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[Hero Techniques] Selena's Abyssal Tome (Volume 1/2)

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*Please give 1-2mins for the page to fully load the GIFs so that you don't miss out on the goodies!*

Author's Note
Greetings, my fellow Abyssal Citizens. This will be a 2 part series of my guide for Selena

The 1st Volume will cover:
Prologue (fan-fiction story)
Mindset for Selena
Roles (Reconnaissance, Sabotage, Hunter, Support)
Pros & Cons
Epilogue (Volume 1)
Wisdom Cookies

The 2nd Volume will cover:
Volume 1 Recap (with Q&A)
Skill Analysis
Wards Placement
Builds, Emblems & Battlespells
Counters & Countered by
Laning (CloudDevelic's Edition)
Team Compatibility
Epilogue (Volume 2)

As you can see, I have separated the Guide into “theory” and “technical” volumes respectively in order for readers to be able to easily refer back and also gain new insights, according to what aspects that they need at the moment; instead of having to scroll through the entire guide.
Doing this also eases your digestion of the vast amount of knowledge that defines Selena.

I will omit any unnecessary details that are already known by all of you and only disclose her Abyssal Secrets. This is not for the faint-hearted. This is not for the average casual Selena users. This is a tool to allow you to completely grasp Selena.

This is a hack to allow you to conquer your strongest opponents.

After many days of pondering and thoughts, I have decided to stop procrastinating and write a guide for her.

I had always felt that Selena is single-handedly the deepest and unfathomable hero not just in MLBB, but also across all MOBAs; that no amount of knowledge is enough to express her, and that I am still unworthy to write her guide.
However, hesitation and reluctance to try is not giving her any justice.

Thus, this is my version of what Selena is.

This is my explanation as to why you should all fear Selena.

The sounds of desperation, anguish and despair overwritten with the tranquil melody of silence and the rhythm of the void.
The hopes and dreams of burning hearts extinguished with the precipitation of oblivion named Selena.
All lives perished, but even their souls are able to flee to neither the realms of heaven nor hell.
Instead, their last moments became like battery cells; consumed and discarded after use like worthless chaffs.
Their souls serve no other purpose except to fuel her vigor and vitality.
Their only raison d'etre from the day that they were born, is to feed Selena.

The day that Selena got fused with the Abyss, is the day that all lifeforms start to perish.
In her path of annihilation, leaves soulless shells, erased to null.
Within her remains no hatred or love and no sadness or joy.
All humanity inside of her, was gone the very moment that her every tissue was feasted upon by the Abyss Dominator.
She was betrothed as the Bride of the Dominator, and the Queen of the Abyss; with only one mission: to drag every corner of the universe to the shadows.

Light becomes ink, life becomes spectral.
Every part of her, was replaced with the pure will of the Abyss. Or so it appeared………..?
The Moon God’s Blessings never stopped invading Selena like a plague, constantly contesting and interfering against the tyrant’s arrangement.
Day by day, she is tortured by contrasting memories; familiar voices and doubts battled with her meticulously crafted personality.
The Masterplan was almost perfect, if only a question would stop growing restlessly in her altered mind: “Who am I?”

Mindset for Selena
To all of you that are reading this right now, get this right first;
The best and greatest weapon of Selena isn’t the fastest skill, the most OP build and emblem, the strongest team, or the best laning strategy.

It is her mind and nothing else. The sharpest blade is the dullest one without the most resolute hand.

To become Selena, is to become one with your enemy, one with the battlefield and one with the universe. You must know every single thought of your enemy; their cultivation, their habits and even the rhythm of their heartbeats. Appreciate their strengths, and you can expose their weaknesses. Comprehend both their prides and fears, and you can unravel their every secret.

Become them, and you can become greater than them.

To start on your journey to achieve greatness; you must dedicate your blood, time and effort to never stop practicing Selena; never stop learning, and never stop improving. Selena requires full dedication; but she rewards every inch of your hard work with equal or even greater results.

Nobody else is responsible for your own shortcomings but you alone; not your teammates or your enemies. To blame your defeats on circumstances is always easier than finding faults with yourself.

Do not be tempted to place your destiny in luck or chance; instead, be the beholder of your own fate.

Then, make yourself your only true enemy so that only you can defeat yourself. When the day that you cannot defeat yourself comes, is the day that even the gods cannot stand in your way.
An Emperor who is on top of the world but ceased all forms of progress, will eventually bow to the Beggar who never stops growing.
Such is life, and such is I.

