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Title: Selena Hero Guide - by Halbikx [Print this page]

Author: Halbikx    Time: 2019-11-21 09:58 PM
Title: Selena Hero Guide - by Halbikx
Edited by Halbikx at 2019-11-21 09:58 PM

Selena - Abyssal Witch
Hero Guide
by Halbikx


Hello yet again, I'm here to make a new hero guide! Sorry to those expecting a guide for Clint, I apologize since I slacked off for too long and ended up not making a guide for him since I don't use him anymore. So, please forget about the tease in my previous guide.

For this guide, it will of course be focusing on Selena. If you have not noticed yet, this is for a guide-making contest on this forum, hence why I was motivated to make this guide in the first place. You can find more information about me below.

As for this post, it is split into five categories: Introduction, General Overview, Preperations, How to Play and lastly Tips & Tricks. To navigate this post, use the "Thread Index" on the top of the post above the Selena image. Select your desired page accordingly.

Below is information about me (necessary for the contest), however you can skip it if you want to.


My name is not easy to write out so I won't do it but my ID is 24343244 (2204).

Hero Stats
Not very much matches and a decently high winrate, but it is nearing 200 so I'm happy about that. Still, it's a long way to 500+ before reaching my now-unused main hero Alpha.

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Hero Overview

Hero Information

Selena - The Abyssal Witch

Role: Mage / Assassin

Specialty: Reap / Burst

Selena is a very burst-oriented type of mage. It's a given since she is half assassin. Her biggest specialties are that she can transform between two forms and she also has the longest stun duration in the game (that is, if you use it perfectly).

Damage-wise, Selena hits like a truck, literally. Starting from level two, she can already kill her enemies. Compared to other Mage / Assassin heroes, they would need to reach at least level 4 to start killing properly. This is due to her passive, which we will see later. Basically, her ultimate is usable starting from level 1 (just like Roger), and by the time she unlocks her two other skills, she will have her full kit already before anyone else.

Following up is her exceptional mobility. Though, compared to other assassins she is less mobile, when used correctly she can be a hassle to deal with. Dashing in and out of battle - not to mention her movement speed boosts from her ultimate - makes her incredibly slippery and able to escape almost any situation.

However, as hard-hitting and slippery as Selena is, she also has weaknesses. A few of them being bad wave clear, not being much use late game, useless when up close and a few others. Her pros and cons will also be touched on later. For now, let's move on to her skills.

Skills & Abilities

Selena - like Roger - is a transforming type of hero. That means her ultimate lets her switch between two distinct forms, which are officially called 'Elven form' and 'Abyssal form'. However, most people just call them 'Normal form' and 'Demon form'. Either way is fine, but I will be using the former for less confusion.

With six skills (technically 5), Selena is not by any means easy to master. It will take around 20 matches to get the hang of her basic combo and an upwards of 60 matches to really see her shine. Of course, she isn't Fanny-level difficulty, however I can definitely say she is on par with the higher difficulty heroes such as Gusion and Kagura.

Not to mention, the super hard-to-hit stun, which is a very important part of her kit, must be practised over and over. Or else, she will be completely and utterly useless to her team.

This category will be split into two: Elven Form Skills, and Abyssal Form Skills.

Passive: Symbiosis

Selena can switch between two forms, each with different sets of skills: Elven form and Abyssal form. Elven form skills place Abyssal Marks on her targets, while basic attacks and skills in Abyssal form consume those marks to deal magic damage. Her ultimate is also automatically unlocked at level 1.

A basic passive. Skills in Elven form give marks, and basic attacks and skills in Abyssal form consume them. Easy as pie.

However, be careful of how you use your marks. If you waste them, then your chances of escape will be slim. Properly analyze the situation before consuming all her Abyssal marks willy-nilly.

By the way, her basic attacks in Abyssal Form are melee, which means short-ranged. So, be careful when using her in this form. Switching between forms also completely resets the cooldowns of her new form, so if the cooldown for one skill is longer than that of the ultimate's, transform in and out quickly to reduce the time for waiting.

Elven Form Skills

Skill 1: Abyssal Trap
Selena puts a trap down on a location, giving vision and lasts forever. She can put up to 3 traps at any given time. When enemies step on the traps, a demon will lurk inside them and give them 1 Abyssal Mark, and after a brief moment, the demon will jump out and deal magic damage, slowing them down and giving another Abyssal Mark. The damage decays when multiple traps deal damage to the same enemy.

Selena's core skill. It is the only way for her to get two abyssal marks in a short time. Since this skill can be placed on the ground as a trap, one should maximize its potential and use up to two traps as vision wards. The last trap will be of use when executing your combo. This is so because when there are more than 3 traps in the same time and another is placed down, the first trap will disappear, leaving behind no vision. Thus, to avoid unnecessary planning, 2 traps as vision wards should suffice.

