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[Hero Concept] [Marksman] Atmetis: The Undead Huntress

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-11-19 02:53 PM

Role: Marksman
Name: Atmetis
Type: Push
"A target I pick never changes until I reach it."

Intro Appearance:
Atmetis holds her bow and looks around. She then snaps the bow into 2 pieces which turns into dust that reforms as a small shot gun and Small machine gun that she holsters
"What can I say? I'm a 'dead shot' "

Skin Ideas:
The Undead Huntress [I am imagining a goth style character]
Holy Archer


Some rough stats at level 1:
Attack type: Range[basic,skills]
Hp: 2350
Movement speed: 230
Physical attack: 140
Attack speed: 0.370
Magic defense: 17
Physical defense: 20

"Raining the dead from above
comes the great huntress of the undead."

Passive Ability: Bone Bullets
Atemis fires projectiles that are made with a special kind of bone materials.
Whenever 5 bullets hit the same enemy within 7s they converge together to deal (+3%TargetMaxhp)true damage and forms an "Undead thrall". CD on the same target for this effect is 15s.
Undead Thrall [Melee]
Hp: 40% of the target's Maxhp
Defenses: 100% Target's defenses
Damage per second : 100/200/300(+25% Target's MaxDamage)Physical Damage [one hit per second]
Movement speed: 260
Duration: Lasts for 10s

When an enemy unit is killed with more than 2 bone bullets inside them an "Undead Archer Thrall" is formed from the remains.CD for the effect is 5s.

Undead Archer Thrall [Ranged]
Hp: 50% of Target's Maxhp
Defenses: 100% Target's defenses
Damage per second: 50/200/350(+30% Target's MaxDamage) Physical Damage
Movement Speed: Immobile
Duration: Until killed

(Allows spawning "Sentries" or "Guard dogs" to aid you in battle.)
Extra notes:There are specific requirements for the spawning, though there is no limit


Skill 1: Armanent Switch [Weapon Switch]
"Gonna go heavy!"
-Damage at melee range is increased by 200%. However at max shooting range the damage is only 60% of original damage.
-Damage is guranteed to be crit when within half the distance of attack range.
-Has low firing speeds (-50%)
-Bullets from the shotgun scatters upon hitting a target, dealing damage in an area behind the target that has been hit. [60% of original damage] The size and damage of the scatter area is affected by the range.
-Takes 3s to reload after 3 shots [min 2s when attack speed rises]
-Attacks reduces enemy defenses by 10 [stacks 3 times]
"Time to rain lead"
Small Machine Gun:
-Sprays 4 waves of basic attacks at all in ranged targets in a fan-shaped area [only deals 90%/70%/50%/40% damage in each wave] before reloading. [takes 3s. Reduced to min 2s when attack speed rises]
-Very low crit rate [-40%]
-Attacks reduces enemy movement speed by 10% [stacks 3 times.]

(Simplifies wave clearing or melee enemy hunting. )
Extra notes:  You will start with the "Shotgun" mode for basic attacks.
When you switch weapons before reloading the hero will need to reload the weapon when you switch back to it.
Positioning is VITAL for the weapon's maximum capabilities to be utilized.


Skill 2: The Undead Bow [Buff]
"My trusty weapon, hehe"

Atmetis combines both of her weapons into her original weapon the "Undead Bow".
-Basic attacks now have a larger range and splits to hit 2 enemies at the same time [Priotizes one hero and one jungle/minion unit]
-Basic attacks has a "Poison" effect. Revealing enemies on map, slowing them by 20% and dealing 10/15/20 true damage per second for 2s. "Poison" duration and damage stacks 5 times max with each basic attack hit refreshing the timer. If the enemy attempts to heal while being poisoned 20% of the healing would be turned into damage.
-Attack speed is reduced by 10% when using the bow though damage increases by 10% too.
-Every basic attack has a 5%/10%/15% chance to impale the enemy [immobilize] for 1.5s. When triggered there would be a 3s CD before it can be triggered again.
(Basic attacks now enjoy an additional posion effect and some possible CC.)
Extra notes: Don't depend on the CC due to its low trigger rate. Rely on the poison to wear down enemies instead. This is a bit more of a hit-and-run weapon especially with the convergence of healing into damage.


Ult Skill: Skeletal Mortar [Buff]
-Atmetis transforms into an immobile mortar that is capable of shooting huge area blasts across the map except for the area within 1/2 of her field of view.
-Using the movement joystick would move the target area [camera follows that targeting circle] while tapping the basic attack button fires the mortar.
Targetting speed =Movement speed
When firing there would be a loud booming noise that can be heard. it takes time for the fired blast to reach the target. Max time from on end of the map to the other takes 8s, shortest time/closest target takes 2s.
-Each mortar fire deals 300/500/700(+100% Physical Power)Physical Damage with every hit. [Minimum fire rate is 1 shot every 4s normal fire rate is one shot every 7s].
-After the first 2 shots enemies can see the mortar's location and the next few projectile directions 3s before impact on the map. [meaning at close range they can see the direction immediately]
-For the first shot an Spirit Scout would be spawned.

Spirit Scout
Hp: None
Duration: 15s.
Traits: Provides vision of the surrounding area. [Normal field of view range] If an enemy is hit with the first shot the scout would cling onto them.

-Undead Thralls and archers can spawn from the units that are killed by the mortar fire. [Thralls from units, archers from enemy heroes.]

(Huge AOE damage with long range spawning capabilities. Used for an even more terrifying old Pharsa Ult)
Extra notes:-The skill is slow, hard to ultilize and very dependent on your skill to predict enemy movement. It is also unable to attack close range and can be cancelled with a knockup.
-After the first 2 shots your location is also given away.
-You can use s2 to mark enemies and then use s3 to hunt them down.


Finally a chance to train my skills.
No I am NOT Artemis. In fact! We are old time buddies
Want to see my full arsenal? Hohoho, you'll be in there for days.
Think fast!
Don't avoid my bullets, they're hard to make!

Well, this is embarassing
I've got a bone to pick with ya.

Edit: Just realized i left a quote from my previous hero concept here opps xD

Post time 2019-11-8 02:31 PM | Show all posts
i'm just speechless . i really like her passive . & her ulti  .great work man .keep it up .don't forget to submit it in game cs . thnaks for sharing with us
Post time 2019-11-8 03:04 PM | Show all posts
nice! I like the switching and combining weapons.
Post time 2019-11-8 05:00 PM | Show all posts
Ultimate is kinda hard to target the opponent i guess without any slow effect. Otherwise its ok.
The passive is really cool. In order to maximize this passive, hero needs to obtain attack speed item.
Other skill set are good too. Do not forget to submit this hero concept as a suggestion to in game customer support and also put this thread link there. Cheers .
 Author| Post time 2019-11-8 11:28 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-11-9 12:38 AM
RoyalFrog replied at 2019-11-8 02:31 PM
i'm just speechless . i really like her passive . & her ulti  .great work man .keep it up .don't for ...

Thanks for the kind comment xD  

HoaHoa replied at 2019-11-8 03:04 PM
nice! I like the switching and combining weapons.

Yeah XD
at first i wanted to make her skill orientated but in the end weapon switching mademore sense for the kit i had in mind
 Author| Post time 2019-11-9 07:59 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-11-8 05:00 PM
Ultimate is kinda hard to target the opponent i guess without any slow effect. Otherwise its ok.
Th ...

Will do, thanks as usual XD
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