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[Share] The Celestial. The Dawn. The Good. The Bad. And The Ugly. A hero value overview

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This list will explain 5 different tier criteria, each containing heroes within it based off their value in the current meta. Heroes in the Celestial, Dawn, and Good tier are the most optimal to use while heroes in the Bad and Ugly are the less favored. It's important to note that all heroes are team reliant, though to what extent varies from tier to tier, role to role etc. Also. This tier list doesn't run off official statistic, instead based off my own observation. Both high rank and tournament level will be calculated. With that said, let us begin!


Commonly seen by the community as "broken" or "OP". CELESTIAL contains picks that constitute 98% of the ban list in typical rank games, and widely prioritize in tournament games. If they aren't banned, they will more then likely be chosen as 1st or 2nd pick. Heroes in this criteria often contain unorthodox mechanics found no where else in the game. They're overall highly flexible, inherit skills that grant impressive attributes, counter a variety of heroes while being hard to counter itself, synergize extremely well with other heroes, and in many cases, have low learing curve with high reward.

CELESTIAL hero pool: Grock (priority ban/pick). Khufra (priority ban/pick.).....) Harith (frequent ban/priority pick)....) Xborg (frequent ban/priority pick)....)


Highly admired and very popular. DAWN consists of your daily, familiar hero choices. Some heroes in the DAWN are considered "broken" by some people, and they may get banned on occasion. Conversely, they're less likely to get banned in tournaments. This tier contain a lot of highly flexible choices. Depending on the circumstance, DAWN heroes may perform just as good or even better then CELESTIAL ones. Like CELESTIAL, they bring lots of unity to a team and synergize well with other heroes. Unlike CELESTIAL, many DAWN heroes have a higher learning curve and their skill attributes alone aren't as potent. DAWN heroes are usually 1st or 2nd pick.

DAWN hero pool: Hylos. Lolita...) Gusion. Helcurt. Hayabusa. Selena. Ling...) Lunox. Lylia. Esmeralda. Chang'e. Valir....)  Chou. Terizla. Kaja. Thamuz. Masha....) Granger. Claude. Karrie. Bruno. Kimmy...)


The community often deem these as "balanced" heroes. GOOD heroes aren't as prioritize as DAWN or CELESTIAL heroes, so they're often 3rd or 4th pick.  They're also more team reliant to handle their displacement handicap. Nonetheless. They're still very common in rank and tournament games. Many of these heroes are used as counter picks! They bring lots of unity and synergy in most circumstances, albeit not to the extent of higher tiers. Some GOOD heroes were considered DAWN at one point, but has fallen down due to meta shifting or nerfs.

GOOD hero pool. Leomard. Jawhead. Lapu Lapu. Badang. Guinevere....) Minotaur. Gatotkaca. Akai. Franco. Baxia....) Zhask. Gord. Kadita. Harley....) Irithel...)  Rafaela. Estes. Diggie...)


I personally call these "desirable" or "niche" picks. BAD heroes are risky in higher rank, and especially in tournament level. They're much more team reliant then higher tiers, and are highly handicap. This handicap makes them rare in solo que. BAD heroes are very reliant on a team composition involving around them. Otherwise, they're a liability if not synergize well enough. Although they bring some unity and can dominant, this is very circumstantial. Ironically, most heroes in this tier were heavily nerfed. BAD heroes are usually 4th or last pick, or not chosen at all.

BAD hero pool: Lesley. Moskov. Hanabi....) Natalia. Lancelot. Fanny. Karina....) Alucard. Bane. Aldous. Minsitthar. Martis. Ruby. Dyrroth....) Tigreal. Johnson. Uranus. Belerick...) Alice. Nana. Odette. Aurora. Vale. Cyclops. Vexana...) Faramis. Angela...)


Seen as a meme by the community. Most teams wouldn't dare having these picks on their team. Not only their handicap, easy to counter, and unreliable to oblivion, their unity is jokily outclassed by higher tiers. No offensive, but your letting your team down by choosing one of these picks more then helping it. Ironically, these picks are very popular in Low Elo. But in high Elo, people mostly use them for trolling. Only the most dedicated of players actually "main" these heroes. UGLY heroes are usually not played at all in high rank or tournaments. If so, their 4th or last pick.

