediately.  

Hayabusa turns into a shadow and dashes around the battlefield, dealing 5 times of single-target attack to enemies in an area. Each attack deals 160(+90%Extra PhysicalATK) points of Physical Damage.

                                                    haya skill 3.gif

This skill deals massive damage to the enemies, while this skill is active Hayabusa becomes untargetable for the enemies and will not receive any damage. So, it’s a very good skill where you can deal damage to the opponents but they will not be able to hit back.


-Hayabusa is hard to master, his mechanics is tough to understand and to implement it correctly needs a lot of practice.

-Hayabusa is weak in early games, needs to farm really quick to make that gold gap for enemies to have dominance in a game. Hayabusa is squishy, despite of have a great blink skill, if he gets controlled (CCed), it’s very tough for him to survive.

-Hayabusa’s ult deals a lot of damage but only to a single target, if there are more enemies,minions or jungle monster his ult’s damage gets divided and will not deal the damage expected by the user. So, his ult is little tricky to implement user has to clean the opponent’s surroundings or have to wait till opponents are solo to deal the full damage of his ult to opponents.


-Hayabusa is very efficient in killing damage dealers, due to his burst damage squishy heroes can be one shot by his ult in mid to late game.

-Hayabusa is strong in 1 vs 1 battles, his skill 1 & 2 has low cooldowns, haya can poke enemies,reducing their hp and lastly finishing off enemies with his ult, and return safely without taking any damage. Due to his skill 2 it makes very easy to dive torrents and kill enemies under the torrents.

-Hayabusa is very mobile and can secure objectives very efficiently. Hayabusa is mostly used for pushing lanes. And can be very irritating for opponents.


For hayabusa there is only one basic combo rest is upto users' playing style and experience with playing Hayabusa.

                                        skill 2 --> skill 1 --> skill 3 --> skill 2

                                                haya combo.gif
  you just have to make sure that when you use Hayabusa's ult the stack is maximum to deal that extra 20% damage


-While using skill 1, try to hit all the shurikens to opponents to get maximum damage, energy regen and spell vamp.


         haya skill1 x.gif

You should not do this; you will waste your skill, you will not be able to deal maximum damage it can deal. But it's ok if you are escaping, as hitting enemies with shurikens slows down enemies.


          haya skill 1 re.gif

             This is the correct way.

3) If you are far away from your enemy, use skill 2 to get close and then use your skill 1

haya skill 1 ().gif

-Before using your ult make sure that the enemies are solo with no surroundings to share the damage.(surrounding - enemy heroes,minions and jungle monsters)


haya skill 3 X.gif

Do not jump into group fights right away try to target the damage dealers in the backline.Do not use ult when there is multiple heroes in an area, as damage will be shared with all, you wouldn't be able to deal much damage. So in group fights do not use your ult right away, save it for the last so you can brust down enemies trying to escape from fights. wait for the moments when opponents' hp are less than 50% in group fights.


haya skill 3 √.gif

while in single target, haya's ult is much useful and squishy heroes will be one shot by his ult. So try to catch squishy heroes solo and off guard,Then finish them off quickly with ult.

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