She is the all-seeing eye (Reconnaissance), the demon that devours everything (Sabotage AKA Disrupting Farms), the Hunter (Kill Secure), and the Savior (Support) in the tightest situation. If your opponents aren’t being exhausted mentally to their limits and being heavily suppressed psychologically, then you haven’t made Selena perfectly loud and clear to them.
Now I shall touch on how to abuse her roles to the fullest.

Reconnaissance (Scout)
Due to her long attack range plus the fact that both Abyssal Traps and Arrows provides visions, you can utilise this fact to open the map for your team, anywhere and anytime.

(yes, even Arrow!)

As your Arrow passes through, you gain momentary visions of any enemy unit that is around your Arrow.
Many overlook and don't even know it, so this can be one of the tricks up your sleeve.

Since you’re in-charge of Recon, you have to ensure that your map and enemy movements’ awareness is Grade S+++;
to the point of being constantly accused of map hacking by your opponents. For you are the eyes of your team.

(incoming maphack accusations)

By this, I’m saying that even without relying on your Trap and Arrow visions, you MUST know where your opponents are, or where might they head to, or even their exact grid location when you’re given only the bare necessity of information required (e.g. enemies' last seen location, their roaming habits, imagining yourself as your enemies).

(you do know that it's obvious right Kimmy?)

That means to be able to pretty much guess if your enemies are even hiding in that specific bush.

I mean, who needs map hack when you ARE the map hack?

(not sure why Granger ulti-ed)

So please, babysit your team and ensure their safety ahead of time. Scout often and clear the area for them to safely proceed, so that even if you’re going to be ambushed; your enemies will be exposed prematurely, thus ruining their element of surprise which will allow you to buy enough time to safely retreat.

Their lives are in your hands, so if you screw this up even by a tiny bit; they will pay the price with their deaths or even cost the match....
It's just that severe.

So don't let your friends die or throw the game due to your incompetence!

Also, I have one friendly word of warning to prevent yourself from being overly reliant on your skills’ vision:

Do not be overly clingy and dependent on your Traps. Do not waste your time or Mana in placing traps on the other side of the map when you really don’t need it at the moment.

Unless you’re using it to babysit your teammates, or to provide wards in blind-spots for your team when they are taking Lord/Turtle.

The time you spent making all of these unnecessary actions could be better spent on suppressing and murdering your enemies.

I mean think about it, out of 10 times, how many times do such actions provide you with an actual reward? Is it because of your efforts, or because of luck/chance?

You should also not depend on your Trap’s visions to do the job for you, nor should you replace your map awareness skills with it.
Avoid making unnecessary actions.

A good strategist exerts minimum efforts to achieve maximum gains!

Do not be complacent! This attitude will ultimately starve your growth and prevent you from breaking your limits. Instead, learn to refine your actual sights and deductions to be extremely accurate even without your skills’ visions so that you can completely cover your teammates’ backs. Do you want to rely on luck, or make yourself reliable?

A sword is nothing without the warrior, and the warrior is everything even without his sword.


The eyes are nothing without the brain, and the brain is everything even without the eyes.

Sabotage (Disrupting Farms)
Sabotage? Disrupting Farms? You might be asking, what do I mean by that? How do I do that?

Fret not; it’s actually easy to understand once you already recognised Selena’s power in early game as well as one of her specialty as a jungler.

As we all know, she’s really, and I mean really weak in wave clearing; to the point of weaker than Miss Layla. Expending 50% of your mana just to clear a single wave doesn't count. In fact, it looks silly.

Why are you even using a tactical nuke to kill a smol group of ants?

The irony though, is that she’s really strong in dealing damage towards jungle monsters and heroes. However, just because she's OP af in jungling, that doesn't mean that you're entitled to take your teammates' entire resources.

A 1k per minute farm rate statistic means dog poo if that equates to you leeching off and taking your entire team's jungle for yourself.

Now that we're clear on these, we shall talk about abusing her strengths and ignoring her weaknesses.

A lot of times, I noticed that players are reluctant to throw away that conventional mentality of “wave-clearing -> jungling -> wave-clearing”.

While this may be META or effective for all the other assassins like Gusion, this is actually super bad for Selena. While Gusion needs Lvl 4, you don’t; but your clock is ticking.

