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[Hero Balance] Developers. Would you consider buffing assassins?

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During the recent MPL, assassins were the least used role. You can probably guess why.
Fighters, mages, even marksman have completely took over the unity assassin bring to a team. Mages proven to be more consistent damage dealers throughout the game, now taking mid as their main route. Fighters have become very popular since solo laning became highly demanding, something most assassins simply can't do. Kimmy, Granger and Karrie can snowball faster then my eyes can blink, while maintaining their absurd late game. Since most are item reliant, assassins simply can't keep up. By the time they have items, the marksman also have items. Marksman can absolutely defeat any role late game, especially with the introduction of Wind of Nature.

Even when under gold. Fighters and mages can still be useful because of their CC and teamfighting potential. Assassins are a liability when their under gold. Why risk playing them?

Some suggestions.
Fanny: decrease energy consumption from 7 to 5.

Natalia: Increase silence duration to 1.7s from 1s. Increase her attack speed under her smoke bomb to 40% from 30%.

Saber: Please rework him if necessary. If not, revert his skill 1 spell vamp. Increase his ultimate base damage to 220/340/460 from 200/230/260. Increase his ultimate extra physical attack to 150% from 130%. Also, increase his skill 2 blink by a considerable amount.

Lancelot: Remove the damage decay when hitting multiple units with his skill 2. Increase his skill 2 extra physical attack to 130% from 100%. Increase his ultimate extra physical attack to 180% from 150%.

Hanzo: I really think removing the ghost "trail/indicator" would make him meta. This will make him much harder to find imo.

Karina: Adjust/rework her if necessary. If not, increase the amount of true damage from her passive to 14% from 10%. I also think she should gain a short movement speed increase or shield whenever she kills a unit. Either would definitely increase her survivability.
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I do think it's time for a meta shift. Mages and fighters have been dominating last season, and this season Marksmen have come to join them without the decay of the other two. Heck, even supports are getting recognition. I have to agree, assassins need some buffs and possible adjustments. Like, why play Karina for her true damage when Karrie is available?
Assassins are the ones to take out the Mages and Marksmen to mitigate their snowballing potential. But if the assassins require items, what is their use in early game? They're just going to hinder their ADC's farm.

I agree on a lot of these buffs, especially for Saber and Hanzo. Although removing the link between his real and ghost body seem a bit too much, increasing his damage output or decreasing the amount of rage he consumes when in ulti form could be a worthwhile buff. Either way, assassins are underappreciated and need some changes. Not including the meta ones like Gusion and Selena.


Not to mention these "meta" mages and marksman all have defensive mechanism to survive or even kill assassins 1v1. Marksman and mages now embrace being alone, not fearing being killed by assassins.   Post time 2019-10-29 12:59 AM
Post time 2019-10-28 03:39 PM | Show all posts
I also agree to this meta shift. There are some assassins that really need some reworks.
Saber is one of them, i don't think he needs a buff, as much as he needs a rework..
I don't really agree with Karina changes...Believe it or not, but i've seen Karina in Legend tier xd I think premade because the team was helping her and she got to a point where she would kill us 1v4 xd Even if some heroes aren't played so much doesn't mean they should be underrated or underestimated..
I will move your thread to Suggestion section, it's a good suggestion btw, you should also submit it to customer support ingame :3


Thank you! Hope the mod send this message directly to the devs. I'd like to hear their opinion on this.  Post time 2019-10-29 12:26 AM
Post time 2019-10-28 04:35 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2019-10-28 03:39 PM
I also agree to this meta shift. There are some assassins that really need some reworks.
Saber is o ...

I'm someone who always deny any rework suggestion but for Saber case, he's in my exception list. I think he deserve rework more than buff. His skills doesn't suit well for his role as an assassin.

Anyway, I would love to see people to use assassins during tournament, not broken assassin like Gusion but underrated ones, like Hanzo, Natalia and fanny.


"Hugs" bring justice to us Kaja players! I'll never forget his flexible unity, and assassin-like mobility.  Post time 2019-10-29 01:08 AM
Post time 2019-10-28 05:07 PM | Show all posts
Yes, that is exactly how i think... Saber does need a good rework.. As for the others, some of them or just underestimated...I play underrated heroes sometimes and it works just fine..I played Hylos, he got a small buff and he's good now..Somehow people just tend to play only what's "meta"..
Post time 2019-10-28 10:30 PM | Show all posts
I love how well constructed this thread is. I couldn't agree more. Lately, assassins have been having a hard time dominating early game unless you're probably Gusion or being leeched by a tank. Indeed other roles have been dominating the battlefield lately. However, it's been Assassin Meta for quite a long time or probably they're still viable depending the strat and lineup. But the presentation of each buff you proposed are well thought throughout.

