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[Patch Note] Patch Notes 1.4.34 [Advanced Server]

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1. Fanny’s new skin [Lightborn - Ranger] - will be available from December 7th (server time). Diamond 1089. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

-Hero [Fanny] and her skin [Lightborn - Ranger] will be offered in a bundle and available fromDecember 7th (server time).

2. Harith's new skin [Lightborn - Inspirer] will be available from December 7th (server time). Diamond 1089. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

-Hero [Harith] and his skin [Lightborn - Inspirer] will be offered in a bundle and available from December 7th (server time).

3. Granger's new skin [Lightborn - Overrider] will be available from December 7th (server time). Diamond 1089. Launch week 30% Diamonds OFF.

-Hero [Granger] and his skin [Lightborn - Overrider] will be offered in a bundle and available from December 7th (server time).

4. 8 Free Heroes:

-Alucard; Fanny; Alpha; Johnson; Lancelot; Badang; Chang'e; Granger

5. 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

-Hilda; Lunox; Kaja; Dyrroth; Selena; Harith


Basic Mana greatly increased.

Bat Impact: The CD of consecutive cast reduced from 2s to 1.5s. The radius of the Giant Bat's attack range (second phase of attack) increased 33%. Slightly increased the skill's damage. Reduced the extra mana cost for the consecutive cast

Sanguine Claws: Now, when casting this skill, Cecilion will slow the nearby targets down by 30% for 2s.

Bats Feast: Now, at all levels, each time the bats hit a target, Cecilion will restore 20 more HP.

Moonlit Waltz: The CD reduced from 60s to 45s.


Vampire Pact: Physical & Magic Defense Stealing increased from 5-10 to 10-20.

Sanguine Bats: The damage per hit increased from 150-250 to 150-300. The Magic Bonus reduced from 75% to 60%. The HP Regen increased from 45-70 to 75-150, but if the targets hit are Minions or Creeps, Carmilla will receive only 30% of the HP Regen effect.

Optimized the recommended build.


Ancient Seed: The name of the passive changed from "Flower of Life" to "Ancient Seed". The CD of the auto-attack reduced from 0.5s to 0.4s. Optimized the logic of triggering the auto-attack.

Nature's Strike: Optimized the area of triggering. Now the area of effect aligns with the skill indicator better.

Wrath of Dryad: The name of the Ultimate changed from "Nature's Shield" to "Wrath of Dryad". Fixed the problem where the in-battlefield immobilizing duration is longer than that in the skill description.


Thunderclap: Now after using this skill, Masha will get a 30%/40%/50% Damage Reduction buff for 3s (scales with level).


Shield of Spirit: Now the CD can be reduced by hitting Heroes and Creeps instead of hitting a marked enemy.

Tortoise's Puissance: Optimized the skill description.


Tiger Pace: Optimized the logic of hitting Weakness. Now it is easier to hit the Weakness.

Crossbow of Tang: The Basic Damage of each arrow increased from 60-90 to 70-110.


Physical Defense Growth increased 0.6. Basic HP Growth increased 10.

Defiant Sword: Now, each time hit enemies with this skill, Ling restores 10 more HP.


Energy Impact: At all levels, the Basic Damage increased 100.

Feathered Air Strike: The Basic Damage increased from 600-900 to 750-950.

Wings by Wings: The initial Movement Speed Bonus increased from 60% to 80%.


Meteor Shower: Adjusted the Basic Damage of each Meteor from [35 + (Skill Level*30)] to [40 + (Skill Level*20)]. The Magic Bonus increased from 0.15 to 0.2.


Energy Transformation: Adjusted the damage from [16 + (Skill Level*3) + (Total Physical Attack*0.4) + (Total Magic Attack*0.45)] to [4 + (Skill Level*4) + (Total Physical Attack*0.42) + (Total Magic Attack*0.48)]


Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage: Adjusted the Mana Cost from [17 + (Skill Level*3)] to [12 + (Skill Level*4)]


Art of Hunting: At all levels, the CD adjusted to 9s. Basic Damage adjusted from [90 + (Skill Level*30)] to [150 + (Skill Level*20)]


Chrono Dash: Now when hitting targets, the CD will be reduced by 3s instead of 4s.


Basic HP decreased from 1139 to 1038.

HP Growth increased from 82 to 89.


Steel Cable: At all levels, the energy cost reduced 1. Fixed the problem where the Energy Cost was not reduced when using this skill consecutively.


Basic HP decreased from 3309 to 3109.


Fixed the problem where her Abyssal Arrow couldn't absorb Abyssal Traps after passing through the allied summoned object.


Optimized the Skill Animation.


1.Turtle: The killer will get a buff where when the killer doesn't take or deal any damage in 5s, the killer will get a shield that can absorb damage and increase the killer's Physical and Magic Attack. (Scales with Hero's Level)

2.Crammer: Adjusted the weight of the loots between the Crammer and Little Crammer. Now by killing the Little Crammer the killer will get more loots, and by killing both of them, the killer will get a little more loots than before.