Thus, every second counts and you cannot afford to waste any. You’re throwing your scarce but precious time into the drain by clearing waves while your opponents are getting stronger with every passing second. Therefore, your advantage is dwindling as time passes.

So after playing Selena and solely Selena for the longest time, I’ve come to realise that to effectively abuse her early game prowess, she should invade her enemies’ jungle and subsequently; deny them of every strategic and important resource.

Starve them and crush them when they are still learning to crawl. Stomp and trample on them if they try to resist you. Make the game unplayable for them. Smash their morale to the lowest point possible, and you will win the match before you hear “Victory”.

Because they will concede and surrender.

A few notes on how to properly implement Invasion Strategy:

1. E.g. you know for sure that your enemy mid laner will definitely go and take either red or blue buff after clearing mid first wave. So decipher where your other offlane opponent that needed the buff is, and then voila; you know where to strike.

After that, go to bot/top Crab and prepare to take it when it spawns; then wait for Turtle.

Striking quickly and harshly ensures a swift and decisive victory!

2. Familiarise yourself with the momentum of your enemies’ farming. Subsequently, learn to either intercept them while they are farming, or stealthily take it under their noses before they even realise. But remember, Kills > Jungles for sure. So don’t be afraid to sacrifice a few jungles if it means earning yourself a few lives. What’s the cost of 1 or 2 monsters compared to kill golds and also the fact that you just wasted a few minutes of their lives, potentially making them lose even more time and chances to farm?

(should have just ran and never looked back, Lunox)

In fact in this scenario, you want them to attempt to get the last hit because they will waste that very few essential seconds that could be used to escape. ​

3. Ask your offlaners to always apply lane pressure whenever you invade. Because the point of invading is to also draw heat away from your offlaners in order for them to do their job well. Your team MUST create misleading information to your enemies by creating confusion through the use of seemingly sporadic and unpredictable map presence.

The missions done by Selena will only bear fruit if your teammates can follow up and do their part; because if they fail in completing their own objectives successfully, she will be forced to delay her own tasks since she will be occupied with covering up their mistakes in order to make things right. Thus, if she is forced to do this too often, your team’s advantage will slowly start to disappear no matter how well your head start is. This also allows your opponents to gain momentum, get stronger and become the hunter instead of Selena. Screw this up, and you’ll find yourself facing a strong comeback soon.

4. Time yourself and make sure to note when their buffs or crabs respawns. Be sure to be ready to take them again without wasting time. Do this to maintain your momentum while preventing your enemies from catching up on their farm.

5. Proceed STRAIGHT to the Crabs to prepare for taking the crabs when they spawn if for some reasons that you're unable to strike either buffs after the first minions' wave. Know that the value of jungle monsters goes like this:

Turtle, Crab, Buff, anything else.

Since turtle hasn't spawn at this point of time, crab takes the highest place in priority. So if you don't feel confident in successfully taking your enemies' buffs, do not hesitate anymore, forget about them and head straight to the Crabs.

To conclude:
Ultimately, the point of invasion isn’t only to disrupt your opponents’ farm, but also to suppress them heavily and prevent them from having enough strengths or guts to contest your main objectives.

The purpose of invading your opponent's buffs is to buy you ample time to clear your main objectives, not to take the actual buffs as trophies.

Learn to weigh your gains and losses. Don't be greedy, for you will only shoot yourself in the foot and cause your plans to backfire.

Remember, do everything with a reason and never lose sight of your main goal.

Do not be clouded by instant gratifications, and instead anticipate long term gains. DO NOT lose your focus!

It is always easier to feed into your desires, but harder to have self-control and restrain yourself.

Kill Secure (Hunt)
And so, we are finally at the juiciest part! The ‘steak’ of this guide after forcing you to eat the veggies.
Sorry about that, but you needed the vitamins to turn your thinking gears and make you appreciate this chunk of delicious meat more.

Firstly, get this right as well: Selena IS a hunter. She is supposed to find, chase and kill. She’s not supposed to be the hunted.

She’s not supposed to be a tiger in a zoo. She’s not a tourist attraction.

So for all of you that has been playing Selena passively like a pure mage all the time with Flicker spell and only spamming stuns from the backline for your teammates to reap, I implore you to stop. STOP! You are desecrating her true power! Stop or she will sacrifice you as her lunch.

The hunter does not run to escape, but only to catch their prey. And you’re NOT A PREY!

So how do we get into this Hunter’s mentality?