Fanny - With the coming changes, I hope they do make some adjustments about her consumption of energy.

Natalia - A hero for me whom didn't even need the rework but sadly it's still there. But these changes I hope would suffice her underratedness

Saber - For me there's no need to increase his damage but rather increase the spell vamp he lost and the hidden nerfs he had like the immunity, the easy blink after ult and such. I miss the glory days where Saber was one of the most picked heroes on tournament because of his skillset. Hopefully, I see him more often after these changes.

Lancelot - A short time overpowered hero. Lancelot back then was really great and everyone agrees. He's like Cyclops, he went through many changes, I do hope they do revert the damage decay inside the triangle and slightly buff his spell vamp to make him sustain more or the damage decay instead is good.

Hanzo - I agree, I couldn't say anything much since I don't use Hanzo more often.

Karina - Perhaps the best mage/assassin I'm using other than Gusion. With almost 900 matches with a winrate of 81%+, I have to agree that there's a lot of room to improve Karina. She is still indeed viable but there's just something off with her skills. Hopefully they do apply these changes to her and see what happens next.

Thanks for these awesome suggestions! Hopefully they do make this happen. Don't forget to suggest this as well ingame uwu
 Author| Post time 2019-10-29 12:52 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-24 05:41 AM
Charles replied at 2019-10-28 10:30 PM
I love how well constructed this thread is. I couldn't agree more. Lately, assassins have been havin ...

Fanny kit is honestly perfect. Her major flaw is her energy consumption and buff reliance. Decreasing her energy consumption only slightly (but not too much) should make a difference.

Lancelot and Saber are glass-cannon without major damage input. Their currently the only assassins without spell vamp, yet their damage isn't rewarding as for example, Gusion, Hayabusa, heck even Fanny. It only take 1 defensive item and you can avoid getting 1 shot by Saber. I'm not even going to mention his other skills damage.

I think the ultimate base damage and scaling is Saber main issue. Also like you said, immunity during his ultimate and reverting his spell vamp would improve his sustain when diving out.

The nerfs made Lance deal universal poor damage except to squishy heroes. Lance skill damage is so low now that his main damaging source is his basic attack. Many attempt to use crit build now, which we all know, is essentially terrible for a melee hero. Lance is initially a skill based assassin, not a basic attack one. His skills weren't designed like Natalia, Helcurt, and Hanzo.

I'm totally against returning Lance spell vamp. We don't want to see another Gusion 2.0 with immunity right? I personally appreciate seeing Lance as a glass-cannon. Instead just revert the damage decay, and increase his skills base damage or scaling. When you look closely at the statistical graph, Lance has the highest offense out of all assassins. I believe Lance was made initially a class-cannon, but the spell vamp made him too OP, leading to other unnecessary nerfs.

Halbikx replied at 2019-10-28 01:28 PM
I do think it's time for a meta shift. Mages and fighters have been dominating last season, and this ...

I think this buff would be great for Hanzo. The problem with Hanzo kit is the amount of limitations he has. Besides, there's many other ways to reveal Hanzo. The spirit itself is squishy. The spirit skills are very sluggish, and easy to avoid. Killing it can reveal Hanzo and running out of blood will transport him to it. Hanzo has to farm to gain blood, otherwise he's valueless. Hanzo himself is valueless without the ultimate and he lack any blink skills. Aren't these drawbacks enough? These are some really harsh limitations Moonton gave him.

I think Hanzo damage output is fine. His job is to reap, push and "tank" for the team. Making his skill 2 in sprit form animation faster would also be a good buff.


Yes, this was what I was trying to say about Hanzo, you put it out perfectly. Maybe they should make Hanzo similar ro Masha, a pusher type of hero instead of a damage one. Not weak nor op as well.  Post time 2019-10-29 12:52 PM
Post time 2019-10-29 07:37 AM | Show all posts
I agree with your suggestion but gusion is on different level. rest assassin are not doing so good in game i admit. totally agree with fanny buff and saber needs complete rework. About lance, he is slightly in current meta but he needs 100% life steal with his 2nd skill to enter fully into current meta. karina needs small buff.  and removing trail might make hanzo great again. thanks for your valuable suggestions.
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