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You're probablyplaying her wrong.

WanWan, how do Idescribe her? I think I'll describe her as a over aggressive angry little girlwith darts.

This is how you build and prepare wanwan:

Marksman emblem,weakness finder, 3 points in attack speed, 3 points in lifesteal


(early game buy ahunters knife and a single mana necklace, do not buy a actual tier 2 or 3jungle item)

Swift boots
Corrosion scythe
Demon hunter
Scarlet phantom
Wind of nature -optional, although recommended
Berserkers fury /Queens Wings / Blade of despair / Athena Shield / Rose Gold meteor - optional,although I tend to use berserkers fury

I have tried manydifferent builds for WanWan. And the build I am dominating with is the oneabove.
I'm planning onmaking her one of my mains, and when I want a hero to be one of my mains. I'llput countless hours into researching them. Here we go.

Right off the batyou'll notice I'm choosing to build corrosion scythe as my first item.
Corrosion scytheis the highest attack speed item in game, at full stacks, the attack speedgiven surpasses both scarlet phantom's (even with it's stacks maxed) and windof natures. It gives you more damage, a small speed boost (which is unnecessaryfor WanWan), a small slow effect of 15%, and most importantly, a massive attackspeed boost. This is by far the most important item you can get for WanWan

If you build anyother item first, the results will falter

Demon hunter -attack speed is 40% less than corrosion early game, leaving you at 1.3% attackspeed, however heal and damage is good. But early game it is not needed as thisis mid/late game based item.

Scarlet Phantom -the passive only activates on crit chance, with your 25% crit chance, moretimes than not you will not crit.

Golden Staff -WanWan wont deal enough damage with a golden demon build, unreliable late game

Windtalker -absolutely no damage in this item. A terrible choice for WanWan. Movement speedis not needed

Berserkers fury /endless Battle / Blade of Despair - no attack speed. Your jump will be as fastas your walk speed (260 LMAO) it will not let you abuse her passive

Let me explain WanWan's kit

Her second skillpurify is a defensive spell. HOWEVER, it can be used offensively. It does asmall amount of damage, it breaks markers, it immediately triggers her passive"tigers pace", allowing you to jump even before you fully land yourprevious jump.

Her first skillis not meant to be used at a long distance unless you're trying to bedefensive. When using her first skill, you need to jump FORWARD to takeadvantage of it, I'll explain why in a moment.

Her ult is verystrong, however remember that it does more shots when her attack speed ishigher. It enjoys the benefits of lifesteal, and while she attacks she's immuneto all damage and cc. however she cannot pass through walls, when a target diesand her ult is not finished. She'll increase her attack speed by 40% (stackableup to 3 times) and increase her ult time by 1 second and lock onto a newtarget. This is what makes her a strong META HERO.

WANWAN. IS THENEXT META HERO. (so op, pls don’t nerf)
In a meta wherealmost all heroes use skill shots as opposed to hero lock. WanWan shines

WanWan offers themost mobility ever given to a marksman. In fact her mobility is far better thanthe majority of the heroes in game. However, to take advantage of that. We needattack speed. Other marksmen prioritize damage and crit items. For WanWan, wewill prioritize three things: Attack speed, sustain, damage. NOT CRIT.
Although we arenot prioritizing crit, crit is important for late game, so we don’t need thoseitems until late game rolls around. This is why Corrosion scythe and DemonHunter are her two core items. Attack speed, sustain, damage.

WanWan's passive.If you get corrsion scythe and swift boots as your first 2 items, you willnotice that your passive "tigers pace" is very fast. If you don’t,you'll notice you jump slower than a snail, which technically cant jump butlike, whatever. WanWan's passive is peaked at a point, you'll notice that afterabout 2.0 attack speed it doesn't get much faster. So all we'll be needing isthat 2.0 attack speed. Corrosion scythe, swift boots, emblem, and demon hunterwill give you a peak of 1.9 attack speed at max stacks and a 1.5 attack speedat zero stacks. This is just enough to get you going to dominate. You'll alsonotice when she breaks a enemy marker she does 2.5% of their max hp as truedamage. And when all markers are broken she does an extra 30% damage to thattarget.

WanWan's firstskill. This is how you're supposed to utilize this skill. Jump forward TOWARDSyour enemy, hit them with a basic attack. This reveals the vital points/markers. Use your first skill and continue jumping TOWARDS your enemy. At thisrate you should be getting a little close to your enemy. (but thankfullybetween weakness finder, corrosion scythe, and the mm buff (if you have one).You'll apply a decent 40% or so slow effect if not more) your first skill willbreak the middle front marker, and quickly return and break the back marker.This will stun them for a brief moment which you can use to quickly jump leftand right to break their other remaining markers. Allowing you to unlock yourult and do 30% more damage to the target. If you're not fairly CLOSE to theenemy when casting this skill, theres a VERY high chance this skill will MISS.