As to where they should be placed, it will depend on your playstyle. But, to get the gist of it, I will list down key locations. These include the middle lane bushes, the lord and turtle pit, the bush next to the gold crab's location, the enemy's blue buff, the bushes on the far end of the side lanes, as well as the bush opposite of the gold crab's pit.

Since only two locations can be seen at any given time, you should use them according to what style of playing you are using and what phase of the game you are currently at.

Skill 2: Abyssal Arrow
Selena shoots out a demon in a long straight line, colliding with the first enemy hero or jungle monster hit. It will deal magic damage to them and stun them for 0.5s to 3s (stun length and damage will be higher the further the arrow travels), giving them 1 abyssal mark. When successfully hitting a target, her movement speed will be briefly boosted. Furthermore, if this skill collides with an Abyssal Trap on its path, it will consume it and bring it along, giving the same effects as it originally was on the ground.

It is not mentioned here, but the traps do give vision. It is a very useful scouting tool for checking bushes to avoid ganks, but this skill is mostly used for the 3 second stun. This skill, which is the make-or-break skill in her kit, will determine the outcome for your performance. Thus, you must master how to aim it properly and how to predict your enemies' movements.

As the summarized description says, the arrow can literally pick up an abyssal trap and carry it on its journey. When it hits an enemy, it will apply the same effects as if they were stepped on while on the ground. Thus, this makes the S1 + S2 combo the very essential to her combo. If you miss her S2, then you're useless for another few seconds.

Again, I cannot mention it enough, but practise aiming this skill as much as possible. By the time you reach around 50 matches, you should be able to more accurately predict your target's movements. Just like Franco's hooks, it requires lots of skill and prediction, along with a bit of luck.

Lastly, the arrow can go invisible when shot through a bush. Although it will become visible again once it's not in the bush anymore, try to catch your enemies off-guard by shooting your arrows in bushes or through them. It will increase your chances of hitting them greatly.

Ultimate: Primal Darkness
Selena transforms into a demon, gaining movement speed for a short while. She will gain a completely new set of skills, resetting the cooldowns of S1 and S2 in Abyssal form. Her basic attacks in Abyssal form deal magic damage equal to a quarter of her total magic damage.

Simple skill, and it really is. Transform into Abyssal form, get movement speed boost, and get a new set of skills. Not much I can say about this, other than to try and utilize the movement speed boost as much as possible.

Remember that this skill resets the cooldowns of Abyssal Form's skills. Use this to your advantage by constantly spitting out damage.

Abyssal Form Skills

Skill 1: Soul Eater
Upon activation, Selena's next basic attack in a period of time will be empowered. She will slightly jump towards her target, dealing magic damage and receiving a shield. If the target has an Abyssal Mark, it will consume it and deal additional magic damage.

This skill looks simple, but it can be used for several other things other than damage. The fast activation of this skill is an advantage here - it refreshes Selena's basic attack animation. To maximize its potential, try activating it 2 to 3 seconds before you intend on basic attacking. This will cause her cooldown to be shorter and need not to wait for the skill to cool down. The same thing applies to Aldous' first skill - you prepare it beforehand while charging at your enemy so you can do 2 instant punches instead of just 1.

This skill is also great for pushing. I recommend you all to switch into Abyssal Form when pushing, and keep activating this skill while doing so. Since it is considered a basic attack, the magic damage applies to the turret, speeding up your turret pushing.

Also, the activation of this skill is already considered as a 'skill usage', so during the empowered basic attack, you can immediately proc the passive of items such as Calamity Reaper and Endless Battle. Use this to your advantage when preparing your build.

Last but not least, do not forget that this skill gives a shield upon performing an empowered basic attack. Although you don't immediately receive a shield upon activation, you will receive one when you execute a basic attack. This shield can come in handy in SO many situations. For example, if you're up close with an enemy and about to die under your turret due to a turret dive, activate this skill and perform a basic attack. The damage along with the turret damage will surely kill them, and you'll survive because of the shield protecting you.

Tip: This skill can be activated while under CC. You can prepare it, however you still can't get a shield by basic attacking since you're under CC. Wait for it to finish and immediately perform a basic attack - there's no telling whether it can save your life or not.

Skill 2: Garotte
Selena dashes in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies along the way. If she dashes through a target with the Abyssal Mark, she will deal additional magic damage and this skill's cooldown will be reset.

Selena's main mobility skill. Try to dash through as much marked targets as possible, and dont waste it just by randomly dashing (unless you are not pressured or returning back to lane). Similar to Lancelot where he needs to dash through targets without a mark, do your best to dash through targets that have a mark. Since it resets the cooldown and deals decently high damage, it can be used as both a mobility and damage skill.