UGLY hero pool: Saber. Hanzo...) Alpha. Roger. Zilong. Freya. Balmond. Argus. Sun...) Eudora. Pharsa (not sure about her after rework)....) Layla. Miya. Clint. Yi Sun Shin...)
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IDK why Alpha is so underrated? can someone enlighten me? coz afaik , he has a good cc for his ultimate , and can sustain in clash using 2nd skill and 1st skill can poke as well with true damage .
plush he is also kinda tank coz of 2nd skill
although , if i were i pick a sustain hero , that would be Ruby , cc and sustain for lifesteal is op af.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-24 04:44 AM | Show all posts
KAIIXER replied at 2019-11-24 04:21 AM
IDK why Alpha is so underrated? can someone enlighten me? coz afaik , he has a good cc for his ultim ...

He lacks hard CC, flexibility, and sustain of the meta fighters. Also, his move set is generally very predictable. More often then not, a target can avoid all of his skills with ease.
Post time 2019-11-24 06:28 AM | Show all posts
It still depend on your server and country.
In my server, Rafaela is seen as a troll pick.
And most of the heroes from your "bad pick" is a famous pick in my server.
While for our "ugly pool", most 0f the heroes are the same but Alpha and Hanzo aren't an ugly pick. They're mostly only played by those who mastered them.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-24 08:04 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-11-24 06:28 AM
It still depend on your server and country.
In my server, Rafaela is seen as a troll pick.
And most  ...

Hmm strange. After the M1 tournament, Rafaela pick rate exploded. Players are starting to respect supports now. It's even safe to choose Nana now without getting flamed.

A hero popularity doesn't determine their actual value. Lesley has the highest popularity of all mms, but is she more effective then Granger or Claude?

Again, any hero can work under certain circumstances. But on a general scale, Alpha and Hanzo don't perform very well. You rarely see them at all in Low or High Elo.
Post time 2019-11-24 12:06 PM | Show all posts
This looks too bias from your point of view to be honest, especially in The Ugly section. Anyone seeing this thread may likely to be encouraged using the celestials, dawn and good while the bad and ugly will be seen as a joke to a majority of players.

Though as a Tigreal main, it's pretty accurate for him to be in The Bad category.
He's very team reliant, any slight misses in synergy and he won't be able to sustain the whole team's survivability, it is suggestable to have him as a secondary tank or ganks. Well, as an experienced player, those issues can be fixed, depending on the situation.

Team reliant isn't wrong though, ngl, it brings the players together.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-24 12:44 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ExternalChamp77 at 2019-11-24 12:46 PM
Yunozaki replied at 2019-11-24 12:06 PM
This looks too bias from your point of view to be honest, especially in The Ugly section. Anyone see ...

I already stated that every hero is team reliant. Again, team reliance varies from role to role (tanks are generally more team reliant then mages for example), and tier to tier.

I should've have noted in the post that the Meta shift drastically. So heroes may change in tier placement even within a short period of time (Leomard was highly prioritize not too long ago. But not anymore etc). I'm too lazy to edit it lol.

Heroes in the Bad tier aren't necessarily bad, their just heavily circumstantial. Ever had Angela or Odette players who want everyone to pick heroes focusing around them? This is enough proof that they aren't really flexible for many and against many team compositions. Heroes in the "Bad" tier require much effort to function accordingly. Don't get me wrong. They can dominate, but it's risky and vague. Which is why I placed said heroes with similar "characteristics" in the "Bad" tier.

And for the people who thinks this tier is based off popularity. For the love of gord. It isn't -_-

If that was the case, then Lesley and Franco would be God among heroes.
Post time 2019-11-24 07:34 PM | Show all posts
Seeing fanny in the bad makes my heart breakbut i guess its the truth
Post time 2019-11-25 05:10 AM | Show all posts
Alpha is under rated because he has only 1 stun ability and its his ultimate. If miss then he is finished. He often needs petrify in order to maximize his combo with his ultimate. I totally agree with you. The last tier really needs some massive rework or buff. even bad heroes too. Thanks for sharing.
Post time 2019-11-25 09:36 AM | Show all posts
admitt it anyone. Xborg is OP. he's just ilogic.
he's fighter with short skill cooldown and his skill range even wider than most Marksman.
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