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[Share] Ling not OP early game? Late game, yes.

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Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2019-11-6 11:37 PM
Ling is OP? Nope at certain condition.

He probably just like Nata in late game but more viable. His early game quite bad as damage dealer. He required some jungling, split pushing farming during early game. In early game Ling, much better use him to support allies in early game, to earn much gold. He has cc, probably his dmg not enough to kill enemy with combo, only use cc to support team or kill secure is okay. He can roam fast, really easy to escape and roam fast. He really viable in any rank rn. Late game, he just markman or mage killer once he already get item but still can burst durable heroes (tank), no wonder almost of assassin cannot burst tank easily. I don't have good Ling build because i don't play to much Assassin and not Assassin user.

Did you think he really worth to ban. Me, exactly yes in epic or legend tier but not mythic rank.

Post time 2019-11-7 12:01 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Samsaras at 2019-11-7 12:05 AM

Ling needs getting used to, is all. Like my friend was like "wtf is that?" while I calmly went up to wall, used Claude S1 & started attacking him

Ling is just a MM with no range. What makes him usefull is his S1. He can move from lane to lane, gank at unexpected places, run(jump) away at high speed. But his weakness is energy. Without buff he will be standing in the middle of jungle wall while teamfight is over.

Also ppl are not used to looking on walls for heroes. But as long as you know, removing his concealed state is easy. Off the top on my head,  these heroes can remove his concealed state & make him targetable again - Nana S1+S3; Claude S1; Karrie S1; Granger S1+S3; Kimmy everything; hanabi S2; Dyroth S1+S3; Terizla All skills; VexanaS1+S2; Eudora S1; X.Borg all skills; Irithel S1+S2 Hayabusa S1+S2; Helcrut S1+S2; and many more.
Basically skills which can be aimed can be aimed at ling, like layla S1+S3

Also, aiming his skill1 is not easy. Often I tried to use it to run with low health but died before I could aim at a wall...

In the current Meta, Late game hero is not that scary. I'd be more afraid of a good Gusion rather than a good Ling. But his skillset makes him a really good assassin with very good gank & escape potential

As for build I think the core items are Beserkers fury+ Endless Battle + BoD. Some ppl don't build boots cause his S1 has mobility, but that makes escaping from his ulti easier since he is slower than enemy with boots. Actually MM build suits him well as he is crit & basic atk dependent...
Beserker+Scarlet.P+Windtalker+ Emblem actually gives me 100% crit chance with S1 maxed.

So far the Lings I've seen in classic are not that impressive. You need to kill-steal & build up your farm  at high speed to deal any proper damage. A Ling ganked my low HP masha. I had Haas+DHS & killed him instead, lol.
Post time 2019-11-7 12:11 AM | Show all posts
I think he still need a massive nerf, for example...change his ulti from having knockup to just slow effect. His wide area cc is isn't fair considering having a low cd ,having cc immunity while casting and he is an assassin dude. His  ulti alone could change the tide of war.
Post time 2019-11-7 12:24 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-11-7 12:11 AM
I think he still need a massive nerf, for example...change his ulti from having knockup to just slow ...

"His wide area cc" - the knock-up only occurs at the inner circle, so not a wide area cc. Actually easy to avoid imo.
"having a low cd" - 45-35 sec cd is reasonable for 1 sec knock-up I think.

He already got a massive nerf in advance server. Removing stun from S2 really hurt his OPness, lol.
Skilled Ling can still hurt, but not really OP.
Nerfing his skills will make him useless. His danger comes from his s1 utility. If you cannot roam & gank well, you are useless. Other assassins can kill better than him early-mid game.

Not against a nerf, but just my objective opinion. Haven't really seen a lot of Lings anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Post time 2019-11-7 12:48 AM | Show all posts
Samsaras replied at 2019-11-7 12:24 AM
"His wide area cc" - the knock-up only occurs at the inner circle, so not a wide area cc. Actually ...

Meta assassins
1. Gusion
2. Ling

Balanced assassins
1. Hayabusa
2. Lancelot
3. Helcurt
4. Lesley
5. Fanny
6. Karina
7. Selena
8. Natalia

1. Saber
2. Hanzo

So, what I want to explain is, they better nerf Ling until he is just as balance as the other assassins. Ling and Gusion always banned, or if not ban, they always became the first pick. And don't you realise, in your history, all your matches with Gusion, he is always MVP. This just proof you don't need such skill in ML to get MVP, just a meta hero.