Example: Let's say you're being chased by an enemy through your top lane jungle where the spear-throwing lizard is. You are currently in Elven form. To make the most out of this situation, first place an Abyssal Trap (S1) on the lizard monster. Immediately transform into Abyssal form and dash towards the lizard. Since the trap you placed imemdiately gives the lizard a mark, it will reset your dash's cooldown when touching it. Then, walk as close to the wall behind the lizard as you possibly can, then dash through it into your turret range. The enemies will be cut off by a thick, long wall and you'll have insurance under your turret.

Ultimate: Blessing of the Moon God
Selena transforms back into Elven form, giving back all her Elven form skills. She also increases her movement speed for a short period of time and S1 and S2 in Elven form have their cooldowns immediately reset.

This is the exact same thing as the Elven form counterpart, Primal Darkness. I don't really have anything else to say since it's similar to her other ultimate skill.

Reminder: Keep track of which form you are currently in. If you have forgotten that you are still in Elven form and dash away from your enemies, check your skills first, or else you'll end up stalling yourself by shooting an unnecessary arrow, turning you into dead meat to your enemies.

I also forgot to mention this in the other ultimate's description but both Primal Darkness and Blessing of th Moon God do not enjoy cooldown reduction. Their cooldowns are fixed at 4.5s/4s/3.5s/3s, starting at level 0. So don't think you can go buy 40% cooldown reduction thinking that it will make her change forms faster.

Upgrade Paths & Combos
Skill Upgrade Path
Skills / Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112131415
Abyssal Trap / Soul Eater + + + + + +
Abyssal Arrow / Garotte + + + + + +
Primal Darkness / Blessing of the Moon God + + +

Since Abyssal Trap / Soul Eater is Selena's main damage source, prioritizing that skill first is key. As per usual, you should upgrade her ultimate whenever available since it can reduce the time to change between forms. Keep in mind that Selena's ultimate is automatically unlocked at level 0 and you can unlock another skill at level 1.

Skill Combos
Before we get into combos, I have to show you something. While using the Abyssal Trap & Abyssal Arrow combo (S1+S2), there are two ways of doing it. The slower way would be S1 first before S2. You place down a trap and then shoot out an arrow. Though, it is comparatively slower than the other combo. Plus, the enemy can see where and when you're going to shoot your arrow since the trap will be visible in the minimap to everyone for a short time when you put the trap down.

The other way would be immediately aiming S2, then quickly putting S1 at the very edge of the skill right in the path of the arrow. If you're fast and accurate enough, the arrow will bring the trap along without your position being revealed for too long. This is very hard to do towards newer players, but I highly recommend learning this. I learned this myself from watching RRQ Lemon play Selena back then.

By the time you've practised doing the S2+S1 style for around 15 matches, it'll be a piece of cake to do. Adding with the aiming requirements and prediction skills, thiis short but hard combo will become a habit to do. Now, onto the real combo.

Selena's Main Combo


First, by using the S2+S1 combo I mentioned earlier, aim and stun your target. The arrow plus the trap already puts 2 marks on your target, which is the maximum amount at any given time. When you successfully hit your target, you should hear a sound effect and receive a movement speed increase. Combine that with the Ult skill to get even more movement speed, at the same time switching into Abyssal form for the next part of the combo.

Using the movement speed boost, prepare your S1 and approach your target from afar. To quickly close the gap before the stun is finished, dash towards your target using S2, and make sure the dash hits your target in order to reset its cooldown. Then, use a basic attack to consume the mark and deal massive damage. Wait for a little after that so that the demon from S1 pops out. Using the last mark, dash back to where you went from using S2, resetting the cooldown once more. Using the already reset S2, dash towards them one last time.

This last part, which as you can see is greyed out, is optional. It's only useful when you have the item Calamity Reaper. After using your ultimate to switch back into Elven form, use a basic attack to trigger the true damage on your target. This is not normally applied but you can use it if you aren't in any particular danger.

Alternative Combo
Everything in this combo is exactly the same as the last one exept for the last part (before the greyed out section). Instead of dashing twice, you dash once and activate your S1 again, then use a basic attack to consume the last mark, which deals even more damage. Either combo works, it just depends on what type of situation you're in.

If you are diving under a turret, then the first combo is more recommended. If it's a one-on-one however, you should use the second combo since it has a higher damage output.

To truly execute this combo perfectly, you must constanty practise it. Without getting used to the flow, your combo will feel choppy and slow. You might even miss your chance of killing them if you wait for too long. So all in all, keep doing these combos and maybe make new ones yourself to master each and every technique. Now, onwards to the pre-battle preperations!

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Item Builds

I have prepared three builds, however I'm going to explain only the first one since it is the main one I use. Of course, you don't have to stick to them if it doesn't suit your playstyle. Make sure to affix your items according to your team's and opponent's lineup for the best possible outcome.

