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[Hero Concept] Asaraya - Arcane Dancer [#82]

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The Arcane Dancer

Role: Tank / Mage
Specialty: Burst / Poke
Difficulty: 8.2/10

Hero Description

Asaraya is a tanky mage that can deal bursts of damage, while at the same time take a lot of damage. Her exceptional sustainability paired with her deadly crowd-control for her damaging skills to follow up will leave your enemies in despair. Asaraya uses a large chakram - as big as a hula hoop. She can control fire with her bare hands, which she combines with her chakram to produce immense firepower.

Skills & Abilities

Asaraya has both damage and sustain - her high-damaging abilities make her a great melee-range mage, while her incredily tanky passive lets her survive longer than most other mages. Asaraya's skills change according to her current weapon, whether it's her chakram or her fists, she can manipulate fire to fight fire. Similar to Kagura, her kit revolves around her chakrams, where her skills will change when she is holding the chakram, or when the chakram is away from her.

Passive: Scorched Blessing
Every time Asaraya casts a skill, she will add one stack of Arcane to the bar below her mana bar. After stacking it three times, it will add 20% of Asaraya's maximum HP as additional Scorched Health. While Scorched Health is active, Asaraya cannot gain more Arcane stacks until the Scorched Health is completely destroyed.
Scorched Health is similar to a shield, however it will last forever so long that it's not destroyed. Damage received by Asaraya will be halved as long as the Scorched Health is active. Scorched Health cannot be healed or lifestolen back, and when it is completely destroyed, it will explode, dealing 430 - 1150 (+45% total M.D) magic damage to enemies around her (scales with level). Asaraya cannot gain more stacks in the next 12s after the Scorched Health has been destroyed, but the cooldown can be reduced by cooldown reduction.

Skill 1: Fiery Dance (7.2s cd, 55 mc) / Infernal Rush (1s cd, 30 mc)
Asaraya whirls her chakram in a circle around her, with hints of ember following the edge, dealing 200/230/260/290/320/350 (+65% total M.D) magic damage to nearby enemies. In the next 6s, Asaraya can reactivate this skill to whirl her chakram once again, dealing the same amount of damage. Asaraya's next basic attack will also be empowered, causing her to leap to her targeted enemy, dealing 120/150/180/210/240/270 (+95% total M.D) magic damage and slowing them down by 40% for 1s.

When Asaraya's chakram is not in her hand, Fiery Dance will be changed to Infernal Rush. Asaraya will shoot out a fireball at the specified direction, dealing 165/200/235/270/305 (+40% total M.D) magic damage to the first enemy hit. Every time after Infernal Rush is casted, Asaraya will dash to a specified direction using the left movement joystick.

Skill 2: Combustion Vortex (9.4s cd, 70 mc) / Sidestep (4.9s cd, 50 mc)
Asaraya throws out her chakram in the specified direction, dealing 280/320/360/400/440/480 (+80% total M.D) magic damage to enemies along the way. Then, upon reaching its maximum range, the chakram will continue to spin for 5s, dealing 60/70/80/90/100/110 (+20% total M.D) magic damage every 0.5s. After the 5s is up, the chakram will shoot back to Asaraya, dealing 150/185/220/255/290/325 (+45% total M.D) magic damage to enemies along the way.

When the chakram is away from Asaraya, this skill will be changed to Sidestep. Asaraya performs a short leap towards the specified direction, becoming immune to all damage and crowd control during the dash.

Ultimate: Blazing Torrent (45.8s cd, 125 mc) / Obliterate (0s cd, 30 mc)
Asaraya powerfully throws her chakram out which sends a shockwave in a wide straight line at the specified direction, pushing enemies back and to the side of the shockwave. However, this skill can be held for up to 3s to increase the size, length and damage. When held for at least 1s, fire walls will be summoned at both sides of the shockwave's perimeter that lasts 4s. Enemies that touch it will receive 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+50% total M.D) magic damage every 0.5s and receive a slow by 50% that lasts 2s upon leaving the firewall.  (Reference: Hylos' Ultimate, bigger, but shorter)

When the chakram is out of her hand, Blazing Torrent is changed to Obliterate. Upon casting Obliterate, Asaraya will call her chakram back to her, increasing her movement speed by 30% and lasts until the chakram returns to her. Enemies hit by the returning chakram will receive 150/185/220/255/290/325 (+45% total M.D) magic damage.

Extra Information

Asaraya technically has 6 skills. Her skills will change when either skill 2 or ult is used. The amount of combos Asaraya has is a lot, and I'm too lazy to give even one example, sorry. However, there are techniques to better grasp some knowledge her skills.

Her passive should be used carefully. You should always keep in check whether or not her Scorched Health has enough HP or not, and the cooldown after being destroyed. Don't forget that it can deal damage when the health is destroyed, so go aggressive when it's about to break.

