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Edited by ChrisSummers at 2019-11-26 09:55 PM

WanWan - the kit that sounds op on paper, but realistically not that bad
so this is what i've learned: she's heavily dependent on attack speed more than ANYTHING else. in fact i recommend attack speed over crit and lifesteal and even damage.

she has a really hard time against ling, almost guaranteed to lose unless you have queens wings AND wind of nature.

she has the same problem as irithel that if a hero runs out of her range and you keep hitting basic attack, she'll twitch back and forth.

and if you try jumping over some walls, they might not work and you'll end up grinding against the side of the wall akwardly.

when using your first skill, you need to hit them with one basic attack first to apply the first marker, the marker WILL NOT BREAK from your first basic attack. You need to first apply the marker before breaking it. you also need to jump towards them as opposed to jumping away from them. as they will likely backup or move out the way.

also inspire and aegis are pretty much the only battle spells you can use. actually flicker and purify works too, but inspire gives you an edge, as it boosts your ult, attack speed, penetration, and jump.
applying a marker with a basic attack or skill will allow you to see the enemy in bushes

early game you're so ridiculousy weak, its like hanabi or layla. her mobility and kit is really good but its far from broken. oh and without a tank, most game you'll struggle really hard, in teamfights, farming. everything. but yeah she's good against melees without a lot of dashes.

She's a direct counter to heroes like guinevere and selena with their one phase stuns and melee attacks, howver it does not mean guinevere and selena cant kill them. guinevere and selena both have hero lock basic attacks built into their first skill and passive.

i usually build almost all my mm with berserkers fury first, but for wanwan i suggest going demon hunter and corrosion scythe. no other item will guarantee sustainable damage early game and effective attack speed.

your ult will likely not kill tank units, try not to waste it unless you have to.

the best emblem is probaby the mm emblem with weakness finder. electro flash is usually my go to, but wanwan cant take advanatge of it because of her passive. in fact it doesn't really work on her at all. and the assassin emblem is kinda awful on her.

you cant cast skills mid jump, you need to land and pause. this can get you killed so dont mess up.

Post time 2019-11-27 12:12 AM | Show all posts
If i am honest with you, wanwan isn’t very strong, htitting those markers is really hard and when you finally hit them its usually against a frontliner that doesnt die by your ulti...further her range is not good enough for teamfighting she has to be litterally in the middle of the fight to even hit anything...and her second skill is only good for 1v1 situations since if she gets ganked she will die regardless of using second skill or not
Post time 2019-11-26 10:32 PM | Show all posts
Wow thanks for advices, she is good because of her high mobility but its hard to trigger ultimate and i do it myb once or twice per game, basically i dont need it. And i eould pair her with lolita, or someone with high cc who can immobile enemies while she is trying to trigger ultimate.


when you got the item only can say high mobility, or else she is damn slow  Post time 2019-11-27 10:54 AM
Post time 2019-11-26 10:48 PM | Show all posts
nab deevs should make ulti  if you make 5 crits then ulti work ... its so unfair vs all other MM ... her skills 0 dmg ...


theres no fun in that. i like that her ult is harder to trigger. plus if you think about it. when you break all the marks, wanwan does 30% MORE DAMAGE to that target. thats a built in blade of despair  Post time 2019-11-26 11:38 PM
Post time 2019-11-27 12:40 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Samsaras at 2019-11-27 12:52 AM

WOW. Really great post on wanwan. Inspire is a nice way to increase ulti dmg! Didn't think of it cause only activated ulti once lol.
I use arrival cause her move speed's slow (240)
Great tip on the 1st skill too (marker breaking). Didn't notice that.

Do give your opinion on this thread lol ... 4199&extra=page%3D1


give me a 5 ChrisSummers. even lazy to reply a retarded person. he said want to uninstall many times already but still here  Post time 2019-11-28 09:54 AM
I'll pass. i think i'll let this guy uninstall so i don't have to read his posts anymore lmao  Post time 2019-11-27 01:51 AM
Post time 2019-11-27 07:10 AM | Show all posts
I just love WanWan. Sure, she has her weaknesses, just like any other hero, but she's not that low trust me once she get 2-3 items..beware xd
Also you guys can check the guide for her, i think it's really helpful to understand the hero better : WanWan ~ Complete Guide
Post time 2019-11-27 10:57 AM | Show all posts
yup, shinee got a very nice guide for her. as i m a mm players, have been waiting to buy her and even have tried many games on her at advance server, still doubt of buying her.

early game is harsh for her, need full support to build item which is hard for nowadays as all are early games. i can say she is good at mid game above, but damage not high

she is too squishy and not very good at team fight. especially her ulti, is not easy to trigger and dont ever dream you can easily trigger it during team fight.

no offense on my opinion, will wait until later got some pro players show the best build only will buy her. or else will save the BP for others
Post time 2019-11-27 11:13 AM | Show all posts
Finally weakness finder seems useful. For a long time i was sad because not any mm can use it in the world of cc and dash meta. It is very useful, but has some downside. Like less movement speed.

Wan wan is probably the first mm weakness finder is most useful and a must. Because of her passive and unique basic attack movement ability.

What you said is true, but i cant use her ultimate. It is hard. For now i try to use 2 skills and basic attack and lots of dash. I am also thinking building her as a complete attack speed beast. Thanks for your guide.
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