1. Lightning Truncheon + Crit Burst Build

This is the main build I use. From left to right, the items are Demon Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Clock of Destiny, Calamity Reaper, Berserker's Fury, Divine Glaive.

In total, the main stats that this build gives are:
• +323 magic damage
• +20% cd reduction
• +1300 mana
• +40% magic penetration
• +25% crit chance
• High amount of burst when LT and Crit happens

The biggest cons to this build are that when Selena does not crit and LT is on cooldown, her damage is quite low. Additionally, with the absence of any magical lifesteal items, she can be very vulnerable while using this build.

However, this is my main build for a reason. The crit damage when in full build can reach up to 2300 magic damage when paired with her S1 in Abyssal form. Adding on to that, more magic damage will be received when she consumes an Abyssal Mark, plus the extra damage from Lightning Truncheon and Calamity Reaper. In total, the damage can pretty much almost one hit kill any squishy mage or marksman.

Demon Shoes
I prioritize building Demon Shoes first since Selena's mana consumption in the early to mid game is mind-bogglingly high. Even if you have the buff, her mana still goes down faster than the speed of light. Especially if you're laning alone, where no one else can help you clear the wave. So, use Demon Shoes to avoid going to base constantly.

Lightning Truncheon
You might think this is a bit weird considering most people would opt for getting Clock of Destiny or Calamity Reaper beforehand. I have a reason to this. Selena will be requiring more burst in the early game, so I'd figure getting LT would be the best choice. CoD will need time to charge up and the extra stats that Calamity Reaper give pales in comparison with LT. Aside from that, since Calamity Reaper's passive is dependant on your magic damage, its damage won't be very high until you get another item.

Clock of Destiny
Obviously, if you have LT, you'd need this item. When fully charged up, CoD can give up to 900 mana, and paired with LT's 300 extra mana, you get 1200 mana in total. This amount of mana is necessary for LT's passive, which deals around 26.5% of your total mana as magic damage every 6s (I found this calculation myself :v).

Calamity Reaper
After building up some magic damage, it should suffice for Calamity Reaper to be more useful now. The true damage can come in helpful in many ways, especially when against tanky heroes. Calamity Reaper also provides 100 points of mana, so it is also useful towards LT in a sense.

Berserker's Fury
Now, you may think, 'Why is a physical item here when Selena is a mage?' Well, that's mainly for her S1 in Abyssal form. See, since her S1 is considered a basic attack, it can do critical strikes. When fully built, her critical strikes can deal up to 2300 magic damage on squishy enemies. I've even 2-hit killed a squishy marksman using S1 twice without needing the use of Abyssal Marks. That is, only if you're snowballing the game.

Divine Glaive
Last item is Divine Glaive. This is mainly for the 40% magic penetration (up to 70% penetration when enemy's HP is higher than 70%). If there aren't many tanks in the enemy team, then you can switch this item for Holy Crystal, Bloodwings or Necklace of Durance. Holy Crystal and Bloodwings should only be used when the enemy is not very tanky, and Necklace of Durance should be used when against high lifestealing heroes (Alucard, Ruby, Esmeralda).

2. Aggressive Jungling + Crit Build

Build: Beast Killer, Demon Shoes, Calamity Reaper, Berserker's Fury, Holy Crystal, Bloodwings.

I won't explain this build much further, but all I can say is that it is mainly used for jungling. There is no LT + CoD combo here, it focuses mostly on Selena's S1 in Abyssal form. The jungling item, Beast Killer, can be useful since it provides magic resistance.

I would mainly use this build for when I'm going really aggressive as a Selena in a trio or full squad line up. I would invade the jungle along with my teammates and use retribution as my main battle spell. If I'm not going very aggressive, I would use the two other builds.

3. Full Magic Damage Build

Build: Demon Shoes, Lightning Truncheon, Clock of Destiny, Calamity Reaper, Concentrated Energy, Divine Glaive.

This build focuses purely on magic damage. The main difference of this build compared to the first build is that Berserker's Fury is replaced with Concentrated Energy for better sustain. Of course, you can switch it out for more damage such as Holy Crystal or Bloodwings.

Originally, when Soul Scroll was an item, I would use it in the first build. The amount of magic damage for its price is phenomenal. As a Selena player, you'd expect yourself to not die a lot. Since I would rarely die, Soul Scroll would be the perfect item when paired with Berserker's Fury. The damage can go through the ceiling, reaching up to 3000 damage. It was fun while it lasted, but sadly Moonton removed that item.

Emblem Sets

Selena is a mage, so of course you'd use the Custom Mage Emblem. It provides lots of magic damage, penetration and cooldown reduction.

