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[Hero Balance] Give Tigreal ultimate CC immunity.

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Edited by ExternalChamp77 at 2019-11-25 09:49 AM

Tigreal (like all non meta heroes) have significant potential to become a meta pick pick, with only a few implements that is....

Tigreal Skill Kit surprisingly is very flexible and WAAAY ahead of its time. He has slows, mobility, two CC skills, he can protec the back line extremely well and be played offensively, and his outplay potential is superb via battle spells. No wonder he was deemed "OP" when the game was initially released! Tigreal has everything a modern tank would ask for! I could imagine the annoyance he brought to other gen 1 heroes.

Although currently not knowledge. He's lowkey the absolute best counter for heroes like Lunox and Lylia. I've defeated some of my strongest Lunox foes using Tigreal.

Despite his excellent Skill Kit and flexibility, there still major reasons why Tigreal isn't a top meta tank. HIS PASSIVE and ULTIMATE

My buff suggestion is straight foward.

Passive: Revert Tigreal previous passive. It granted a bonus 15% armor and magic res when building them respectively. And it reduce critical damage by 35%. Making his passive a great synergy with Dominance Ice if your against the popular critical marksman.

Ultimate: Revert its CC immunity. This is probably the main reason why Tigreal isn't meta. Because CC is much more widespread then before, Tigreal has difficulty using it in crucial situations. Besides. It has LONG start up frames unlike Minotaur's instant ultimate, so I think giving it CC immunity wouldn't be OP. Many heroes have mobility now, so escaping Tigreal shouldn't be a difficult task.

Ironically, many of the current non-meta heroes were heavily nerfed in the past (Tigreal, Lance, Natalia, Saber, Alpha, Lesley etc). We know they were OP in the past. But with the release of newer, more powerful heroes. I think it's fair to revert some of their nerfs.

They don't require massive buffs or reworks Moonton. Just revert some of their nerfs that all.

Post time 2019-11-26 07:27 AM | Show all posts
Completely agree with this buff. I am a tigreal player myself. And it is very hard to use tigreal in current meta specially against hylos, grock, kaja, khufra etc meta tank. Tigreal needs complete immunity when he using ultimate. And his passive is one of the worst passive in game to be honest. I cant find it useful against any hero except claude, moscov etc.
Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-25 11:46 AM | Show all posts
RohitBK201 replied at 2019-11-25 10:05 AM
In last patch is dmg was little increased but ya i still think that he needs little more buff.Thanks ...

The latest patch only decreased his mana consumption on his first skill. I don't have to recall to the base often unlike before.

My fingers are cross for more future buffs. In the meantime, this will do.
Post time 2019-11-25 10:05 AM | Show all posts
In last patch is dmg was little increased but ya i still think that he needs little more buff.Thanks for your suggestions
Post time 2019-11-25 08:33 PM | Show all posts
Nope. Tigreal with shadow mask is OP if you ask me.
But not much know about this.
Post time 2019-11-26 03:13 PM | Show all posts
yup, his ult need CC immune when cast just like Thane in A0V, or if this too much OP because of his big CC,
maybe just make when this skill interupt, this ult will can active again in short CD, like Wiro's ult

and bring back his old debut passive skill
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