When the chakram is out of her hand, make sure to utilize skill 1 as much as possible. Since it only has a 1s cooldown and can be lowered even more by cooldown reduction, it is a very good long-range poking tool. Plus, she can dash using the left movement joystick every time she casts the fireball, giving her stupid mobility.

Similar to Chou's skill 2, Asaraya's skill 2 when the chakram is not with her is pretty much the same thing, except for the shield. The damage and control immunity is a very good tool to escape from enemies who are chasing you. It wil certainly increase her already high sustain.

Lastly, her ultimate is a great initiation tool. The push can displace escaping enemies or zone in / out back line heroes in a teamfight. The fire wall can also act as a barrier to stop escaping enemies as well. So, position yourself wisely before using the skill, or else you'll just help your enemies run away.


As a child, Asaraya was always intrigued by the eye-catching choreography done by her mother and some of her colleagues, using hula hoops and complex movements. The dances were for an annual event in their town called the "Rega Festival". The dance has many purposes, but the main purpose is to bless their agricultural yearnings.

Asaraya comes from a farming town where most people are farmers. Although Asaraya isn't the type of girl to work in the fields, she loved the dances. The perfect synchronization, the beautiful flow, and of course the mesmerizing movements. It would always be a magical time when the dance was performed. That is why Asaraya always looks up to this time of the year.

When she turned 18, Asaraya could finally learn the dance. Much to her surprise, it was easier than expected. This might be caused by her imitating the moves so much from when she was little that it became a routine for her. But now, she is performing the real deal. She looked like a Goddess every time she swung and whirled around the hula hoop, perfectly following the music.

When the day of the festival came, she danced all her heart out. Her performance was so captivating that all the townsfolk cheered for an encore. Of course, she granted them with an extra performance that she created herself. In fact, her hula hoop manipulation and dancing skills were so great that the townsfolk gave her a title named "The Ringlet Coryphee". Asaraya was very proud of herself that day.

On the following week after the festival, all of the town's most renowned artisans came by to her house to gift her something. Turns out, it was a large hula hoop, with the characteristics of a chakram. The enourmous chakram was finely crafted, with two handles at the side for Asaraya to grip, and very sharp edges form the circumference of the chakram. The shape itself was flat, with the bladed parts being a chunk wider than the handles. It was almost as if they made a weapon for her. Asaraya graciously accepted it, and thanked them sincerely. Starting that day, she practised using the chakram as much as possible.

The next year, the annual Rega Festival is held again. This time, Asaraya brought along the large chakram, now decorated with shiny gems. As per usual, her dance was very mervelous. However, when the performance almost ended, the chakram suddenly glowed at the edges. It was hot, and it threw Asaraya off.

She flinched and the performance was interrupted. The crowd went silent, and all of them looked at her chakram. Golden embers could be seen fading away on the edges of her chakram. Asaraya was so surprised that she almost cut herself due to the sharp edges. Nonetheless, she continued her performance and discovered that the chakram has fire powers. The audience's jaws fell to the floor when they saw the glowing fire flowing around Asaraya beautifully like a dragon.

After that incident, Asaraya snooped around for clues of why her chakram suddenly had fire magic. It was revealed later that her performance was so good that the Gods decided to bless her with the power of fire. She can freely control the powers even without the use of her chakram.

One year after that, the next Rega Festival was held. This time, however, was so much more enticing. Asaraya performed the traditional dance with a twist - she added fire to it. The incredible display of fire shot up high into the sky and captivated all the spectator's hearts. The glowing fire lit up the whole town and seemed like it will never fade away.

The next day, the town guards came to her doorstep to inform her of a job request. They requested her to help protect the village, since her fire powers might prove very useful to the town. Of course, her duties were up to her to decide, and they will not force her decision. Basically, she is independent from the higher-ups and she can act herself. Doesn't that make her a higher-up then?
Asaraya pondered for a bit, but at the end she accepted the offer. She thought that her town is very precious to her and would not have these powers if not for their unique traditions and culture.

Thus, begins the adventure of Asaraya as a mighty warrior that subdues her enemies with her captivating choreography and fire magic.

Reference Images

Courtesy of Azur Lane. Asaraya looks a bit like Esmeralda as well.

Courtesy of Azur Lane. Asaraya looks a bit like Esmeralda as well.

Some ring blade designs I found that fit the design of Asaraya's chakram.

Some ring blade designs I found that fit the design of Asaraya's chakram.
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a little bit like kagura and Thamuz.
Post time 2019-10-14 06:56 PM | Show all posts
Scorched health seems to be a very interesting concept here, it could be actually really good and seems kinda cool to have a shield that doesn’t dissapear after a few seconds
Post time 2019-10-15 07:19 PM | Show all posts
the passive is unique. it gives her unique serviceability than any other hero. the skill set also nice. don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. also put this thread link there.
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