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[Mood] Matchmaking or Just players?

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Hey guys. Because of various threads latelly regarding matchmaking issues, i would like to propose a discussion based on it.

✦ First of all, i would like to talk about how players rank up. We all know some players are just skilled. But others, don't yet know all the game's insights. That means they are not yet used to rotation, or they don't have a team so , some mostly go solo. Not being able to coordinate with others, or out of selfishness, mistakes are made which may lead to losing the game. So, my question is, can we blame matchmaking for low skill ? I've seen lower skill players being carried by their team or just being lucky. A thing you shouldn't forget is that your mistake can be the advantage of the enemy team. For example, I once lost a match against a low team, even if i had a high score, because situations like this do happen. All it takes is a bad decission - getting caught, pushing alone, losing lord..and what not.

✦ Poor judgement/bad decissions. I can only give some examples here.
1. Enemy team all 5 alive, you decide to take Lord, some may follow you, some may ping you to back off, but you still do it anyway - you or you+some teammates die.
2. Low map awareness. Not wathing the map - because you can't always rely on pings. You're pushing the lane alone while not watching the map to see where your enemies are - this may get you killed.
3. Not leaving the buff to your teammates that really need it.
4. Bad rotation or no rotation at all.
5. Not buying roaming items as support or tank - or just being random on the map, pushing the lane instead of supporting your damage dealer.
6. Bad communication with the team or none at all, especially while queue-ing. If you ban "Lesley" instead of an op meta hero, ignoring team's pings and suggestions = tensions inside the team/troll/afk. If you already have ADC but you decide to pick another one (because you are solo and main Lesley) that also leads to tensions = troll/afk.
These are 6 examples of poor judgement situations that can lead to losing the match and being reported. Situations like these create tension inside the team, some may insult, some may get crazy and stay afk.

When is matchmaking the problem? And I can give you a personal example. If you, as epic tier player are matched against mythic well that is not supposed to happen, regardless if there are/aren't players close to you. This is one of the times when you can blame matchmaking. But situations like this rarely happen, from my experience - 3 years of Mobile Legends lmao xd
So. What my point is that sometimes we lose just because bad decissions.
Matchmaking can't guess if or when a player will decide to stay afk. Even high wr players can sometimes get mad and stay afk.
All this trouble is all about US - THE PLAYERS.
If us players study more about the game, watch more guides, learn more about the heroes, laning, roaming and so on..not only we will improve ourselves but we also learn how to coordinate with a random team (if we play solo). When solo, there is no room for selfishness, stealing kills/buff, not supporting the team won't prove anything. Doing otherwise, will lead to victory.
All we need to do is, even if we are solo, don't play like a solo !

I really want to see how you guys feel about all this, because in 3 years of playing this game i've been through all the changes and i've seen a lot so I may say i have enough experience. I was and still am a solo-er even if sometimes i play as trio. But i do it because of others who do the same mistakes i stated above, not because of matchmaking.
Do you guys think matchmaking can guess when a player will stay afk? Maybe his game will crash, maybe internet will crash, who can know?
So, when do we know if the problem is us, the players, or just matchmaking?

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Edited by shinee. at 2019-11-6 05:00 PM

Depending on your server, matchmaking is a huge problem or not. In my case, in Japan, its a HUGE problem. I am mythic main tank, my teammates are 3 legends and one epic. Enemy team is 2 mythical glory (main assassin and marksman), and 3 legends. The problem here is our epic (one sometimes even more). Its NOT their fault to feed and lose, they are learning. They only have 900 games or less. Its developers fault for matching them with legends and even mythics with more than 5000 (I have 9000).
I have been on the other side, we are all mythics fighting 4 legends and one epic. This games end in 6:00 because after 20-0 the enemy surrender.
I dont mind losing if its 5 legends vs 5 legends, thats all we need. Fights ONLY with same ranks, no higher, no lower; even if they are your squad. Want to play with them? Play Rank together, have a second account with the same Rank level. Why do we have ranks anyway? If its just for the seasonal rewards it shouldnt be public then. Rank level should be a tool to make this game better than others, not worse. There are other games where its all mixed, they dont show your Rank or number of games. Those games are more for fun, the problem is that this game is not for fun but for COMPETITION, and the competition is very unfair. That is the problem.

Being matched up with low skill, trolls, afk, is NOT a matchmaking problem, thats a player problem, that cant be fixed and it doesnt depend on the company. The difference between players, the Rank level, that is the big problem and its 100% moonton s fault. And their "solutions" are pretty silly, mythics dont lose stars anymore. So we dont really care if we lose anymore, I Will still be mythic til the end of the season. I still show my 2000 games as main tank, but end up trying new heros and roles like zhask (lol). You know why? Because my team has one or more epics who want to try Lolita and Hylos, less than 50 games with 50% win rate. You dont know this in draft, but as soon as the draft finishes you see, with no surprise, they were epic. I still do my best, as a mage or support.