My upgrades are:
• 3x Agility (+6% Movement speed)
• 3x Observation (+6 Magic PEN)
• Magic Worship (Burns target after dealing massive damage)

I upgraded Agility for the first tier to get the movement speed. It can come in handy in many situations. However, you can also go for Mastery which gives you up to 5% cooldown reduction, giving a maximum of 10% cd reduction when reaching lv.60.

The second tier is Observation, which is for magic penetration. This one is optional since you can go for any of the three, but I like it when I can go in harder.

Lastly, I choose Magic Worship. This is mainly for the burning effect. If I can't finish off my targets, then the burning effect will do it for me. However, Mastery Shop can also be effective for a headstart in items in the early phase of the game. Since the early game is where Selena shines, this is also recommended. Lastly, Impure Rage is also good when dealing with tanks. However, I just feel like Magic Worship does its job better than Impure Rage. Of course, this depends heavily on your playstyle, so choose accordingly.

Adding on to the pre-set stats of the emblem set, the total stats that it gives is:
• +17 Magic POW
• +5% CD Reduction
• +5% Magic Lifesteal
• +8% Movement Speed
• +19.5 Flat Magic PEN

This is of course only if your Custom Mage Emblem is at lv.60, or else it the stats will be lower. This can help out a lot in early game. Although more cooldown reduction is preferred, when paired with the first build, it already reaches 25% CD reduction, which is pretty high.

Battle Spells


I use Flicker as more of an insurance. Although Selena is already quite mobile, it won't hurt to be even more so. Plus, it can come in useful when chasing enemies down. This battle spell is highly recommended for newer Selena players.


Use this spell if you're thinking of playing aggressive and want to invade the enemy's jungle. Steal their buff, get free kills and win the game, easy as that. This will pair well with the second build I provided.


This battle spell was useful back when Selena was first introduced in the game. Although it isn't necessarily bad now, there are better choices than this. The shield can come in clutch when dealing with high DPS heroes and while turret diving. Though, it won't look pretty when you're using this spell against an Esmeralda.


In case you are not fed enough or having trouble finishing off your targets, Execute is the best way to go. Once you've finished you combo but you couldn't kill your target, use Execute to finish the job.

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How to Play

There are two ways of playing Selena: Midlane carry or bot lane support. This can determine your build and where you'll be spending most of your early to mid game on.

Carry (Mid lane)When playing as the sole mage of your team, you should go to the middle lane. You will be playing as the killing machine of your team.
As the midlaner, you can either play aggressive by invading your enemy's jungle, or play passively by ganking your enemies when the time comes. Either way, your team will be relying on you to get them a headstart in the game.
Support (Bot lane)I generally only play this support style Selena when I'm playing in a trio team or full squad with my friends which I can trust. Unlike the carrying playstyle which can be used when you are soloing or with friends, this style is played in the bottom lane as a support to your ADC.
You main focus is to pressure the enemy, stun them and give vision. If my midlaner is thinking of invading the jungle, then I will follow them too.
As the support, I will be cutting the lane and waiting in bushes for potential ganks. Other than that, I will put traps in bushes where ganks are bound to happen to avoid my ADC getting killed.
To successfully use this style, you'll need trustworthy and cooperative teammates, which is why I don't use it in solo queue.

For either playstyles, you must get the buff. No matter if you're the mage or the support, without the buff, you'll be constantly going back and forth between the base and your lane. So I would get the buff first before supporting my ADC, or just steal the buff if I'm invading the enemy's jungle.

You build will also depend heavily on your playstyle. Although I still use a full damage build when playing as a support, I generally keep my distance from my ADC so that they can get some farm. I usually wait in the bush behind the gold crab and wait for unsuspecting enemies to come out and ambush them. If all goes well, both me and my ADC will be fed by mid game.

Trap Positions

Depending on where you're laning, you'll have to put your traps accordingly. Here is a list of where you should put your traps according to the phases of the match.

Game PhaseTrap Position
Early Game
Since in early game you have two types of playstyles, I will be showing both. This will not be the case for mid game and late game though.

Mid lane

To protect yourself from ganks, place your traps in the bushes of both sides. In case you want to invade later one, you can put one trap near the enemy's blue buff instead. Both will give you vision to your enemies' movements.
This setup is also viable for when the game reaches mid game, so the same image will appear later. Other than these positions, you can place them near the river to see your enemies' movements clearer, or your own buff if you think your opponents will invade.

Bot lane

Playing as a support, you should give vision to your surroundings. The trap near the bottom is to avoid incoming ganks from your enemies, while the trap on top is to see whether or not the crab is being cleared.
Other than these positions, you can also place traps in the bush between the outer and middle turret, and the bushes at the right most edge of the bottom lane.
Mid Game
Mid game requires a lot of vision. Hence, there are more than these few places where you should put a trap in.