Understand Selena even on ground level; that means getting into her head. Get into her character; imagine yourself as Selena.

As the Queen of the Abyss and the Doombringer of the World, would you run like a rabbit or flop like a seal?
Or would you scoff at your pitiful prey, play around with your meals, dictate when they are put to sleep and knock on their death’s door?

(the adrenaline is addictive)

Get fully immersed and absorbed into Selena. Embrace every dark side there is to her. Savour and bathe yourself in every drop of bloodlust.
Fill your aura with killing intent so that your opponents can smell them through their screens.

Focus then on these thoughts: how does a prey think? How would a prey try to escape in the moments of impending doom?
How would they put up their futile attempts to evade your hunt? What tools are your food using to defend themselves?

I shall list down the Standard of Procedures to follow in order to ensure a successful hunt:

1. Study your prey. Learn their habits and dissect their thoughts even on the subconscious level. You need to take note of a few things; are your enemies nervous and twitchy, or calm and composed? What are their tools and weapons? If you’re ambushed, how do you slip out or even turn the tide over to your favour? Figure out their psychological and character makeup.

(improvise, adapt, overcome)

In this example, you know for sure that Gusions will try and quickly spam their S1 into you, so I abused this fact and immediately change form to obtain movement speed boost in order to dodge his dagger; as well as side stepping his S2 Daggers to prevent myself from soaking up too much damage and slows.

Having explained what to do at a micro level, next; a few important questions that you should ask yourself for macro:
If they are missing from the map, think; where else can they be? Farming in their jungles? Travelling? Or waiting in a certain bush to ambush?
If you are your enemy, what will you do? Where will you go? What are the circumstances at hand? How and where will you enter a lane?

Do note that you will have to do this with the start of every match since every enemy is different; so you need to get used to assessing your opponents all the time. Enemies are constantly changing and evolving in their skills and tactics, so do not be left behind.

Predict accurately, and you can see into the future and sever their lifelines ahead of time. You will then be able to think exactly like how they will think and deduce all of their plans.

2. Conduct psychological warfare. Before we begin discussing this, you have to know that there are two main types of enemies:

  • Dimwitted opponents

(safety is an illusion)

(spooderman moment)

Does your target confidently think that you won’t approach them further just because their tank is around or blocking you? Or do they lie to themselves under the false sense of security just because they are within their turrets? Or that annoying food of a split pusher who just loves to split push and split push only and thinks that he’s too edgy because whenever you try to throw a wild stun, only for him to dodge? Or that cocky sashimi who repeatedly taunts you to make your moves first since he believes that he can dodge your Arrows by using tunnel vision. Pffft. Showoffs.

  • Cunning opponents

Are you facing an opponent with equal or greater capabilities and mental states? Is he/she patiently waiting for you to make your first move? Does that Harley intentionally wait a second or two for you to sidestep instinctively whenever he Ultimate and then use S1 so that most of the cards don’t miss? Does a Kaja deliberately solo a lane, bait you into attacking and let you think that he's an easy target, only for the remaining 4 of them to pop out from the sides and smoke you instead?

After understanding this, it's time to show you 2 ways to assess and dissect your targets' intelligence and mentality:

Method 1 - Do a few trial shots of your Abyssal Arrow towards your targets. Learn where their preferred side of the screen is (e.g. when they dodge, do they almost always prefer to move towards the right or left side of the screen). Once you figure this out, you can then displace your Arrows so that when they instinctively dodge towards their comfortable side, they will get hit by your stun.

Make sure to adjust and compensate (also demonstrated with that cocky sashimi) the aim so that it’s just enough to appear as if it’s projecting towards where they are standing, but enough to barely hit them when they move to dodge your Arrows.
If you can’t bring your stuns to your targets, bring them to your stuns.
If you can’t bring them to death, bring death to them.

Method 2 - Act as if you're going to retreat, and when the moment is right; decisively close the gap between you and your opponents out of the sudden by going straight for melee. Watch how they react; do they flinch due to this sudden change of momentum? Do they calmly manoeuvre their steps and evade, or even counter-strike you? If they panicked and got the shock of their life, then you know for a fact that the targets in question are weak mentally. You can then abuse and bully them.

(if i'm gonna die, i'm gonna die. at least i'll bring you down with me)

However, if they remain composed, I advise you to immediately retreat; take note and mark them in your head because they are not simple-minded! Put up your guard because this target may even attempt to hunt you later on! You should then take every opportunity that you can to eliminate them first if possible; because they are most likely the cornerstone player(s) of the team. Take them out, and the others will be sitting ducks.

