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[Query] What's up with Kimmy?

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I haven't been around for atlmost a year and missed out on most things that happened, I returned late August this year and still trying to adjust. In all the matches I've played so far, only marksman that ever gets banned in rank is Kimmy. Now the things is, what makes her special that she deserves a ban? Is it the continous damage, ability to attack while moving, is it because of her hybrid nature or is it because unlike all mm she is strong early game? I've had games where Kimmy (either enemy or ally) was dominating the entire game and pretty much 6 slotted until the other mm had 3-4 items and completey destroyed Kimmy, so my point is why pick a mm doesn't scale well unlike the rest of the mm, it's either end the game really fast (which in most cases won't happen) or lose. From what I've seen, if she goes full physical then her 1st skill is useless, if she goes full magical her basic attacks are useless. She may work in 5 stack or 3 stack scenarios but IMO she is not made for solo.
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kimmy's main issue is mobility. she can shoot while moving and also slow enemies down. so its harder to target and kill her. few heroes can target her in early game if possible like fanny, gusion, nata etc. she is Early to mid game hero. as she is hybrid(have both physical and magical damage), she is weak against all mm in late game. but most of the game decides earlier thats why she is one of the most banned hero.
Post time 2019-10-8 12:39 AM | Show all posts
Kimmy MM build is a bit different. Most Kimmy now use hybrid build, half magic half phsycal. They use BoD, Berserker fury, Raptor Machete and some of them use Haa's claw and for Magic they use Ice Queen Wand, Arcane boots.
What the problem is Kimmy can slow enemy with his skill 1 and then use basic damage for damage. Also Kimmy is good at solo jungling and steal all Turtle in early games.
They may ban Kimmy to avoid stealing Turtle in early games. Yet Kimmy also have counter and got nerf in advanced server.
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"either end the game really fast (which in most cases won't happen)"

I don't know what server or rank your on but games have been ending less than 15 minutes consistently.  Early game heroes meta
Post time 2019-10-8 04:02 AM | Show all posts
Some builds includes mage equipments for some odd reason. I’m saying that MM Kimmy is much more useful than mage Kimmy. Because the chemical ball requires energy and you can’t constantly use it. But you can constantly use her basic attack, just press on it forever and won’t even stop once.
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You already answered why she is most banned in ranked yourself..In order to reach high potential with her you need hybrid build, as it has also been stated above.Thing is that she is pretty difficult to reach since she can move and continuously damage you while doing so..Therefore, when you get near her you already have half HP..She can still be countered though, especially since she is always targeted by assassins and burst mages. She has been nerfed before and still will be. Personally i don't have a problem with Kimmy, to be honest i think Granger is much more OP than her. Not only that his 1st skill is very spammable, his ultimate has a long range, but also his damage is pretty good aswell.
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I remember since the mid S12, before her phys damage was nerfed, her physical build was the best. And recently, her magic damage has been buffed in exchange to her phys damage, so the hybrid build is better choice. She can abuse jungle emblem 3rd talent with hybrid attack bonus to do objectives easier. She's not ban worthy though, and her phys build can be easily countered by Blade Armor and vengeance.
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Edited by est.19xx at 2019-10-8 10:58 AM
jochu replied at 2019-10-7 11:13 PM
"either end the game really fast (which in most cases won't happen)"

I don't know what server or ra ...

I play in Indian server and current rank is Legend V, but these observations are from last season Mythic drafts

By really fast I mean before 12 mins - ish, any half decent mm can have 3-4 items even in a bad game at 15 mins and quite possibly turn the battle since kimmy isn't that useful then. Besides that wasn't my point, what I was saying is that, when you pick Kimmy you're putting yourself in a timer, even most early game heroes scale well to the late game but other than Kimmy's ultimate her skills/attacks don't scale that well. I might be wrong here, as I am not a Kimmy player myself but judging from what I've seen that seems to be the case.
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Edited by pastichka1 at 2019-10-8 03:43 PM

kimmy is early mid game MM cus of his attack speed  in late game other mm 2 hit kimmy lol and kimmy need good support in team tank and rafa mid lane and move to sides ez win , and i dont know why people dont notice or think its official nerf but kimmy life steal is at 50%  another shet thing
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