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[Hero Techniques] Kimmy's Guide - One of the best adc in the game

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Edited by BL4CKED at 2019-12-3 05:02 AM

[size=26.6667px]KIMMY GUIDE
Hi, I'm BLACK3D and I'm here to guide Kimmy, currently one of the best adc in the game
I have some games with her and I'm still mastering, but I'll give her some tips!
- My Nick: | shelby
- ID: 10210116 1012 (old account haha)
- Favorite Hero: Kimmy
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-18 at 18.29.55.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2019-11-18 at 18.29.55 (1).jpeg
Now let's go to the tips.
First, there are two ways to play Kimmy.
· Kimmy AD (Physical Damage)

· Kimmy AP (Magic Damage)

In this guide I will tell you which one is best for certain ranks. First we will go to the builds.
- The initial build of Kimmy AP is fixed.
1. Buy the hunter's knife, jungle start item.
2. Make the magic penetration boot
3. Complete the jungle item to farm the monsters and goals faster (Turtle and Lord)
4. Make the Blade of Despair (I think everyone knows why)
5. If there are a lot of life-stealing characters on the enemy team or someone with a life-stolen feed, make a healing cutter, otherwise make magic items that suit you.
One build I recommend is the top 1 Kimmy Global.
Kimmy AP GLOBAL.png
But I also like and use this one (Made by me):

Kimmy AP.png

For kimmy AD:

Kimmy AD.png

Kimmy is recommended 3 spells.

· Flash (If there are characters that jump on you to deal damage, eg Gusion)

· Advance (If there are characters that need to approach you to deal damage, eg Emerald (no ultimate)

· Baptism (If there are many stun characters). This is the most commonly used spell.

·          For Kimmy AP


·       For Kimmy AD


3-   LANES

The best lane for kimmy is mid, with 2 accompanying tanks or 1 tank and a healing support
Ex: Rafaela, estes.

Kimmy also works on the side, with a tank that can protect her and prevent kimmy explosions.
Ex: Khufra

She is also very good when there is a mid lane with physical damage, as she deals magic damage, balancing the team.
Ex: Lancelot, Helcurt.

4-   Rotation

The rotation is not worth writing, I'll be providing a video of my kimmy and showing the rotation and how to play.

I have better and more current gameplays (I'm currently in mythical IV, and this gameplay was in epic), but I'm too lazy to up Zzz

5-   Kimmy AD or AP?

So I recommend Kimmy Ad to go up to Epic, after that I don't think it's worth it, but you can do it. After Epic, the goal is KIMMY AP.
So that's it guys, I think I said it all haha, good luck mastering the kimmy ^^
WhatsApp Image 2019-11-18 at 18.41.27.jpeg
Post time 2019-11-19 05:14 AM | Show all posts
Thank you for sharing the kimmy guide, I am bad with her and i always wanted to learn her better. Also if you are interested there isGuide making contest with great prizes :D
Post time 2019-11-19 06:27 AM | Show all posts
I dont think shes THE BEST MM but shes definitley one of the stronger ones, anyway great guide. Keep it up!


@kingzvvd in the higher ranks, claude granger karrie > kimmy..kimmy isn't stable enough to be a must pick there  Post time 2019-11-19 04:08 PM
bro, who is the best MM in your mind ? please share with us  Post time 2019-11-19 09:53 AM
Post time 2019-11-19 11:21 PM | Show all posts
Right now kimmy is more balanced. And need to play carefully. Thanks for sharing the guide.
Post time 2019-12-12 02:15 PM | Show all posts
Hello! I am Senior num 1 kimmy and I have 200+ matches 64.8 wr in Kimmy (some cancers switched me from 65 wr I went down to 64 btw they were trolling thats why) I really recommend Physical and mid tank Kimmy in late game cuz you got a lot of lifesteal and you got some Defense, so here is the build "Mage boots or warrior (depends on enemies),just the hunters knife no need to buy raptors(you can still kill the Lord and Turtle easily), BOD(Great Attack Damage for early and late game), Haas Claw first if the enemies are so pushy so you can gain health by chipping their lives off, or Berserkers Fury if the enemies are play safe, Cursed Helmet Blade armor Bruteforce Breastplate or Immortality if you want to go rage mode, and lastly remove hunters knife and add Wind of nature for Phys or Winter Truncheon if Magic for the late game monsters who are going to target you. Last tip try playing Trio so that you get bodyguards such as Grock Rafaella or Lolita Mino Duo thats all thanks.
Post time 2019-12-12 02:16 PM | Show all posts
Maybe I would make a Guide too after I clear off my mind and if I have time.
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