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[Hero Concept] New Hero Suggestion - Star Lord

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A New Hero Idea

Jia Zi Ya, Cosmic Wizard - Support Hero  

Appearance - A Male Wizard with a giant Hat. His robe is made out of universe milkway

Specialty : Heal / Poke

Passive : Star Protection - When damage by enemy, It will automatic bless with shield that can absorb 400 damage and increase its movement speed by 30%

Here the tricky part. All 3 Skill will have remote version like pharsa ultimate when press. It will conjure a circle with grid in the circle. The player is require to draw pattern on the grid line to cast skill. If the pattern is not valid, no skill will be cast.  

Skill 1 - Star punishment
Link eight dot starting from the Hero. The hero will cast A line of blue light according to the pattern we draw. The skill can charge up to 5 charges
This is the main damage input for this hero. The Key is link need to start with hero. If not, No skill will be cast. The pattern is the key which enemy cannot predict in range of fire.

Skill 2 - Star Wall
Link Eight Dot from any position but return and back. Which mean Link 4 grid point back and forth. This allow the hero to conjure a light wall to block hero. It can save ally or trap enemy from escape. It has 3 charges

Skill 3 - Star Bless
Link Eight Dot from any Position to form a circle. It will conjure a healing zone for 5s. It heal any ally that step into the zone and curse enemy Hp to drop for 5s.  It has 3 charges

This hero pattern of attack is hard to predict. It survival skill is his passive. It can attack with SKill 1 and harrass other with its unpredict pattern. Downside is we need to draw the pattern. It need skill to use this hero. If the hero is coming to attack us, we can use second skill to block them.
In Team fight, we can circle the messy team fight to support and damage at the same time.

Pro and Con Pro is unpredict pattern and challeging game play style. Con is that it is that if the pattern is wrong not skill will be cast.

I will put long cool down for a skill as it has charge store within its to prevent from spamming.

photo attacked for Clearer understanding
Post time 2019-10-9 02:08 PM | Show all posts
it will take some time to adopt this new style.
and this casting needs time. so the skill output Should be worth it.
overall the idea is good. good to see that you uploaded skill casting example. please also upload hero reference image too from google if possible. don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. also put this thread link.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-9 02:19 PM | Show all posts
It like when fanny come out, her style of flying with her wire is completely unique and hard to learn.
Post time 2019-10-10 12:55 AM | Show all posts
I think it will be very hard to control and most players won’t like it. While this hero concept is very confusing, I don’t quite get what you mean by linking eight dots. What I do notice is that the character name sounds Chinese to me.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-10 11:13 AM | Show all posts
Hard to control is the point. We dont need another hero that just blindly chase and press Skill button 1, 2 and 3. What we need is different playing style.

Like Kimmy, joystick shooting, Fanny, wire flying, Pharsa ulti aimming, Johnson driving. I want different ply style. Not another hero with similar skill 1, 2 and 3 go and press in front of the enemy.

For linking eight Dot, Can you imagine a Grid line appear in circle like the photo i attached? Red dot is where the hero stand. By Linking It mean, we need to use our finger to link the dot to dot eight time to cast a skill.

By Skill 1, we need to link from the hero and any other 7 dot pattern.
By Skill 2, Link 4 dot back and forth
By Skill 3 link eight dot circling up.

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