Another thing is the credit score. Low credit and reported players should be matched with the same trash. If you had both teams reporting you, all 9 players, in more than one match, if the system detected you afk or feed, you should be matched with the same people. 110 should be matched up only with the same good players.

If we are going to mix things, the limit should be
Mythical glory with mythic (no legend allowed)
Legend with epic (no mythic no grand master allowed)
Grandmasters (nobody else allowed)
and whatever is under that all mixed (no one cares).

Another thing is the new players. They Rank up fast, maybe from experience in similar games. They play 500 games and reach mythic. Thats not the system fault either, if they are low skill mythics its ok, the problem is having them with legends and epics.

Im glad you dont suffer from these problems, me and my many Friends envy you. I hope things keep going smooth for you. Unfortunately for many of us it is a huge huge issue. Its not getting better, its getting worse (couple of seasons ago when i reached mythic I only played mythic). I have big expectations for the new game (number one worldwide, im sure it Will be good), I cant wait to erease this one and dedícate my 3 daily hours to the other one.
I just thought about something funny: Imagine its a real life fight.
The enemey are 2 guys with guns, 2 with knives and one with a baseball bat. You and your Friends have one volleyball, one bottle of glass and 3 with no weapons.
Why would you figth instead of running away as fast as you can? lol. Thats mobile legends.

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please bring the player's who hate match making system here. hahaha
one of the problem in solo player is, they act like a decent or a pro, but can't carry the game.
then they blame match making system because they paired with low level players. didn't they
think that sometimes the main reason is their self. wahahahaha

if you struggle on something, don't act like you didn't then blame the others hahaha. just saying
Post time 2019-11-6 12:24 AM | Show all posts
I dont understand why matchmaking system is the problem. I started from Epic 2 this season, reached mythic last week at 188 matches, and yes I am soloq.

I think the issue comes from players themselves. When you are paired with afk or nab players, it doesnt mean game hates you, it just a part of the game, especially if you play soloq. Matchmaking is like throwing dices, anything could happen


Yes, my point exactly. This is what all of us should understand, before blaming it all on matchmaking system..  Post time 2019-11-6 05:10 PM
Post time 2019-11-5 09:38 PM | Show all posts
Edited by AZNUR at 2019-11-5 09:44 PM

I fckin hate when I pick tank, then a war/Teamfight start and all my other frickin teammates leave the turret to join the war. When I use quick chat "split up" none take care. When I abandon the war to save the turret, they blame me for not saving their asses. Wtf, don't they know what the objective of this game? Enemy initiate war/teamfight so they can split push. But none from my team understand.  That's why I hate human...poor thinking. They just fall straight into enemy's plan.
Post time 2019-11-5 09:54 PM | Show all posts
It's the players itself and not the matchmaking. That's the problem, would you blame matchmaking system if you get good players? No. Would you blame the matchmaking system if the problem was the actual player? Yes. That's the point, I believe it's the players itself. No matter how good matchmaking can be, there will always be that player or there will be toxicity despite everything.
Post time 2019-11-6 03:03 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
So bottom line...
If I win a game it’s luck or got carried
If I lose a game, I am just not skilled

Matchmaking is not a real issue.
Premade vs solo team is a myth.



That was not what I said. I said that SOME people might win thanks to a good team.. I never said that if you win you are skilled and if you lose, you get carried.  Post time 2019-11-6 04:59 PM
Post time 2019-11-6 08:27 AM | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2019-11-6 03:03 AM
So bottom line...
If I win a game it’s luck or got carried
If I lose a game, I am just not skilled

But, if you turn the other way around,

" If I win a game, I am skillful.
  If I lose a game, its matchmaking isuue "

It still doesn't sounds right to me. :/

To me, yes matchmaking do have some issues, but the bottomline is indeed the players, nothing gonna stop them at picking Lunox with 50 matches 46% WR, and they will always find a way to exploit things up, like 2+2+1 discord matchmaking, testing hero on Mythic draft where they know they can't be demoted to Legend, riot over a nerf/bug fixed/rework until devs pull it off, and more to come.
Post time 2019-11-6 11:28 AM | Show all posts
Matchmaking can't guess if or when a player will decide to stay afk

TRUE.... BUT Moonton moonton can act on AFK and the troler after the match

i'll teach you simple math

110 - 3 = 108 credit score

What are the disadvantages of such players compared to those who play seriously?

moonton joke 2.jpeg
moonton joke 1.jpeg
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
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