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Bye bye SOLOQUE PLAYERS, this is the WORST SEASON I EVER experience,
I lost alot of rank game rather than winning team

My highest star is Mythic 11 Last season, for soloque like me, that is MAX, if you want further star increase then find a squad or frens
This game is only for those typo gamers spending more 4hrs a day unlike us working then 3-4 games is enough in a day

I play any role, but mostly tank to escape EPIC division, you need to carry those idiots giving them nice set up initiator to wipe out the enemy (MINOTAUR)
in Legend division, for me its like EPIC division too, so much troll players, afk, 3mm,3mages set up

I mean how can get back to my highest rank! No matter how good you are, its a nightmare,

I play gusion and players on Legend rank and ex mythic told me that im a noob gusion coz of 39% winrate with 239 matches
Imagine these idiots steal your buff, alone in midlane, early game then boom first blood with 120ms yellow ping coz I match up with Asia server, coz im here in saudi, whenever I match up with asian countries I get CUTE LAG!!!

Then they will trashtalk you that you only telling a reason you really noob gusion player, i have somw proof video that i am really lag, cant even do combo

Now im getting closer on top rank gusion user, its 50/50 ranking, when i get good connection, green ping, i get most kills atleast 10,mas is 15kills

I am not tank dependent, if i can solo kill 1vs 2 enemy without CC, then killemall, many gusion user is depending on tanks only waiting for KS

I HOPE there still more reason to play this game, it is really more stressful



Its says if you lost ON RANK GAME IN MYTHIC DIVISION you will not go back to legend, BUT WHAT ABOUT ENDING SEASON?
can you clarify this?

Is this game how it use to be? I have all thr KOF skins and Epics skins, so what, if you the skins but they call you noob coz of lag
Post time 2019-10-7 03:39 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-10-7 03:03 AM

Solo Q is hard for some people, especially at start of season and for those who are in epic tier, they must be able to accept the fact cause there will always be trolls, feeders, afk, and so on.. that's why some people go matching with friends at start of season if playing ranked
for your questions:
-That's right, this new system has been applied starting on this season and will continue until the next season, and it's true that if you have reached Mythical Glory you will not back to Epic..
-Also, you will not go down to Legend if you lose on ranked match when you reach Mythic division.. about Ending season will be notified as usually with official announcement when the season will end soon, may 2 weeks before reset, just wait for it..
and I suggest you to play duo/trio/full teams when playing ranked with friends who you know and who you think have good gameplay, it will get you a high percentage of wins to reach Mythic again
Post time 2019-10-10 09:14 AM | Show all posts

And just to add I saw this at your profile (Date Registered: October 5, 2019) how new and your acting like a douche, don't spread cancer here the forum is for people who want's change not to complain "why is it impossible to SOLO Q in Mythic"
Post time 2019-10-9 12:08 AM | Show all posts
empireofgod123 replied at 2019-10-8 07:15 PM
not bragging but I reached mythic V a week after season reset. I'm a solo q ever since. I reached  ...

Mate its a Smurf account I am Mythic 3 currently and its easy peasy so don't tell me SOLO Q is HArd
Post time 2019-10-8 12:29 PM | Show all posts
empireofgod123 replied at 2019-10-8 02:46 AM
I disagree when you reach current mythic div, perhaps you will regret what you say unless you an ...

Umm I am Legend V now and I just Solo Qued to Legend IV its easy peasy
 Author| Post time 2019-10-8 01:34 PM | Show all posts
System is more stupid, they make a survey if you want play most of the rank game with your frends and by mistake, i choose that option but I’m a pure soloque since season 9, i should choose soloque,

I want to play of course with frens but most of them give up most of them offline

Im not sure if whats the purpose of that satisfaction survey, they even ask your income

From now on, not gonna spend a single penny on this game, rather than player trashtalk you a moron skinner,

OH YEAH YOUR LUCKY (ENEMIES) coz whenever I match up with TEAMMATES with Asia servers, 100% LAG 200-300 RED PING

ill turn on speed more on settings, then 120ms YELLOW PING - STILL CREEPY LAG- THEN BUY RAPID BOOTS

BUT STILL not Enough to play like a normal PING, i try everything buying item to play normal on rank game whenever I get WORST LAG

I TRY EVERYTHING, but yeah, ok, its enough, its been 2 weeks im in legend V, lost steak back to epic I 5 star, then LEGEND V 5star, lost steak again, back to epic I,