Well, Gusion... has been an issue for a long time. I already said in my post earlier "I'd be more afraid of a good Gusion rather than a good Ling."  Post time 2019-11-9 04:08 AM
Post time 2019-11-7 01:02 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AlyAoi at 2019-11-6 08:05 PM

Dudes , ling is okey, next hero of mobile legends is 1 skill immunity of all skills 30 seconds, 2 skill 100% critical, ulti no cd if you not miss attacks, I hope ml will die soon because another moba game, this faking gold diggers new hero's is so trash turbo op without brains.


Pro player: Insert purify.  Post time 2019-11-7 03:14 AM
Post time 2019-11-7 01:47 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-11-7 12:48 AM
Meta assassins
1. Gusion
2. Ling

lesley assassin ? seriously dude?


Yup Lesley is a long-ranged Assasin, her skills are all Assasin-like.  Post time 2019-11-8 11:13 AM
Sadly, her 2nd role is assassin. Her kit is more to assassin too.  Post time 2019-11-7 03:10 AM
yes Lesley is not just a mm also an assassin  Post time 2019-11-7 03:04 AM
Post time 2019-11-7 04:23 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-11-7 12:48 AM
Meta assassins
1. Gusion
2. Ling

As much as hate fighting against a good Gusion, I've to disagree. Although Gusion is indeed strong in the hands of a good player, there's still many ways to counter him. Khufra, Chou, Minis, and many others. Even simply positioning well is enough to counter him. Nerfing him will eliminate the "High risk - High reward" reserved status. Remember what happened to Fanny? She's was High risk - high reward at one point. Now? She's not even worth maining anymore.

Just because a hero is "meta" doesn't mean it's overpowered. Meta in MOBA games simply mean the most up to date strategy. Don't get the terms "overpowered" and "meta" mixed together. There two separate things. And really, only a few heroes are "overpowered" currently, many others are just meta.

It seem like you deem "balance heroes" as non-meta heroes. Really, Lancelot, Karina and Natalia are balanced? Their very non prioritize in the meta, and you rarely see them in rank games at all! Their virtually nonexistent in tournament and pro level games. How are they balanced exactly?

Conversely, Hayabusa and Helcurt are very prioritized picks in the meta. Helcurt is even banned in the Europe server. But again, them being meta doesn't makes them overpowered. Why would you group Helcurt with Karina? The differences are clear.

Nerfing Gusion will further remove a valuable hero from the assassin pool. Assassins are already in the dark ages right now, why nerf one of few valuable ones? I'd perfer buffing the non-meta ones then nerfing Gusion. As I stated in a thread I post sometime ago. Nerfing heroes isn't the solution. Buffing them are. Remember Hylos? After Moonton started buffing him every patch. He's now a valuable and meta pick. I highly doubt Hylos would became meta if they focus on nerfing Grock instead. That would just make all tanks non-meta.


Gusion have to be nerfed period. High reward or not, the balance of the game must be restored.  Post time 2019-11-8 11:14 AM
Post time 2019-11-7 06:30 AM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2019-11-7 06:44 AM
ExternalChamp77 replied at 2019-11-7 04:23 AM
As much as hate fighting against a good Gusion, I've to disagree. Although Gusion is indeed strong ...

Yo...isn't it obvious, that only in ML, META mean overpowered.
Yes in other moba, meta mean "most effective tactic available" but in ML, they themselves meaning overpowered heroes by meta.

And please go check your history, check every matches of you playing with or against Gusion, see whose the most MVP here. It's Gusion. Before the existence of him, all roles have a chance to gain MVP title, not until him.

Like you said, "high risk, high reward". Seriously? Gusion isn't that hard compared to Fanny. That's why I only respect pro Fanny players because even though there is a lot of heroes that can counter her, pro Fanny know where and how to manage itself even in current meta. And please don't simply use the term "high risk-high reward". Gusion isn't a risk picking. Gusion is in the state like Lancelot upon released, many people that time said that Lancelot is just a good assassin, not OP. But overtime, he's been dominating each game and Moonton don't have any option to do unless putting a massive nerf on him. And now, he is balanced.

And what you said about its better to buff old heroes rather than nerf new heroes, yeah...if this keep going, then ML will done in 3 minutes in near future. Those glorious days of ML in 20-25 minutes are gone.
Post time 2019-11-7 10:36 AM | Show all posts
RoyalFrog replied at 2019-11-7 01:47 AM
lesley assassin ? seriously dude?

lesley is more assassin if you look her kit closely.
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