This trap setup in the early game phase for going mid is viable for this phase as well. Other than that, you can place them in the other blue buff's bush, the bush in front of the turtle / lord pit, the bush in the corridor bewteen the river and the blue buff (in front of the spear lizard), and anywhere else you might find necessary.
Traps can also be put behind the turtle pit to see if your enemies are taking the turtle or not.
Late Game
Late game is not very kind to Selena. If you want to be alive as much as possible, try and put your traps in places where you think your enemies will skirmish around the most.
Places like their jungle, the river, or even your jungle (if you are losing), are good choices.

This one is particularly important for late game. The Lord is a very important factor in late game, so you'll have to keep an eye on it. By putting a trap here, you can see if your enemies are taking the lord or not and increase your chances of stealing it for yourselves.

What to do In Each Game Phase

Since Selena is an early to mid game hero, it is recommended to end the game as early as possible. If not, then you'll be acting as the support in the late game since your damage output will be considerably slower and lower than your marksman and fighter. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't kill.

For this part of my guide, I will be teaching you my style of playing in each phase of the game. I'm not forcing you to follow me, but if you're interested in my way of playing Selena then I will gladly welcome you to read it.

Game PhaseDescription
Early Game
Depending on your playstyle, your early game will be different. I have prepared both scenarios below.

Mid lane carry playstyle

I start off by going to the buff. I alternate between Elven form and Abyssal form using my ultimate skill to get to the buff area since it gives me a movement speed boost. By the time I reach there, I immediately put one trap down on the small blue buff and immediately switch into Abyssal form. I do this because the cooldown is shorter compared to if I just wait.
Next, I switch back into Elven form and place another trap, this time on the big buff's place. This time, I'm not going to switch forms since it will be slower. I wait until my trap is off cooldown and place the last one in front of the large blue buff.
After all the traps are laid down, I switch to Abyssal form and wait for the buff to appear. 3 seconds before the buff appears at 00:32 seconds, I will use my S1 in Abyssal form to prepare it. The moment it spawns, I basic attack the large buff first.
Two traps will explode simultaneously (one on the big buff and one on the small one), causing the smaller buff to receive more damage. I will automatically target the small one and kill it before using more S1 and basic attacks on the large buff. After all the marks are gone, I will lure it to the last trap which is in front, giving more marks and more damage.
By the time all the marks are gone, I should already get the buff and be lv.2.

I'll then head back to lane and clear the wave, also placing a trap down on the right side bush of the middle lane. Then, I'll roam to top and score a kill, maybe even get the crab. For the rest of the early game, I will roam around the map, stunning people and applying pressure, also getting myself some kills in the process.
If my teammates are cooperative enough, we might even invade the enemy jungle. My team will rotate and kill the turtle if possible.
Tl;dr: Get buff, roam, kill, clear wave, roam, turtle, kill, and repeat.

Bot lane support playstyle

Even though I'm playing as a support in the bot lane, I will still be taking the buff, no questions asked. I do the same setup as the one in mid lane, except that I will lure the buff into 2 traps instead of one. I will wait for each trap to explode out first before luring it to the next.
After taking the buff, since the marksman already cleared the wave, I'll be helping them take the phantom monster. But, instead of using my trap on the monster, I will place it in the bush right opposite of the gold crab (shown below) and use Abyssal Arrow instead to hasten the farm speed.

Following that, I'll place another trap in the bush next to the crab and wait it that same bush. When my lane enemy comes, I will throw my arrow and kill them, alongside my marksman.
If things don't go as well and the midlaner roams to our lane, then I will instead stun the midlaner and kill them beforehand. If they get too fed in the first place, then the match will become problematic.
For the rest of this phase, I will wait in that bush and keep killing our lane enemy, or I can roam between bot lane and mid lane to help my teammates get some kills.
If the turtle spawns near the bot lane, then I will put traps in the enemy bush to avoid unnecessary ganks. If the turtle is on the other side however, I will clear mid lane instead and shoot arrows into bushes to scout for enemies trying to contest the turtle.
I do this for several times until it hits mid game. By that time, I will be playing as a semi-mage semi-support style of Selena.

Mid Game
For the mid game, I will be mostly roaming around with my teammates to find kills. I'll occasionally wander off alone to another lane to clear the wave or kill an overextended enemy. I'll also be putting traps around the map to gain vision, especially around the river and enemy jungle.
Mid game isn't anything special - I just try to kill as much as possible and try to not die or else I'll be a burden. Carry or support Selena, you're bound to get some kills.

While pushing, I would use her Abyssal form since her basic attacks deal damage equal to 25% of her magic power. Along with using S1 whenever possible, the enemy turrets should go down in no time.