For me its impossible to reach MYTHIC FOR SOLO,

I WILL BOYCOT spending dias not worth anymore

I have all the KOF skins and total of 113 skins, better look for other games
Post time 2019-10-7 11:43 AM | Show all posts
Not Impossible mate, I am Epic 1 4 stars now and later i will be Legend if I can play. Because solo Q is hard in Epic not in Legend or Mythic.
Post time 2019-10-7 12:47 PM | Show all posts
I can agree on that..harder part is to get out of epic..i was epic 2 with 2 stars and after 20 matches.....I was epic 2 with 3 stars so it was win-lose-win-lose-lose-win for me...This was all solo peeformance..After that I just went trio which is the best way to get through epic...try adc+support+tank you will see how fast ot will go...with trio I've lost only 1 match in 6 matches..This season everything is harder..i know your feeling, we have 3 months to get through, it's not impossible..If I had more time to play maybe i would rank faster but for now..
Just take some breaks if you start losing..things will get better :3
Post time 2019-10-7 04:42 PM | Show all posts
you got your 2nd question's answer already. i im adding some more. if your mythic points reachs 0, you will go down to legend 1. but that might not happen unlikely. about your first concern, it is kinda true.
solo q this season is really really hard.
not sure from where this awesome players came from but recently i see lots of disturbance in rank matchmaking.
i am in mythic 5 currently and often i see legend in my team. ok no problem as long as they can play.
sometimes they can. but sometimes they pick 2 mm or 2 mage or something like that. and it is very hard to carry them
also legend player does not know about 3 ban. sometimes they don't ban because they thought 5th and 6th ban will come after 3rd pick. because that's how custom or mcl ban works.

i reached mythic with help from my friend.
most of the time we did duo.
but before this season i always reach mythic solo.
if you really wanna reach mythic, find someone.
either from Winning team or from loosing team.
best of luck.
Post time 2019-10-8 01:15 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Eh, solo q is just like that, especially by playing heroes that can't push like Gusion, or Aurora, that sort of heroes.

That's exactly why my Gusion winrate is still high but I'm still low in the leaderboard, while my mm like Claude is pretty high in leaderboard, with average winrate(67% ish?)

If you want to easily reach mythic, just spam carries like Claude, Granger, or even Lesley, any heroes that can split push.
But just a warning, this Mythic rank system right now is really infuriating, win5 games? 15 point, lose 2 games? 20 points... See the imbalances? That's exactly why I'm playing less now, the risk is just too high while the reward for being a Mythic is basically just bragging rights.
Post time 2019-10-8 01:39 AM | Show all posts
Edited by empireofgod123 at 2019-10-8 01:41 AM

I would like to express also my disappointment on the current new mythic system. I know it has pros and cons but I think the way it is now is like, there are more reasons to quit the game rather than to play harder.


The punishment and reward system on mythic division is bulshit. you lose max -15 points and when you win only max points you will get 6 points ? or even 8 points?

so Moontoon expects players in order to rank up ; grind all day to either patch up all your losses or gain minimum points but sacrificed a lot of time on doing so?

also , I observed that legends players are now included on mythic rank match making!!!

before it was like when you reach mythic, you rarely see a legend maybe 1 out of 5 games you will be matched against them. like 4 mythics 1 legend vs 3 mythics 2 legend.

but now , when you reach mythic , it is constant composition that you will have 2 legends on your team vs same composition or worst 4 mythics 1 legend.

and hey guest what? even epic players can now managed to mix up on mythic division match making.its sound ridiculous but it happened to me. I'm teamed up with a mythic player, legend V,legend III and epic I versus 2 mythic players and 3 legend players.

perhaps you will say, hey its okay it happens very rarely due to no players available at that time.
LOL, if that is so what is the sense of entering mythic div? if epic players can match against you?

That is the sole purpose on ranking up, to avoid those low ranking players who has low level skills. I mean I can accept defeat with a close game match or a decisive defeat due to a slight mistake on our team but having to accept defeat and - points because of unskilled players ruined your game is not that fair.

plus , credit and punishment is not enough to lessen / removed those stubborn players.

why dont moontoon adapt dota 2 system of punisment? queue all offenders and let them have 3 win matches before returning to rank.

Maybe because players are counted as client. Moontoon doesn't mind the quality of game play at all as long as they gain profit out of it.


Since day one did they changed the matchmaking system we all complaining about?

Plain and simple,NO.

as for me, i already quit the game because of this new system, as I have said it is not worth playing anymore, players are just playing to be exhausted. IMHO

about my ML career :
- been here since season 5
- pure solo q ever since,
- Played top 1 local grock with 400+ games wr 56%
- Played top 1 local selena with 600+ games wr 62%  
- rely only to my skill , adapt to roles , learned and applied meta strats
- reached max 90+ stars

this is to prove that "I am not a typical low rank player who keep on crying every time my buffs got stolen intentionally by my low rank team mate"
Post time 2019-10-8 02:46 AM | Show all posts
Blueazkaban replied at 2019-10-7 11:43 AM
Not Impossible mate, I am Epic 1 4 stars now and later i will be Legend if I can play. Because solo  ...
Because solo Q is hard in Epic not in Legend or Mythic.

I disagree when you reach current mythic div, perhaps you will regret what you say unless you and gosu.general are on the same level.
Post time 2019-10-8 11:40 AM | Show all posts
this system is imbalance, i have pass thru the 10 placement mythic with 8 wins 2 lose and get 178/200 mythic v

i lose the first match after the placement game, -15 points and -11 points for 2nd match.
finally i won the 3rd match but +3 points. so f imbalance.

are you expect people win 8 matches and lose 2 matches = breakeven point.
then what's the purpose for pushing rank.
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