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[Hero Balance] Nerf Granger (Marksman)

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Post time 2019-10-7 12:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by AgentValorem at 2019-10-7 12:30 AM

I dont know why here in forum says that granger is balance, well i think its a no for me first of all it seems so unfair that he has high damage in early game, Second is yes he doesnt benefit from attack speed item but his first skill is very spammable which is even greater than attack speed i may say and its every hit deals more critical every time it hits you, third is his long range burst damage of his ultimate and not to mention its slow effect is 80% plus its last hit of the bullet is very fatal, I thinks its time for him to limits his skill im not requesting pretty much a big nerf but can you please make this marksman use energy like lesley or mana.Thanks thats all♡
Post time 2019-10-8 12:19 AM | Show all posts
Remark my word, Moontoon will never nerf him until his epic skin is released 1-2 week later.
Post time 2019-10-7 01:59 PM | Show all posts
He should get nerfed his ult is the only marksman skill that can 100 to zero any squishy if he hits it all. I know that some people here will say here that its easy to avoid and hard to aim, but so is Layla ult is avoidable but hardly does not do the same damage, or compared to Lesley ult which is block able but does very little damage.

Show me any MM hero that will 100 to zero your HP with just 1 skill?
Post time 2019-10-7 07:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ozgunlu at 2019-10-7 07:26 PM

He is in meta. But no need to nerf him. He is not like a GOD Kimmy or Harith who has a Captain America Shield or Valir who is an Iron Man or Helcurt who is the KING of silence.
We have 5 perma-ban for:
Valir, Harith, Kimmy, Helcurt, X-Borg.

Last ban mostly for Khufra or Granger.
Note: Esmeralda is not in meta for mythic.
Note: Guinevere useless for Helcurt, because of his passive. It is most the unbalanced state in game.
Post time 2019-10-7 10:45 AM | Show all posts
granger need good aiming skills and practice to master him. dont simply ask for nerf when you havent try to play him.

just like playing gusion, fanny, haya and etc, you need a lot of training and skills.

play and try to master the heroes skills before asking for nerf or buff. stop the damn trolling spam post.
Post time 2019-10-7 01:20 AM | Show all posts
First matches i played Granger were a total failure for me :)) It mostly depends on the person playing him and items you build.. I do agree that his 1st skill is way too spammable. Not sure if he needs a nerf right now, even if he's one of the best Marksman at the moment.
Post time 2019-10-7 01:41 AM | Show all posts
agreed!! i also expect him to get nerf, especially for his ultimate skill who i think is too far shooting range
Post time 2019-10-7 01:59 AM | Show all posts
indeed he is the first marksman who did not use energy or mana in all his skill usage but that was based on his passive.. may some people still consider him OP but in some matches i honestly if he is very easy to countered by several heroes like kaja, chou.. also for his first skill and ultimate you can dodge it for some time if you have possibility when you fight against him
as @shinee said, I haven't seen something annoying about him for now, just waiting for the next patch on advanced server

Post time 2019-10-7 02:01 AM | Show all posts
My first match with him was also failure, but after watching few youtube guides and some practice i got 18 kda and i was so happy But he can kill squishy heros easily so i think that he wjll gey nerfed soon, sometimes he is deadlier than kimmy :0
Post time 2019-10-7 08:15 AM | Show all posts
I think some people are very good at aiming his ultimates, I played Granger like maybe one time? I could barely aim his ultimate, it was an embarrassment.
Post time 2019-10-7 03:08 PM | Show all posts
he already got nerfed ..his basic dmg is getting decrease
Post time 2019-10-7 04:45 PM | Show all posts
i kinda agree. even though the nerf, he is still top choice for first pick mm besides karrie. a slight nerf on his first skill damage might make him more balanced.
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