Late Game
Last but not least is late game. Selena will have a hard time during this phase, especially around the 20-26 minute mark where most heroes are almost fully builded. Her damage will be low even if you play as pure mage (unless you're snowballing really hard, then you'll have decently high late game damage), so don't rush into a horde of enemies even if you successfully stunned one.
Strategically place traps in bushes where ganks can be made. Reserve one trap to be placed near the lord pit, but don't put it where it can be stepped on - you won't have vision of the lord if someone were to step on it.
Try to support your team by landing consecutive stuns, and only dashing in for damage after your tanks and fighters have initiated. Dying now would mean waiting for more than 50 seconds to respawn.
My only advice during this phase is to not be reckless. One mistake and the tide of the match can change for the worse.

Counters & Counterpicks

Heroes that Selena Counters

Selena counters heroes that have low mobility, bad early game and close range heroes. These include Lunox, Irithel, Alucard and more. Selena is particularly good against bad early game heroes since they don't have any means of saving themselves, along with their low early game damage, it's quite hard for them to kill Selena.

Heroes with low mobility but decent early game like Lunox are also weak against Selena. If they can't escape, then there's no chance of surviving.

Close range heroes is something trivial. Some melee heroes like Alucard and Aldous would have a hard time facing Selena since they can't get close enough, while others such as Lancelot and Esmeralda with high mobility can easily kill Selena. Either way, she should still be careful around them.

Heroes that Counters Selena

Selena is particularly bad against heroes with multiple CC skills, tanky heroes and heroes that have high mobility.

CC heroes like Franco, Kaja, Khufra, Minsitthar and many more are good for countering Selena. They can pressure Selena to not come close, resulting in no damage being dealt. If Selena gets caught under a long CC chain, then she won't survive for long since she's quite squishy.

Other than that, hereoes such as Terizla, Thamuz, Esmeralda and generally all tanky heroes can be a good meat shield against Selena. No matter how hard she tries, if Selena is not fed enough, then she won't be able to one-combo-kill these heroes. They can follow up on her and kill her instead once she has used up all her skills.

Following that, heroes that can easily close their distance and burst down Selena are good picks to counter Selena. Since Selena needs some range to get that 3s stun, if they are close to her, she won't be able to fully use her combo. Heroes like Gusion, Lancelot, Fanny and the likes are great heroes when playing against Selena. That is, if they don't get stunned and die first.

Lastly, heroes that can pressurize Selena's early game. Grock is a very good example here. If someone keeps watch of Selena and stops her from killing, invading and farming, then she won't be having a good time. Since Selena is an early game hero, all you need to do is to stop her from getting too ahead and she won't be able to do anything by the time late game comes.

Specific Counterpicks Against Selena

These heroes are used specifically to counter Selena because of their special traits, not because they have something that Selena is bad at dealing with.

Her shield works well against Selena. If Lolita can successfully block Selena's stuns then she won't be able to kill as often.

Helcurt's silence effect is really good against Selena (Natalia has silence too but Helcurt is a better example). Since Selena needs to get close to deal damage, once Helcurt's passive activates, Selena won't have any means of escape, and Helcurt can easily burst her down. Other than that, Helcurt's ultimate is great at preventing Selena from shooting her Abyssal Arrows. If she doesn't have vision of her enemies, then she can't stun them properly.

Diggie's second skill is a good counter against Selena's liquidity. If Diggie catches Selena with his time reversal skill, then she won't be able to escape as easily. Not to mention the heavy amount of slows he has. Also, Diggie's ultimate which removes all CC effects can save his teammate's lives from dying at Selena's hands. Not only does Diggie's ultimate remove the 3s stun, it also removes the Abyssal Marks.

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Tips & Tricks

Here I've compiled a bunch of useful tips & tricks when using Selena. Keep in mind some of these I have already mentioned before in another page, however I've placed them here as well for easy access.

1. I've said this many times before, but remember to always put no more and no less than 2 traps in bushes where ganks are potentially going to happen. This can dramatically increase your performance as well as your team's performance. By knowing enemy movements and where they will ambush you, you can avoid uncertain death. Knowledge is the best weapon in a war.

2. You can shoot out an Abyssal Arrow (S2) first, then putting an Abyssal Trap (S1) in front of the arrow's path to make it pick the trap up in an instant. If you do it the other way around, your enemies can spot your trap being placed down for a split second, thus ruining your ambush.

3. Your Abyssal Arrow can also be used as a scout. Send it into bushes far in front of you to check if there are any enemies around. Other than that, your Abyssal Arrow becomes invisible when it goes through bushes. Use this to your advantage and aim for enemies near bushes to increase your chances of hitting them.

