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[Hero Concept] Sethunya - Courier of the Nirvana [#83]

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Edited by Halbikx at 2019-11-18 08:52 AM

The Courier of the Nirvana

Role: Support
Specialty: Heal / Crowd-Control
Difficulty: 6.2/10

Hero Description

Sethunya is a sly support that can go invisible and even untargetable. She is full of healing abilities, while at the same time carrying a new type of negative effect that will be revealed later. Sethunya has naturally dark skin, and as the 'Mother of the Nirvana Springs', she has been gifted with the power of the Nirvana.

Skills & Abilities

Sethunya, although having the role of a pure support, has actually quite a hefty amount of damage. Her skills are suitable for her to become both a support and a mage. But, since I wanted to make a pure support instead of a hybrid, I decided to lower her damage scaling on her abilities. Despite that, she still does seem to pose as a mage more than a support.

Passive: Gift of the Nirvana
Every time Sethunya receives a heal from her skills or from an outside source (battle spells included), she will become invisible for 1.75s and increase her movement speed by 30% for 0.5s. This effect can only be triggered once every 3.5s and the cooldown cannot be reduced.

Furthermore, after becoming invisible, Sethunya's next basic attack or skill use in 2.5s will be enhanced. Enhanced basic attacks will deal 55 (+100% total M.P) magic damage and slow her target by 20% for 1s, while healing her for 100 ~ 370 (+20% total M.P) points of HP (scales with level). Meanwhile, skills that are enhanced will deal 10% more damage; and skills that heal will give 15% more HP. Both enhanced basic attacks and enhanced skills will mark her targets with Essence, lasting 5s.

Skill 1: Tranquil Reverberations (11.6s cd, 70 mc)
Targeting the specified direction in a moderately long and wide straight line, Sethunya will charge an orb for up to 1.5s, then releasing a shockwave that will deal 200/235/270/305/340/375 to 400/470/540/610/680/750 (+40% total M.P) magic damage to all enemies hit in the area, slowing them down by 60% for 1.25s. The length of the charge will determine the final damage of the blast, and can be released early by pressing the skill again, however it will deal less damage.

If the enemy hit is marked with Essence, then the mark will be consumed and their armor and magic resistance will be reduced by 20/25/30/35/40/45 points, lasting 3s.

Skill 2: Spring of Life (5.5s cd / 15s recharge time, 75 mc)
Sethunya summons a mini Nirvana Spring below her feet, following her wherever she goes. Enemies that stay inside will receive 120/140/160/180/200/220 (+30% total M.P) magic damage every 0.5s. After 2.5s passes, the spring will explode out its water, dealing another 235/275/315/355/395/435 (+70% total M.P) magic damage to nearby enemies. The explosion will also heal allies that are inside for 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+40% total M.P)(+5% lost HP) points of HP. This skill can stack up to two times, replenishing one spring every 15s. However, multiple hits of damage in quick succession will result in the decay of damage, but the heal can stack.

Hitting Essence-marked enemies will consume the mark upon its explosion, stunning them for 0.75s. They won't be able to be stunned again for another 8s.

Utimate: Omnipotent Bombardment (62.7s cd, 200 mc)
Sethunya becomes one with the Nirvana, causing her to meditate, becoming untargetable but can still be seen (does not purify CC). In the next 10s, Sethunya can launch up to three bombardments in the target location from her origin point (a bit smaller than Gatot's ulti range, attack size is as big as Esmeralda's ult). The first attack will deal 450/550/650 (+80% total M.P) magic damage in an area, slowing enemies hit by 50% for 1s and giving them the Essence mark if it is used right after invisibility (only this attack gives Essence mark, the other two do not).

The second bombardment will give all allies hit in its area a shield that can absorb 500/650/800 (+60% total M.P) points of damage, lasting 4.5s. They will also receive a movement speed boost of 20% that lasts 1s.