WanWan's secondskill. This is a defensive offensive purify skill. I use it to both remove ccand to break markers when I need the marker broken asap. This skill will removeall cc for a very brief moment, however unlike purify, the skill will last ao.1 seconds. While purify lasts for 1.5 seconds. This skill will remove all CCexcept chou's full ult, franco's ult, mino's ult (it’s a multistage ult), andkaja's ult unless you time it like you would normally time purify.

WanWan's ult.This ult is amazing, however its not easy to unlock. But if you follow thesteps I have above when using her first skill, you'll have a much easier time.(I know I do because I can unlock it in 5 seconds now on a single targetbecause im just that good lmao) early game this ult doesn't actually do toomuch, its more like a finisher. After breaking all markers, you enjoy that 30%damage increase, take this time to whittle your enemy down a bit. But hurrybecause the markers will return after a few seconds. So break all markers,whittle enemy down a bit (if their mm, you only need 50% hp gone if not lesslate game lmao, if they're very tanky, you need like at least 50-75% hp gone),then ult and keep your enemies in your range. Preferably more than one so youchain ult. Also notice that her damage from her ult attacks enjoy the 30%damage boost against the enemy, and when her ult passive increases her attackspeed by 40%, the next target it locks onto will receive even more hits thanthe previous target. Although im not sure if they will also receive the 30%damage increase, probably not tbh. Btw this ult will not allow you to passthrough walls.

If you follow my build, you'll boost thedamage of this ult and the amount of attacks very quickly. This ult enjoys avery high percentage of wanwan's total physical damage, but the amount ofattacks is based off wanwan's attack speed (so attack speed items with a littledamage is the way to go). In fact my entire build is to help me make this ultas effective as possible. If you use my build, you'll notice you don’t hit ashard as other marksmen. But that’s fine, because other marksmen cant jumparound at ridiculously high speeds, become invincible and throw a large amountof medium damage darts at their enemies rapidly. Unlocking this ult is whatmakes or breaks my WanWan build. To power up this ult, you NEED a lot of attackspeed, but you also need SOME damage. Which is why all the items I have chosenallow this ult to be at its full potential. Also this ult will lock ontowhoever has the lowest hp after it kills its first target.

Let me makesomething clear, THIS ULT IS NOT MEANT TO BE USED ON TANKS AT MEDIUM HP (unlessyou're using your ult as a escape). You will waste the ult, and your chance toshine. If you're very good at using this ult, you can kill a very low hp tank,their full hp mm, and their full mage before it ends. Think of this ult as akill secure chain ult (like karina), in a team fight setting, this is yourcomeback ult.

For example:You're low on hp, but you got the enemy tank down to almost dead! In fact youhave your ult ready. You activate your ult, you become invincible, the tankdies, your attack speed increases and ult is extended, you lock onto the nearbysquishy. the squishy dies, your attack speed increases again as you extend yourult and lock onto the next squishy, the other squishy dies. At this point yourult has likely ended. BUT you're back to full hp because you enjoyed thelifesteal effect from the ult that healed you up while you were busy beinginvincible and whatnot. I have done this so many times now, and this is whatmakes her such a strong mm. In fact I believe she is the strongest mm atm inthe meta, surpassing both granger and kimmy.

This is themindset you need for WanWan:


If you unlockyour ult, you will be invincible, you will get healed by lifesteal, your rangeis big, you can lock onto multiple targets.

In fact its kindaOP, I thought she was balanced before, but its like ling. Weak early game,horrifying mid and late game. The only reason why she's not banned yet isbecause she's so new and there's a learning curve. Marksmen are supposed to becareful, wanwan is not careful. She's exciting, and aggressive. To be good atWanWan, you need to be on the offense, not the defense. Although she's worthyof a ban seat, WanWan is still fightable. Kinda like selena at her release.