4. When pushing, try and use Soul Eater(S1) in Abyssal form as much as possible. The empowered basic attack can deal more damage to turrets compared to her normal basic attacks. Other than that, it also resets the basic attack animation, allowing you to fit more basic attacks in the same time.

5. Try and capitalize on the shield that is provided from your S1 in Abyssal Form. It can save your life more times than you think. The shield is also useful when turret diving.

6. You can technically dash infinitely through your enemies if you can line yourself up perfectly. By exploding your S1 in an area with many enemies close together and giving them a mark, you can dash infinitely as long as you hit someone with an Abyssal mark. Of course, this isn't all that useful, but you can do a triple escape dash by dashing through your enemies, then dashing out with its origin point just barely touching a marked enemy, resetting its cooldown again. Then, dash a third time to increase your distance. If you can line everything up perfectly, you might just escape the brink of death.

7. Soul Eater (Abyssal for S1) is considered a basic attack, so it can crit. You can buy Berserker's Fury to increase that crit chance and crit damage. Aside from that, it can activate basic attack triggered item passives such as Calamity Reaper and Thunderbelt's passive. Though, keep in mind that skill based passives like Lightning Truncheon's passive will not activate since it's considered a basic attack, not a skill.

8. My last advice is to practise as much as possible. Play at least one match a day with her so you don't forget her techniques, and try switching between styles to find what suits you best. Overall, you should just learn at your pace, but it won't hurt to push yourself further with more aim training.

Below I've provided a video for you to watch. It's just a gameplay of Selena, but that's what you should do if you want to play her better. By watching and learning how the professionals play, you can get a grasp of what should and shouldn't be done.


This video is courtesy of ElektroTorio, and the gamplay is provided by the top global Selena player named MONKEY NO CHILL.

With that, my third ever hero guide - which is for Selena - is finished. I want to thank you for reading it all the way to here, and hope you found this thread helpful. To those who wish for more, all I can say is look forward to the future.

I must admit that I learned the support Selena playstyle not too long ago. While watching one of Gosu General's livestreams where he was playing with his squad, I saw a player named Jamesss playing Selena as a support. He kept going to the same bush and ambushing the Badang. In the end, General got fed from the kills provided by Jamesss and I was inspired to play as a support Selena. I just happened to come across this after one of my friends telling me how good Jamesss' gameplay was.

I kept practising with my friends to fit that playstyle into our strategies and ended up creating one that's almost undefeated. Our winrates have increased because of that. So, although he may never read this, I want to extend my gratitude towards him for broadening my abilities with Selena. With that out of the way, I have one last thing to say.

Throughout making this guide, I had so much fun thinking of how to lay out each and every part of this thread. I've also gained quite a bit of graphic designing experience after editing that banner you saw on the first page twice now. All in all, I thought this turned out really well.

That is all I have to say. Thanks for reading and goodbye!

Author: Halbikx    Time: 2019-11-21 10:03 PM
I was contemplating on which banner looked better. Although the one I ended up using is more high quality and less pixelated, I feel like I've done a better job in terms of effects with this one. This is the original banner I intended to use (you could say its the beta version of the one I officialy used) for this Selena guide. Let me know what you think.

Author: BD007    Time: 2019-11-23 02:19 AM
Just wow man. Step by step and very detailed guide. The presentation is top notch. thanks for sharing the guide with us and best of luck for the competition.
Author: ChrisSummers    Time: 2019-11-26 08:32 PM
Edited by AlyAoi at 2019-12-11 08:43 PM

in the second combo. you actually can do s2 s1 s3 s1 s2 s1 s2. because the first time you reach the target, it'll consume one abyssal mark and immediately refresh your second skill. then the trap will activate, giving you another abyssal mark to work with. which you can use on soul eater.

it would go
mark 1 - garrote (cool down instantly refreshes)
mark 2 - soul eater
mark 3 - soul eater
and then with your refreshed garrote, you can use that to disengage and repeat your combo right from the start.

you can actually have your use
demon shoes
holy crystal
calamity reaper
lightning truncheon
concentrated energy/ necklace of durance (for esme and harith and estes)

believe it or not, this actually has a higher damage output than berserker. it focuses on true damage. and early game lightning's passive will only reach 200 dmg, while holy crystal will boost your damage by an extra 300-400 damage. it'll also boost calamity which happens right after activation of skill far more than lightning truncheon. CoD will only boost your lightning truncheon by an extra 300 damage max. divine glaive is good against tanks, but your true damage from calamity combined with holy crystal and bloodwings will surpass divine glaive's magic penetration. you can also use calamity's passive in elven form, which is more reliable than berserker in eleven form, which with basic attacks can crit to 600 dmg. but calamity's passive will do 700-900 of true damage. not to mention you cant always go in in abyssal form. this build does not give as much hp or mana as CoD. but the sustain and hp is still superior, along with the damage and flexibility

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