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[Hero Concept] Dr. Rooney - Mythical Genius (The highly anticipated and requested hero of all)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-10-8 08:47 PM

*This is a somewhat a revamp or rework by another person here in ML Forum. I saw his work about Dr. Rooney and I just would like to make tweaks about it. I already asked for his permission for this work but he has been away for a long time. His last thread reply in his work was 2018, and he hasn't replied to my comment. MODS, you can do whatever is applicable for my case here. Shoutout to GrowLegends for this. I will tag him in the comment section.

Dr. Rooney
The Legendary Genius

Role: Support
Specialty: Poke / Regen

Rooney was born in Eruditio, the City of Scholars, who is best known for his contributions to many heroes in the Land of Dawn. A scientist, innovator, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer expert, master mechanic, physicist, and futurist.

Having to live in such a futuristic and highly advanced place, he was always fascinated by technology. He had the ambition to become the world’s best scientist. One day while experimenting with his test portals, he successfully managed to activate it using his Special Device and Saber jumped through the portal, creating a large crater in the middle of the city. He was seeking help, so Rooney was the first to volunteer. He then helped Alpha and Beta escape from another dimension using his unpredictable portals. However, Beta was not fast enough to escape and got executed, only leaving his arm. Not willing to give up, Rooney tried to search for Beta's consciousness that was lost in the void. He was successful after he linked the passageway of dimensions and found Beta’s consciousness as a ghost in another realm. Retrieving Beta back, he rebuilt his consciousness into a plane.

One of his most notable works would be The Special Device, a small supercomputer cube that possesses the immense possibility of transcending through time and space. The hypothesis of the Special Device’s capability to bend the laws and physics of time was proven when he managed to save Beta’s consciousness trapped in another dimension. The hypothesis of the Special Device’s capability to connect to another dimension was later proven by Claude, the thief who stole the prototype version of the device from Rooney, that managed to create and summon mirror imagery of his partner. Claude can then instantly teleport through space using the mirror image.

Integral Exceed
Every 5th basic attack will summon a mirror image of Dr. Rooney that gains 90% of his stats (Max 1). The mirror image will always follow Rooney and will do everything he does 3secs ago. 80% of the damage taken will be transferred to the mirror image.
If Rooney receives the last damage with an active summoned mirror image, before dying, he will switch positions with his mirror image. If his mirror image has 30% Hp and above, Rooney will gain that HP. If the mirror image has 29% or less HP, Rooney will gain that HP and recovers 10% of his Max HP. This effect has 100secs CD.

Legend's Portal Authority
Cooldown: 15.0                           Mana Cost: 70
Places a specialized mechanical portal in a specified area that knocks back enemy units (Max 2 active portals). If there are already 2 active portals, use this skill again to activate and link the 2 portals together. Standing in the portal for 1.2secs will teleport you or your ally to the linked portal. Only 2 heroes can use the portals at a time after which the portals enter a Lockdown state making them unusable for 6secs. All heroes that were teleported using the portals will gain Movement Speed Increase of 40% for 2secs and CC Immunity for 1sec. Enemy hero unit that destroys a portal will be stunned for 2.5secs.

Greatest Mechanical Specialist
Cooldown: 25.0                           Mana Cost: 100
Installs a huge cogwheel shield to all active portals that continuously orbit around and can absorb at least 300 (+150% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical and Magical damage and restores at least 400 (+50% Total Physical Power) points of HP every 0.5secs for 3 seconds. All enemy unit’s Movement Speed and Attack Speed within the shield’s area of effect will be reduced by 80% (AoE grows with level). Allied units who will use the portals will gain the shield and its effects for 3secs.
If there’s only 1 active portal, allied heroes passing through the active portal will instantly gain the shield and its effects for 1.8secs.
If there are no active portal, this skill will install the cogwheel shield on a specified ally hero nearby with the least HP that can last for 2.5secs.

Special Device Link
Cooldown: 40.0                           Mana Cost: 120
Rooney will send a command prompt to one of the active portals to self-destruct that can deal 400 and 15% of target's Max HP as True Damage. Rooney’s portals are constantly connected to his Special Device. Hence, the explosion will create a dimensional dome that lasts for 3secs which petrifies all units inside, both enemy and ally. The dimensional dome will heal 400 (+50% Total Physical Power) points of HP every 0.5secs for 3 seconds to all affected allied units. If the destroyed portal has a cogwheel shield, increase the explosion and the dome’s area of effect by 20%. This skill can be used twice.

Skill Notes:
Skill1: Each portal has 3k~5k hp. The portal also has a small range that can scout enemies nearby which grows with level. Portal under lockdown cannot be damaged. If there’s only one portal, that portal will always be in a lockdown state until you place the 2nd portal.

Skill2: The shield won't stack and does not wear off over time. The shield that will be gained by you or allies will come from the portal where the hero exits.

I somewhat imagine his avatar like this. LOL

Also, I depicted him as like this and not like some fat mechanic dwarf. We already do have our Good ol' Papa Franco.

With this face. Yup, he is a highly intellectual person. and bearded face suits that kind of mystery.

Or perhaps, this face? This is cool too. But you know how I really depict our infamous Dr. Rooney?

6acd971ce91ef70d48a48a139ee37a45.jpg 63b0922ed5fbcf1664005a28ab9553de.jpg
A hot bad-ass old man with a clean face, white hair and that killer confident eyes. He is not a boring guy as I saw in his note when Claude stole his Special Device. He is a cunning genius and always ahead of others. So, I guess this image suits him very well.

* These images are Google grabbed. This is an effort to try and visualize the hero concept. I don't know who the owner or creator is and which game or anime some of them are in but credits to them.
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Post time 2019-10-6 07:38 AM | Show all posts
Good idea, this is time he to shows his true self after so long working as a scientist in the Laboratory 1718 for his experiments in formation of several heroes namely saber, alpha, angela
Thanks for sharing to remake it be more better, you have valuable suggestion, don't forget to submit this to CS in-game


my bad, thanks for corrected.. the point is he's an scientist :)  Post time 2019-10-7 11:50 AM
Wait, Rooney never worked directly with Laboratory 1718, he's just an aquaintance of the head scientist in the lab if I can remember correctly. Dont mind me, just lurking around here  Post time 2019-10-7 11:36 AM
Post time 2019-10-6 10:36 AM | Show all posts
Awesome and unique concept. his mirror will do exactly what he did 3 seconds ago right? So that means if he used ultimate, mirror image will do the same. Not a bad passive at all. 2nd skill is unique. can restore a lots of hp within a very short time. The ultimate is opposite, it will do damage. really nice concept. Please submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. Also post the thread link.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-6 12:53 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-10-6 10:36 AM
Awesome and unique concept. his mirror will do exactly what he did 3 seconds ago right? So that mean ...

uhm, actually it is just a movement that the mirror imagery will copy. he can't damage anyone, like a mime copying his target.

Thank you senpai!
 Author| Post time 2019-10-6 12:54 PM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-10-6 07:38 AM
Good idea, this is time he to shows his true self after so long working as a scientist in the Labora ...

I always wanted him to show up one day and join in the fun. not just some shadow in the lore. LOL
Post time 2019-10-8 12:38 PM | Show all posts
GG Buddy. Artwork is awesome.
For his passive i can tell if that will happen he will be at Meta. Like Claude is a all time fav MM. It will be a good support hero to play with.
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