(it's important to stun the enemies' backliners)

Basically, always prioritise the strongest or the weakest players in your opponents' team and remove them first.

Kill the strongest to cripple your enemy and eat the weakest to fatten yourself.

3. Utilise their weaknesses. Abuse your opponents’ weaknesses to the maximum because you’re not looking to spar with them, but to put them under the ground for good. Or for that matter, devour their souls by ripping it out from their physical bodies. You can achieve this by using a few methods:

  • Blindspots. That means not only shooting the Arrow through the bushes or walls, but also from their flanks and backdoors. Figure out from your own POV to discover your own blindspots in your tunnel vision, and then mirror them. There you go; that's your opponents' blindspots as well. Abuse where they can’t see, and they will be unable to defend against you.
  • Play tricks on their minds. Play “poke the bear” with that hipster Chou whom loves pulling off unnecessary dash immunity to your stuns for no apparent reason other than to flex his skills to you. So poke the bear as much as you can for no apparent reason as well! In fact, you want them to stack up your Marks onto themselves. Make him believe that you’re going in for the kill, only to dash poke and instantly back off before he can react or kick/thump you. Then, once the stars align, go in for the kill and he won’t even know when to flinch because you had successfully messed up his mind beforehand.

Let your enemies believe wholeheartedly what they want to believe; and let them see what they want to see,
only to crush their hopes and dreams afterwards.

4. Know your circumstances. Assess your current situation and adapt accordingly. Take notice of your own strength vs your targets' strength. Are they weaker than you at that point of time? If so, strike mercilessly and swiftly. Prevent them from getting stronger.

Are they stronger than you?
Then maintain a low profile, get stronger and then proceed to crush them. Take advantage of every chance to either stomp the ant or take down the elephant. If a stronger enemy retreats and happily went farming alone to regenerate their health, take this chance to launch a sneak but swift attack. Is this cowardice? No, this is shrewdness. There's a big difference.

Do you ask your enemies IRL war to wait until you patch up your wounds or find you a bullet if you're left with none before fighting you? No, most likely before you can even finish your sentence, you'll be turned into meat-paste.

There's no shame in abusing the weak, only stupidity in losing to stronger opponents.
All is fair in love and war.

5. Everything is your tool/weapon. Even the environment is your friend! Even their teammates are your stepping stones towards your objective. So what if their tanks are blocking them? So what if their teammates are ganking you 1v2 2v3? So what if they outnumber your team and you? The more, the merrier! Because the more you can feast to your heart's content. Convert their advantages into your loopholes to wreck havoc!

(biggest selena myth no.1, that blocking her stuns makes her useless)

(more marks = more blood)

In conclusion,
Do not ever, ever forget that she’s really broken in mass killings of your enemies from the moment the match starts.
At lvl 2 with 0 items, she IS the strongest hero yet in the entire game. Nothing can escape her, nothing can even blink before she’s right beside you. Not even their cries can emerge from their mouths in time. Make them know that even if they manage to run, they cannot hide.
Selena is everywhere, and everywhere is Selena.

Do not commit yourself to recklessness, but to ruthlessness.

Support (Savior)
In your head right now probably is asking me: “wait lemme stop you right here, Selena a SUPPORT?! After going around the bush and telling me that she’s death incarnate, are you serious rn? Who are you fooling?”

Yesh, she can also fill up support role pretty well. I mean really, really good.

Both of her Elven Form skills reek of the smell of Support given that they have slow and stun.
As you can see from the GIFs, her skills can be utilised to help to:

Disrupt incoming enemies' incoming attacks

Spoil your enemies' initiation
(i laughed at the moment when that happened)

Prevent your enemies from escaping

Save your dying teammates at the most crucial moments

According to situations during wars, discern whether to prioritise CCing Front Liners (Tanks, Fighters) or Back Liners (Mage, Assassin, MM)... Like what Support players are already doing.
Whichever method it is, the idea is to try and space apart your enemies from each other so that they cannot effectively follow up or support their teammates; while letting your teammates pick them off one by one easily.

These Support characteristics alone actually give Selena's team an edge in fighting prolonged battles; even when she is gravely wounded and unable to perform her main role as an Assassin.

If your team is forced to fight battles of attrition, be at ease knowing that she can raise your team's defensive and offensive capabilities by converting to a Support Role. She is as flexible as water, being able to freely change her attributes and roles in her team at any given point in time.

