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[Hero Concept] [Mage/Support] Chronos: Father Time

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Role: Mage/Support
Name: Chronos
Type: CC, Regen
"Compared to death, time treats you harsher."

Intro Appearance:
A skeleton emerges from a rubble.
"A heck, i overslept."
The skeleton taps his watch and time begins to rewind, restoring his body and his watch transforms into a staff with a clock on it.
He then stamps the staff onto the floor and time stops changing.
"Hello there, I've been waiting"

Skin Ideas:
Father Time
Clock master

Chronos was said to be the childhood friend of Grimifir. When they were young he constantly slacked off in class-paid full attention in class, and had horrible-astounding grades.

There was never a time you wouldn't see the 2 of them playing-studying like perfect angels during their free time.
When they grew older- were young they noticed how torn the world was with their immortality and they decided the create a way to end it.

They combined their powers to forge a weapon to end the immortal lifespans of creatures upon the earth. The result was the first scythe, crafted to become the first weapon to draw death.

Although cheery most of the time Chronos was known as the most brutal-calming member in the party, leaving his opponents decaying alive in frail bodies-leaving his opponents down with simple non lethal tactics. When the party was caught, he received the worst-lightest treatment due to his actions and was locked up in perpetual agony-an endless sleep.

Now he has finally been freed-reawakened as the last remments of ancient energy fades away. Once again reunite with the only person who sees through his tricks and has his complete trust, they roam the world again to enjoy the bliss that they had together reap.

Some rough stats at level 1:
Attack type: Range
Hp: 2679
Movement speed: 250
Physical attack: 120
Attack speed: 0.470
Magic defense: 15
Physical defense: 25

"Father Time has finally returned,
but what's with this familiar feeling?"

Passive Ability: Deja Vu
Chronos is constantly turning back time on himself in order to maintain his body. Resulting in a constant 1% regen of both mana and health every .5s
If his stats are altered [e.g reduced defenses/gets CC] he also recover 50% faster than other heroes.

(Allows for constant regens and also reduces enemy effects upon himself)
Extra notes:This makes it so that Chronos is slightly more durable than the average support


Skill 1: Minor Timeplay [CC,Buff]
"Let's backtrack a bit, heh"
Within a fan shaped area, Chronos creates a link in between himself, allies and enemies. Allies who are linked regains their hp, defenses[if lost] (3% of max per second) and slightly reduces the cd time of their skills. Meanwhile, enemies have their attributes/stats reduced up to an earlier/weaker state
[like before buying items/leveling up. Maximum stat reducing 5/10/15%]
The skill link lasts for 5s and disconnects if the target goes too far away.
Effects are increased by 5% with every 25points of magic power increased
(A linked buffing skill that is weak at first but gradually becomes stronger over time. )
Extra notes: It has a range limit and is limited while aiming.


Skill 2: Shielded Paradox [Buff,CC]
"Watch it"
A barrier of 200(+100% Magic power)points forms around nearby allies [Max 3 + self] within a fan shaped area lasting 6s. When broken or contacting an enemy, a paradox rift erupts outwards dealing 100(+60% Magic Power)Magic Damage and trapping the attacker [if melee or contact] or creating a wall that blocks all incoming damage and units [Ranged]. The immobilize lasts for 2s while the wall lasts for 3s.
(Extremely useful buff for allies and self to get out of hairy situations.)

Extra notes: Limited aiming and effect count. It's also the only "direct" damage skill that Chronos has.


Skill 3: Major Revertion [CC]
"Time to go back."
Chronos slams down his staff and in a huge area around him time begins to slows until everyone [allies too] stops moving. [Everything within the area is invincible, the slowing to freezing takes 2.3s]
Time begins turning backwards and after 3s everyone returns to their postion, skills, status and stats 5s before the skill cast.
All affected units are then bounded by a "Paradox" mark for 5s.
If enemies uses their skills in a different order to what they did 5s ago the mark explodes to create a "Paradox". "Paradox" explosions deals 100(+90% Magic Power) Magic Damage and stuns them for 2s.
Allies would not be damaged but will be stunned for 1.5s

(A powerful cc skilll with damage should conditions not be met..)
Extra notes: the "Paradox" mark icon on all affected units would show the required skill order written when tapped on.

A huge clocks appears upon the ground. The clock hands slows to 12 oclock and Chronos looks like a skeleton. After that time rewinds, clock hands speeds up backwards and he changes back to normal gradually.

Yawn~ Back to work.

A little bird with exploding alarm clocks and a cat with a key and calls themselves, "Timekeeper" and "Time traveller" ? That's a bit..insulting
Ah the bliss of having time in your control, no worries no threats, no nothin.
Sleep is essential for GROWTH! So don't stop...snore...Huh? Why did i wake up again...
History changes within my grasp of time.

Death :
I'll rewrite your birth later
5 more minutes...zzz


Personal notes:
Another member to "Grimifir's" little immortal murder party

[Great another one to add to the pile of things i gotta draw]
Just a note for myself. [Banshee, Desomien, Susie, Mask, Grimifir,Chronos...huh, think i gotta cut a few at this point]

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regen ability is nice to have. specially for a support hero
the skill set along with ultimate is also nice.
you forgot to upload a reference image.
don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. also put this thread link.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-10 01:56 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-10-10 02:09 AM
regen ability is nice to have. specially for a support hero
the skill set along with ultimate is al ...

Yeah no image for this guy yet. Will do Thx
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