[Oracle] Unique Passive-Bless: The enhancement of shield absorption and HP regeneration increased from 25% to 30%.

[Deadly Blade]: The compound price adjusted from 970 to 670. The provided Physical Attack decreased from 50 to 20.

[Sea Halberd]: The provided Physical Attack increased from 70 to 80. Now compounding it requires "Deadly Blade" and "Legion Sword" instead of "Deadly Blade" and "Dagger". The price increased from 2200 to 2350.


Flameshot: Greatly increased the skill range (the indicator will be displayed on the mini-map). Increased the limit of the damage that is scaled with the range.



a. Added a Shop Entrance in the main interface of CHESS-TD for players to purchase Commanders and their Skins. The Commander purchased is available for both CHESS-TD mode and MAGIC CHESS mode.

b. Added Level System and Skill System for the Commanders of CHESS-TD. Each Commander has 1 skill at the beginning which can be used on the battlefield. By playing [CHESS-TD] or [MAGIC CHESS] with Commanders, the Commanders will get EXP according to the battle result for upgrading. The Commander will get more skills after upgrading.

c. Now during loading, the Rank Information of the 6 players will be displayed.

d. Optimized the Battle History record of this mode. Now the Battle Leaderboard

of the 6 players will be available in the Battle History.

e. Optimized the visual effect of Ling's skills.


a. Added a Shop Entrance in the main interface of MAGIC CHESS for players to purchase Commanders and their Skins.

b. Adjusted the skills of some heroes, such as Franco and Selena.

c. Adjusted the Hero Balance of some heroes, such as Aurora and Chang'e.

d. Adjusted each round available options of equipment from 1 out of 3 to 1 out of 2.

e. Added auto-deploy feature: Now at the end of the preparation phase of each round, if the Capacity didn't reach its limit, the system will select some Heroes from the preparation area and deploy them on the battlefield.

f. Optimized the operating experience under poor network connection.

g. Optimized the visual effect for all synergies.

h. The level requirement for entering this mode adjusted from Iv.9 to Iv3.

1. Added new 5v5 festival themed map [Christmas Carnival]. Don't miss out!


a. Added tutorial level. It’s time to learn more details about the rules of Magic Chess!

b. Added new event [Magic Chess Pass]. Complete the daily tasks and weekly tasks of Magic Chess and win amazing rewards! Don't miss out on the chance to win the final prize "Hero Skin"!

3. New Event "Snowman Making".

a. During the event, players could get rare rewards and the exclusive event item "Snowball" via daily purchase. The daily purchase limit is 1 time.

b. Accumulate a certain amount of Snowball to play "Lucky Hit". "Permanent skin" is guaranteed at the 1st "Lucky Hit".

c. After claiming the rewards of the 1st "Lucky Hit", players could play "Lucky Hit" 1 time every day to get 1 item from the prize pool randomly.

d. Tap the prize pool to view the details of rewards.

e. The event item "Snowball" will be restored by system when the event is over.

4. New Bundle in the Shop - "Super Skin Trial Bundle"

a. After purchasing, players could try all the skins in the Shop whose original price is lower than 300 Diamonds for 7 days.

b. This all-skin-trial is available for the skins that are added during the trial period.

c. For more details, please proceed to the relevant in-game page.

1. Display Optimization of Mythic Division

a. Added the state display of "Grading" in the Battle History page.

b. Added the state display of "Grading” in the Ranked Mode Leaderboard.

c. Optimized the Mythic badge on the leaderboards' sharing picture.

d. Before finishing all Placement Matches, players could tap the Ranking's Information on the home screen to view the battle result of finished Placement Matches.

e. Optimized the display of increasing/decreasing Mythical Points on the page of ranked result.

2. Optimized the order of the heroes' avatar on the post-game screen.

1. Fixed a bug that might trigger the tutorial of using the in-battlefield skill "Recall" when players' HP is full.

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Edited by Mawks at 2019-12-11 04:14 AM

But please just nerf ling and wanwan, wtf did I just read lmao. Are they really getting buffs??? Do you really plan on making every player who do not play these cancers to quit the game?

Seriously the most broken thing about wanwan is her ult and you're buffing it. Ling just makes the game so lame and boring, this was such a mistake to release that hero. Anyway stop messing around or you'll lose players. Game is not fun to play currently. Most of my friends and I are only playing Brawl at the moment because that's the only place we can escape from Ling

Why does every moba need to release a new hero always more op and cancer than the previous one? I stopped playing league for this exact reason and you guys are doing the exact same mistake. That's sad and disappointing to be honest


We love to hear other people suggestion, you can make suggestion in a thread and developers will think of it.  Post time 2019-12-7 09:38 PM
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