The last attack will cause her to reappear in the center of the chosen location, dealing 280/365/450 (+55% total M.P) magic damage to enemies in the area. If they have the Essence mark, then they will receive a debuff called Weakened, lasting 3s. When a weakened enemy receives damage from any source, the damage will be amplified by 30%. Furthermore, weakened enemies' skills and basic attacks deal 30% less damage, and their attack speed is reduced by 50%.

Extra Information

Sethunya can be played as both a mage and a support due to her high damage and supportive abilities, but it is more recommended to play as a support since her skills have lengthy cooldowns. Her playstyle centers around staying near allies, but her passive also allows her to be a scout.

Due to the invisibility from her passive, she can also be played as a tank and help start ganks or check suspicious territory without the enemy's knowledge. Sethunya's kit also has quite a bit of outplay capability, since she has a lot of skills where she cannot be targeted in normal circumstances.

Her ultimate, which is by far her most useful tool, can turn a teamfight around if used correctly. To fully grasp her ultimate's capabilities, it is most ideal to use it at the start of a team fight or relatively early in one so that your teammates' damage will be amplified while your enemies are weakened. However, do try to use it when there are most enemies around, and you must hit them with the first round since it gives the mark to everyone in order to activate the weakened debuff.

All in all, Sethunya is a team player. Without teammates, she isn't able to do much. Don't underestimate her heals, it can stack up quite high if two springs are stacked on top of each other. Her shields and relatively high damage as a support should not be undermined as well.

Reference Images

I didn't really have a good picture for Sethunya, so all I could find was her hairstyle. Long braided hair with dark African skin. This was actually inspired by a post from @AnnaStrasza, so thank you so much for the idea!
Back to Sethunya, her outfit is the typical tribal outfit, but with a bit of modern touches. Sheep fur around the large opening of the collar, a long yellowish and black dress with many intricate designs, and a necklace decorated with animal teeth. She also wears large hoop-shaped earrings.

Hairstyle concept

Hairstyle concept
 Author| Post time 2019-11-17 11:17 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Halbikx at 2019-11-17 11:22 PM

Side note: You might've noticed there wasn't lore in this concept, and that's because I'm working on something else right now and have no time to think about an original story, so this will continue on until I hit the 90th hero.
Also, this concept is long overdue. I originally drafted this about a month ago and planned to release it then, but I couldn't make up a good story so it had to wait for a long time. At the end I succumbed to her having no lore whatsoever, but there were a few hints of her origins in the Hero Description.

Before I end this, I want to again thank @AnnaStrasza for the African hero idea. If you consider this copyright, then I'll take it down and make a new character with the same skills. Thanks for reading, as always.
Post time 2019-11-18 08:10 AM | Show all posts
After reading this, my first thought was nothing. After reading it again, I have some concerns. I’m kind of concerned how the second skill is 1.5 CD, it’s kinda too short, it could be a spammable skill. The ultimate also gives me a genuine concern that it is beneficial to use it when chasing enemy, thus, is useful helping mostly assassins. I think her role should be Mage/Support because like you said she can deal pretty high damage with her ultimate. I think she should be more like Eudora, once she use her kit, she can’t do anything else but wait. I think you should increase her second skill cooldown to 6-8 seconds.
 Author| Post time 2019-11-18 08:34 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Halbikx at 2019-11-18 08:51 AM
Kathey replied at 2019-11-18 08:10 AM
After reading this, my first thought was nothing. After reading it again, I have some concerns. I’m ...

The 1.5s cd is just the delay between using multiple charges of this skill. It can stack up to 2 times (like Valir S1) with a long 15s recharge time, so in a sense only up to 2 springs can be on at the same time. Although the damage decays when both are on top of each other, the heal can stack. Although I highly doubt anyone would care to spam it in normal circumstances since her passive which gives her invisibility should be utilized as much as possible (if you heal her twice in quick succession then her invis is shorter compared to if you heal once every few seconds).
For the ultimate, I do think I should nerf the damage. Although I mentioned the skill range of the ult, I didn't mention the size of each attack. Thanks for feedback.
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