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[Mood] Mobile legends , winner oriented moba .

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Edited by diwang at 2019-11-30 11:59 PM

As it says , now mobile legend is a winner oriented moba, most of the game mechanics now support the dominating team , so the losing team have harder time than before to epic comeback , near the peak where comeback is impossible.
Let me explain :

1. Gold crab
- The first step of destroying inner turret is to destroy outer turret , losing team mostly have their outer turret destroyer , and the dominating team know it is a good place to ambush the losing team , and if the losing team doesn't try to take the gold crab , the dominating team can simply take it to get the upper hand of gold and exp in easy way . So the benefit of gold crab is one sided , only for the dominating team.

2. Map design and movement speed mechanisms
- Map design and movement speed mechanism  is broken that it allow for dominating team to dominate entire enemy jungle without significant side effect because dominating team that dominate the top jungle can go to bottom jungle in seconds , yes, in seconds .

3. Minion spawning
- Who thought that how minion spawn can affect the entirety of the gameplay ? simple , when dominating team destroy inner turret except the last huge turret , the dominating team can kill 9 minion without having to roam , while the losing team need to walk from lane to lane to clear minion for xp and gold , a huge advantage for the winning side .

4.Super minion
- If it isn't enough to make it harder for losing team to protect base from lord and dominating team that have more gold,level,item,and damage, there is super minion ! YEAH BABYYY WOOOO LETS CRUSH THE LOSING TEAM AND REDUCE THEM TO ATOMS .

5. Turtle buff and the upcoming red buff
- In most cases , dominating team always dominate the losing team jungle , including dominating enemy red buff and blue buff and turtle .
For the dominating team that dominate enemy jungle, if  having more level and more items than the losing team isn't enough in term of damage , steal enemy red buff ! and kill turtle easily because you dominate the jungle! LETS CRUSH THE LOSING TEAM MORE !! SO THEY WENT FROM ATOMS TO BECOME PROTONS AND NEUTRONS !!WOO!!!! SO FUN RIGHT ?!? WOO

6. The upcoming observation turtle
- Tired from the losing team keeps poking you with their small damage ? kill observation turtle ! dont worry about enemy because you dominate the jungle , and after killing it , the losing team poke ability will temporary be reduced from small to non-existent for you and teammate near you , and it regens mana too ! no more recalling because recall is a garbage thing that only the losing side do .

Post time 2019-12-1 12:11 AM | Show all posts
Just what game on the world is loser oriented?
In all games, the team with the most successful tactic will win, just like chess, CODM, PUBG etc. There is no game where the loser has higher chance of winning than the winner.

But still, that doesn't mean it is impossible to comeback. Epic comeback is normal thing to me when the whole enemy got wiped out. And epic comeback is a miracle. Miracle don't come twice or else it isn't called miracle.
Post time 2019-12-1 12:26 AM | Show all posts
so since when is the losing team supposed to get a chance to win? Its all about rotation, and the team that is simply better will win..while i agree that the meta is WAAY too focused on the early game and late game is almost non existent, This meta will be changing slowly hopefully (with the new jungle update for example)
Post time 2019-12-1 12:36 AM | Show all posts
Do you know that most comeback happens when the last tower or actual base is left? That's because it's where the pressure is on, unless the losing team still gets wiped out, until then, they're free to defend all the time killing the minions and even kill possibly an enemy one by one.
Post time 2019-12-1 01:55 AM | Show all posts
Let me correct you.
MOBA games are “aggressive team” oriented

Team who can expose themselves as the formidable team in the first few mins...generally wins the game.
Just think about it. Team who gets first blood seem to mostly win the game.
Post time 2019-12-1 08:44 PM | Show all posts
i get what he is talking about there is a lack of comeback mechanic in place in this game. like bounty shutdowns meaning the higher the enemy team kills or assist the higher the shut down gold like in other mobas. and because there is no fog of war in this game invading enemy jungle does not pose a risk meaning the closer you are to the enemy base the higher the chance that you will be outnumbered buts since there is no fog of war you can basically see where the enemy are so no real risk in invading.
Post time 2019-12-2 02:34 PM | Show all posts
just crush down their last tower with second lord. and yeah you forgot about lord.
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