Lastly , heressome trivia about WanWan

  • Killing Rafaela with your     ult will not allow her to lock onto another target, WanWan will stay     locked onto Rafaela's spirit passive and it will effectively waste     WanWan's ult.
  • Ling is a very strong     counter to wanWan, nat has a harder time
  • You can use your basic     attack out of combat to jump over short walls and move around. However     there needs to be no targets in range and you have to be standing still     before doing a basic attack.
  • Wanwan cannot cast skills     or spells unless she's landed from her passive
  • WanWan does not do good in     tight spaces
  • If you reveal a enemies     vital points, they will stay visible even in bushes
  • WanWan has a hard time     against lesley
  • Although WanWan has a weak     early game, her mid game is far stronger than majority of marksmen,     rivaling kimmy and granger, if not better
  • By playing aggressive, you     show the enemy that you're confident and know what you're doing. Usually     causing them to be wary and retreat. Which is exactly what you want     because you're about to make them run away as you expose all of their     vital points and unlock your ult
  • Although your early game     tends to be weak, your ult will secure kills at level 4 on low hp enemies
  • Wind of nature sucks
  • Electro flash is viable     but meh
  • The assassin emblem is     good but I prefer my slow effect and attack speed boosts
  • Inspire will boost your     passive, damage, ult, and attack speed. This is a massive edge early game.     Usually mm cant take advantage of inspire early game because they're too     busy running away or chasing after someone else. But wanWan's passive     makes it possible for her to do all of it at once
  • Jumping from side to side     is better than jumping forwards and backwards trying to kite enemies
  • Unlocking vitals of ONE     enemy makes it dangerous for ALL surrounding enemies
  • Her ult is very strong,     I've seen her ult chip down 3-4 full hp squishy targets by itself
  • Confidence is key
  • I'm currently doing very     very well with her in mythic 2. its not mythic glory but I'm getting there     slowly. And these are almost all rank matches because all my squad wants     to play is rank these days.
  • Her name is pronounced     similar to the word pan. So instead of panpan, its wanwan. And not wawn     wawn like we thought XD. Kinda like chou is pronounced chu and not ch-oh.     And chang'e is pronounced chang-uh and not chang-e
  • Her early game jungle     ability is terrible, she needs help. But her lane clear is decent
  • If gusion is about to stab     you with his second phase of skill one with all his daggers following     behind. If you basic attack him at just the right time, wanwan's passive     can act like a very short flicker and allow you to dodge the daggers.

WanWan is strong.Learn her quickly and abuse her before people realize. The last time I saidthis about a hero was probably kimmy, guinevere, and selena at their release.Theres a learning curve but its well worth it.

Ps. Pharsa is sostrong rn, pls nerf. Jk let her shine, this is good for my blind bird lady. I'mperforming very well with her too rn in rank. In fact a lot of revamped heroesare doing good in the meta, including the revamped belerick, which is destroyingeveryone in the advance server. I see a new ban coming lmao, probably gonna bereplacing grock at this rate for damage dealer tanks.

Aight I've pouredeverything I know about wanwan, this took like 2 hours. Go become pro WanWansand make her a banned hero. Just don’t do it before I reach mythic glory okay?

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Good tips, could have placed images to become more dynamic. Good luck!
Post time 2019-11-29 12:43 PM | Show all posts
great guide!! thanks. Did you submited it to the guides contest? You could win! One of the most complete guides ive seen.
Post time 2019-11-29 03:43 PM | Show all posts
WanWan is LOVE
You can also check my guide WANWAN Guide . I'm really glad to see more people enjoy playing her.
Post time 2019-11-29 04:32 PM | Show all posts
man thanks a lot. by far most useful wan wan guide i have seen so far. Currently i am struggling with this hero. I hope this will help me a lot. can you also share one of your gameplay video? Thanks.
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"I'm planning onmaking her one of my mains, and when I want a hero to be one of my mains. I'llput countless hours into researching them."
"Your jump will be as fastas your walk speed (260 LMAO)"
Her move speed is 240. ling move speed is 260 lol.

Nice post. I use DHS+Wintalker+Windtalker+Beserker'sF+ScarletP+BoD. Late game build as I play solo, so ave to be cautious. Still practicing so not final build.
Pros-constant 110% atck speed not reliant on stacks, +20% crit
Cons- missing slow effect, 65 atk, more costly.
She's strong against close range fighters but weak against basic atk marksmen.

Note: sometimes it's better to stand still while attacking as jumping reduces her atk speed.
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Wanwan is trash in lower tier. Super troll hero.
Post time 2019-11-30 04:29 PM | Show all posts
this hero in order to do ulti needs to be in short range like mele ... and in team fights... u are dead for a MM so this hero is good in 1 or vs 2 fights ..
Post time 2020-2-21 06:08 PM | Show all posts
The nerf hit wanwan ulty hard in my opinion...before one ulty can target 4-5 hero now max 3 after that out of fuel...maybe i cant control it right...anyway tnx bro.. this is a very useful guide for me..hope my gameplay  gets better
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