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[Hero Balance] For future of mlbb

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1 - you must fix matchmaking issue , It is true that matchmaking prepare game in 3 second but i would prefer wait 1 minute matchmaking for balanced team instead of %100 random 3 second matchmaking..Because otherwise , I waste my 10 minute and i dont have fun.It doesnt matter you win or lose .Some of you may think i want only win .NO . Important thing is get fun even lose even win.I got many lose game which satisfied me more than win.

2-You must balance heroes.Really it is very important and easy than matchmaking.I dont understand why moonton doesnt deal with it.Moonton can do it but .. There are 85 hero and only 15 of them useful in games.WTF ?There is no second moba which has many hero but only few of them useful in matches.I played DOTA , LOL , SMITE , HON , AOV    .  Only mlbb has this problem.THIS IS NOT ''ADOPTING META '' THIS IS '' MAKE PROFIT BY META ''
It is wrong way moonton.You can make profit by skins or anything but not from META .You change game into '' pay to win ''
Every month you release 1 - 2 super of hero.Free coins not enough to buy new heroes often.So it causes '' buy diamond buy super op meta hero and you can win easly ''  . If you have %30 win chance by old hero , you have %70 win chance by new op heroes.Thats why i call it is pay to win.

These 2 important issue is key for mlbb future.

NOTE : Pls rewamp or buff minumum 10 hero in each patch.But please be careful when you rewamp a hero because we see valir rewamp.For example zhack rewamp was perfect.
Post time 2019-10-7 12:26 PM | Show all posts
kingzvvd replied at 2019-10-7 11:03 AM
Dear Devs and Mods,

I used to be negative and positive and negative again. I used to bang @zanborac ...

More than 90% loyal players already move to other game. Only few left in this forum is @zanboracks , @AZNUR , @Vymonchyyy , @AnnaStrasza , and me; those who seldom seen lately is @ChrisSummers , @titan666 .

Most of senior moderator still active tough, like our favorite mod @BD007 ; but senpai @troy01 MIA.
Post time 2019-10-8 04:48 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2019-10-8 04:31 AM
First of all, i don't think people see Zanboracks as a joke (personally, i don't). The only problem  ...

I liked the novel but can Tom Cruise play Zanobracks?


Nah, Tom Cruise is better :))  Post time 2019-10-8 08:30 PM
How about Sylvester Stallone?  Post time 2019-10-8 11:07 AM
Actually i am handsome than tom cruise lol  Post time 2019-10-8 10:45 AM
Haha. Great ideea, I like Tom Cruise :3  Post time 2019-10-8 05:07 AM
Post time 2019-10-7 01:49 PM | Show all posts
Agree.. it was fun a few seasons back.. losing was ordinary occurence, but its simply because purely the enemies are better.. and reaching mythic is possible and isnt impossible at all.. but now, forget reaching mythic, i can barely get decent teammates that actually can play.. most of them now are bunch of monkey cubs holding their phone and trashtalk all the time.. sigh..
Seriously tho, the dev really need to change the punishments into real punishments..
Post time 2019-10-7 11:03 AM | Show all posts
Dear Devs and Mods,

I used to be negative and positive and negative again. I used to bang @zanboracks as well. but please bear in mind, some of his points make sense. i do understand most of you guys (mods) are volunteer for MLBB to take care the forum community. i am sure some of you have ways to communicate with moonton personnel.

if you guys think LOL is delaying the launch without any solid reason, you are wrong. i do really believe what @zanb said. if you ask me, i like MLBB in term of many things but not the devs team on running the game. we have played many others moba but still in MLBB and still commenting here is because we doesn;t want to leave the game as we have many friends here.

trust us, you guys will get a big blow if there is no any improvement during the new game launching. i m sure many will even try to download it and try. dont force your loyal players move away
Post time 2019-10-7 12:44 AM | Show all posts
both of these problems have always been a complaint of some players, and indeed it's very important to be handled and fixed immediately.. the devs also not want to lost their players just like that, considering this game has been running for more than two years, and I'm sure they won't let that happen..
just hope it's best for them to be able handle all this in the near future, so their players no longer complaint about the same thing over time

Post time 2019-10-7 08:11 AM | Show all posts
I personally think that they are just creating interesting heroes with interesting movesets for others to use, to make the game more fun. However, I think we need to increase the ban slots (2 of 3 is probably not enough). I have played a little bit of AOV and the chinese version of it before playing Mobile Legends. I have played over 2k matches on the Chinese version of AOV, then I got bored of it because it’s boring and assassin leads the meta there.
Post time 2019-10-7 11:26 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
They won’t do anything as fixing the issues will “hurt” big players to really play.
They only way they can record their videos and show off us by crushing noobs with their premades.

Balancing heroes also won’t be fixed as once again certain regions who get access to new heroes get plenty time to master the OP hero .
Then they make same on normal server and destroy us.

It’s all about money.
So just stop spending money and promoting this game till issues get fixed


I already did stop buy diamond.I am in boycott.I will do it until they fix matchmaking  Post time 2019-10-7 06:48 PM
Post time 2019-10-7 01:12 PM | Show all posts
CharlieFong replied at 2019-10-7 12:26 PM
More than 90% loyal players already move to other game. Only few left in this forum is @zanboracks ...

I'm still here.. But I'm too lazy to drop some posts.. Just lurkin.
Post time 2019-10-7 04:48 PM | Show all posts
valid suggestion and i clicked support too.
1. 100% agree. i am saying this for a long time to introduce much longer matchmaking time for better team balancing. but most of the forum users said they don't wanna wait much longer. 2. agreed. old heroes are getting reworked too.
like valir. he becomes op now.
and more reworks are coming in upcoming patches.
thanks for your valuable feedback.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-7 06:54 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-10-7 04:48 PM
valid suggestion and i clicked support too.
1. 100% agree. i am saying this for a long time to intro ...

If devs really design matchmaking , we even will not wait long time.I am sure.All connected developers.If they really want , they can do it.But problem is they dont want.They focus new heroes and skins
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