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[Hero Balance] Let's make Faramis great

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Edited by AZNUR at 2019-12-2 11:41 PM

Faramis is known for the most underrated hero in ML for a very long time. He isn't weak but just like any other free heroes, they're free making no one care about their existence.

After using him for a very long time, I find his kit is really good in term of damage and mobility. But he is a very sensitive hero to cc. A slight cc can cancel his ulti making no one brave enough of taking risk in using him. Not just that, his lack of damaging skills is also a fact for not much players like him. I'm not requesting a rework, but I want some adjustment to him to make him easier to use.

1. Make his 1st skill immune to any cc or slow effect
He need to get close to hook his chain to the enemy but that's what make it risky, he might die from cc if just being too close with enemy. So making his 1st skill immune to any cc should solve one of his problem. If this buff is too OP, then just make it immune to slow effect.

2. Make his ulti useable while being cc'ed. Like I explained earlier, a slight cc can cancel his ulti from being activated. This is a big disadvantage for him as his ulti is supposed to help his teammates continue fighting even after they die. If he die without make it for the ulti, and his whole team got wiped out because of this mistake, no wonder everyone must blame him.

3. Just release a new skin for him, either seasonal skin or elite. Some hero got boosted in their popularity because of its new skin released. Just like Lapu-Lapu skin Vulcan and Dyroth skin Scalebore. Their usage rate went higher than usual after they got free skins. But I think free skin for him through event is the best as it makes players hard works felt payed off.
Post time 2019-12-3 02:18 AM | Show all posts
Your no.1 have a point.
Close to enemies is too risky for mage/suuport even for some fighter heroes hard to close enemies, immune to slow effect is better than immune to CC in my opinion.
Will support this. Thank You.

Considering that Faramis is Enter the Shadow State he should immune to Physical damage but take True Damage with Magic damage :c.

Post time 2019-12-2 11:38 PM | Show all posts
agree with buff ult but, for his first skill get immune CC make hin so OP dude, if immune from slow still ok for balance
 Author| Post time 2019-12-2 11:39 PM | Show all posts
ariefhzt replied at 2019-12-2 11:38 PM
agree with buff ult but, for his first skill get immune CC make hin so OP dude, if immune from slow  ...

Ok fine then...his 1st skill will completely immune to slow effect.
Post time 2019-12-3 08:11 AM | Show all posts
Great Suggestion indeed. I also think his first skill should be immune to cc or slow effect.
About his ultimate, i think you are absolutely right. Making it immune to cc would be great help in team fight.
Just wanna add something. Your belerick rework and overall suggestion was accepted  and under consideration by MLBB Official team. I can not show you the details because we have rules and regulations to follow. Just to let you know.
 Author| Post time 2019-12-3 08:44 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-12-3 08:11 AM
Great Suggestion indeed. I also think his first skill should be immune to cc or slow effect.
About  ...

Thank you so much

Btw, I hate to admit it but to seek back all my suggestions from the past, I can see that some of them really got Moonton attention and implemented and I'm happy with it.


cheers.  Post time 2019-12-4 07:48 AM
Post time 2019-12-3 09:02 AM | Show all posts
I haven’t used Faramis for about a month or two now. I used Support Emblem and used half tank & half mage build. I found myself doing pretty well on Faramis, I was kind of unstoppable. But Faramis do need teammates to help him, he can’t solo by himself. It would be good if Faramis isn’t the one charging at enemy hero, while teammates are still just behind clearing the minions. But what I have witnessed from other Faramis is that we probably do need to buff Faramis. Faramis really does seem weak lately.
Post time 2019-12-3 10:19 AM | Show all posts
i m trying out Faramis lately when Estes being ban. anyone could share a real good guide and build on Faramis ?? --- not the old version, i mean the latest version guide

skill 1 -- i always scare to go too near especially during team fight as faramis will easy die, only use it when 1 on 1

skill 2 -- always use it to poke only or will join team fight when higher lvl

skill 3 -- sometime will die first before able to activate the ulti

i also agree with Aznur, Faramis is good and fun to play, a bit of buff will be great
 Author| Post time 2019-12-3 11:55 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2019-12-4 09:30 AM
kingzvvd replied at 2019-12-3 10:19 AM
i m trying out Faramis lately when Estes being ban. anyone could share a real good guide and build o ...

Build - use full mage build (LT, COD, Fleeting time, etc)
Spell - execute

How to play
1. Poke enemy with 1st and 2nd skill as much as possible
2. Kill minions and collect the green flame as much as possible
3. Always ready to use ulti at a right time.
That's how I use him.
Post time 2019-12-4 02:40 PM | Show all posts
Nice suggestions!! You are truely a faramis user. Always available ultime, that would be enough to make him a great support. He would focus only on teamfights with this.
CC inmunity would make him a great mage, so having both might be too much. One or the other, but definetly one of them.
Other suggestions:
-Make his ultimate invisible for the enemy, so they dont know when its on.
-New passive: every time faramis dies, he respawns as a ghost (no need of his ultimate, that would make him a stronger mage. Ultimate would be only for teammates).
-Faster when in 1st skill, and longer chain.
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