Thus, when your HP is low; do not rush to retreat or recall!

Instead, stay far behind; watch your positioning and immediately wield a Support mindset.

Although you should be extra cautious due to your vulnerable state, this doesn't mean that you have to be passive in war.
Take note of who to stun, slow or both. Be sure to watch your timings against both your enemies and teammates' skill castings in order to excel in this new role like how you would outperform in Hunting.

The only aspect of Selena that you do not change, is her elusiveness.

Lastly, be sure to imagine yourself like a sniper as much as you can. Your bullet is the Abyssal Arrow. What would an IRL sniper do?

An IRL sniper rotates their positions after each shot, never expose themselves before they strike and never stay in the same place for more than a few breaths of time.

Doing so not only prevents your opponents from exposing your position which would result in them dispatching a teammate or two to eliminate you, but also make your Abyssal Arrows unpredictable and unexpected.

Therefore, be creative and come up with irregular movements so that you can truly be unpredictable. There is no fixed movement pattern as you're not a robot. Be stealthy and elusive, flexible and adaptive.

You can anticipate robotic movements but not the fluidity of liquid.

S̶e̶l̶e̶n̶a̶ ̶o̶n̶l̶y̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ PROs
So we are at the part where I’m allowed to worship Selena. Here are some of the reasons why Selena > Everyone

*flips blue hair*

  • She is IMHO, the best Continuous Burst Nuker at game start. At game start lvl 2, she is the strongest nuker who is only contested by a few early game heroes such as Lylia, Kimmy and Diggie etc (Season 13)
  • One of the fastest, if not the fastest junglers in MLBB (able to kill blue buff alone without using retribution spell at lvl 1 in 6-7s) [cont’d in Volume 2]
  • She has one of the longest constant range of attack which makes her offensive and defensive capabilities one of the best, if not the best
  • Supreme map domination due to her long range of attack + visions. Her skills provide wards for your teammates when needed, especially at crucial locations like Lord, Turtle, Crab, Enemy and your buffs, blindspots in lanes etc
  • One of the best abusers of psychological warfare. Period
  • The sky is literally limitless with her due to the nature of her super manual mechanics that makes up 95% of her kits, with Soul Eater being the only auto skill [cont’d in Volume 2]. There can be endless combos being applicable to countless situations because of this reason. Thus, she can potentially easily be forever META.
  • She lets you relive your warrior rank childhood, because you don’t need to clear minions much and instead you’re allowed to be hungry for kills and jungles. Literally

S̶e̶l̶e̶n̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶n̶o̶ CONs
To be honest, Selena has no cons. That’s right, she’s invincible. Jokes on you. Now bow to Selena-sama!

Just kidding.... So please don't kill me, I joke; I joke b̶u̶t̶ ̶I̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶b̶e̶l̶i̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶

Her weaknesses are:

  • Selena is highly dependent on the user. She is extremely sandbox and thus, she relies on the player to make the best decision and also reliant on their skills to be able to reach her full potential. High Skill = High Reward, Low Skill = Low Reward. As simple as that. And she punishes you for failing to do your homework properly.
  • If you’re unable to snowball/gold lead during early game, it could be tough to make her as effective during early to mid game as she will be made very passive and can only stay as a backliner most of the time. She depends on levels more than items, so this cripples her role as a Hunter.
  • Slow at clearing waves, at least until she’s able to get a few mage or crit items. If you love laning then Selena isn’t the right hero for you.
  • Your teammates need to know how to work together with Selena. If your teammates understand her, she can deal superb damage or kill secure well by providing her with opportunities for her entrance; such as CCing specific targets. Also, she will emerge unscathed and be able to continue to do her job if you cover her exits well. However, if your teammates don't comprehend Selena well enough, they will not be able to effectively help her. They won't be able to tell when to follow up and when not to, and they may even cause her demise. This is why Selena Mains will agree with me that solo q, duo or trio takes extra mental energy to play as you're required to put in more effort in order to make up for the lack of chemistry.
  • She expends Mana too quickly. Selena is a hero with energy-based expenditure but manifests as a Mana-based hero. This is even more obvious in early game where she doesn't have Mana Regen items yet. Thus, like Fanny; she requires the buff at all times. If you don't find yourself facing Mana issues when playing Selena, then you haven't utilised her to the fullest. Personally, even with Demon Shoes, Calamity Reaper and Buff, I still use up 30-40% of my Mana.
  • It will be very difficult for her to play her part if her buff is stolen by the enemy or taken by your teammates who are lesser in buff's priority, as she will be forced to retreat prematurely over and over again in order to refill her Mana.

Thus, we have come to the end of Volume 1. I hope I didn’t make you bored and overwhelmed with the huge walls of texts; I tried my best to condense 1 year’s worth of experience and knowledge in Selena that I had painstakingly obtained into this guide.
In volume 1’s context, I want to help you to gain the right perspective and mentality first before we move on to Volume 2 so that you can effectively apply and grasp the practical techniques that I will discuss in Volume 2.

I had nobody to teach or show me the ropes to play Selena. No guides or videos were available for me to learn back then.

Thus, I want to contribute to the community by sharing with you these vital information that I know some Globals are not willing to divulge. I know how painfully difficult it is, when approaching a complex hero such as Selena.

Consequently, through hard work and learning from making too many mistakes, costing too many matches and letting down my teammates too many times, I finally achieved:

1712 matches, 81.7% Win Rate, Highest Top 130 Global

So I’m telling you and using myself as a proof that hard work, dedication and stubbornness to submit to your circumstances will allow you to achieve real results with Selena. I’m really not kidding about this.

Do not be demotivated from improving yourself due to your mistakes.

Do not be discouraged even if everyone around you mocks you.

As long as you follow this guide diligently, I promise and assure you that you will achieve hard concrete results.

Hence, it is my earnest wish to see you innovate and surpass me, and bring the Art of Selena to new heights.
So please, work hard and never give up in the face of trials!

Stay tuned for updates on Volume 2 which will be out in the near future!

At the meantime, please leave your comments, criticisms and questions below! I will compile noteworthy Q&A to make a short recap of Volume 1 and publish it in Volume 2.


Koala Bee

Special Thanks to
My squad, The Ozunu Clan (Luke, Shirayuki, Koala Bee, Shindou, Fallout, I-Rin) for sticking with me and their many sacrifices and endless support. Without them, I am unable to develop to where I am today <3

Shout out to
My friends in Discord; Zero ML, Lional, Xlennon, WingsXYZ, hmm, Adekurr and Syz

You, the reader for reading this guide and being #SelenaFanClub

Wisdom Cookies
Here are some food for the soul that has helped me to gain a good perspective during my training.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”
- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

“There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”
-Miyamoto Musashi

“In battle, if you make your opponent flinch, you have already won.”
- Miyamoto Musashi

“The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful actions but allow his useless actions”
- Miyamoto Musashi

"Do nothing which is of no use"
- Miyamoto Musashi

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”
- Bruce Lee

“Victory loves Preparation”
- The Mechanic (2011)

Post time 2019-11-26 09:44 PM | Show all posts
not gonna lie, this was perfect. the only thing anywhere close to not perfect would be situational builds. then again i only ever use on build for everything lmao
Post time 2019-11-22 10:32 AM | Show all posts
I coincidentally made a Selena guide yesterday for the guide awarding contest. Your guide is much more in depth and touches on a lot of hidden aspects of Selena compared to mine which is about the minimum basics.
Plus, 2 parts? That's gotta be a lot of information. I look forward to reading this!! Also, are you interested in submitting this to the guide making contest?
 Author| Post time 2019-11-22 10:39 AM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-11-22 10:32 AM
I coincidentally made a Selena guide yesterday for the guide awarding contest. Your guide is much mo ...


*spooderman moment*

I actually noticed it when I posted this just now LOL. Hooray #SelenaFanClub !


#SelenaFanClub it is! <3  Post time 2019-11-22 10:41 AM
Post time 2019-11-23 01:54 AM | Show all posts
So this is for guide contest or just for normal?
No matter what very good guide. Thanks for sharing with us.
Post time 2019-11-27 03:49 AM | Show all posts
This guide is seriously well made.


@Gunslinger03 Glad that you enjoyed it!  Post time 2019-11-27 09:31 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-11-27 09:31 AM | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2019-11-26 09:44 PM
not gonna lie, this was perfect. the only thing anywhere close to not perfect would be situational b ...


Thank you for enjoying the guide; I'm glad that you had a great time with it.

As for builds, I will explain more in Volume 2. I generally have quite a few builds around to cater to all sorts of situation, as well as emergency usages.
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