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[Community] Dear Mythic every season players please make hero counter guides

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Post time 2019-10-5 12:05 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
There are a lot of guides on how to use specific heroes.  I noticed there's really not a lot of responses to them.  As a new player I would really appreciate guides on how to beat certain meta heroes.  For example "How to beat Xborg - use x,y, and z heroes.  Wait for this signal to initiate attack.  This is how I bait out his ultimate etc."

Personally I think this is a better way to promote discussion than waiting for us to create threads about nerfing
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Post time 2019-10-5 12:12 AM | Show all posts
Edited by StreetGamer at 2019-10-5 12:16 AM

Yeah i would love to see it too, and you are right, i will try to make some guides in future too, but also i i ha problems with some heros as valir, grock... Thank you for your suggestion :DI think that you mean like pros and cons at every guide?


You can add it to your how to play guides, it will be helpful for us to know the weaknesses of each hero  Post time 2019-10-5 03:30 AM

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Post time 2019-10-5 12:15 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Each hero have more than 100 ways to be countered , each depending on the position of the hero and the composition of your team ( is the hero at turtle-lord lane , or maybe he is currently at side lane , or mid lane , or top jungle or bottom jungle or gold crab ect ect ect , is your team full of cc or 2 adc 1 meat shield and 2 cc or no cc at all or 2 mage 3 fighter/tank ecy ect ect is your adc use sprint or flicker or aegis or purify ect ect ect is your team have massive regen or massive damage cut or massive immortality or massive burst or massive dps or massive life steal  ect ecy ect or maybe  your team has huge range aoe damaging skill or small range aoe but high damage or small range small damage but low cooldown ect ect ect is enemy hero very mobile or have so much cc or have massive damage cut and shield ect ect ect )

There are no exact way to counter a hero , that's what difference us from ai , the best and always the best way to counter a hero is by learning their skill


good words. why you dont learn to counter miya instead asking for buff ?? ooppss sorry. is nerf  Post time 2019-10-7 11:14 AM

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Post time 2019-10-5 12:26 AM | Show all posts
indeed a nice suggestion. i have some plan but i thought forum user won't be interested on countering meta heroes guide.
next week i will bring some. thanks for your valuable suggestion.


I can't speak for everyone, but personally that would help my game a lot. There's a handful of heroes where if you don't know the trick they seem invincible  Post time 2019-10-5 03:34 AM

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Post time 2019-10-5 12:58 AM | Show all posts
I thought about it aswell. Thing about a guide like this is that different heroes can counter certain heroes in different ways so for a guide like this you would have to take all heroes one by "how to counter xborg as granger" or "how to counter x.borg as valir" and so on because every hero can counter in different ways -> except from what others said above. Also ..there is a difference between counter and outplay. Example for my personal experience : Guinevere is counter for Lesley. But i managed to outplay her and win 1v1 against her( no i wasn't farmed enough). So there can be lots of information to gather in one single guide..and it would take a great organising skill..


Thank you so much for supporting ♡  Post time 2019-10-7 12:48 PM
shinee have done a lot of good jobs for all new players as shinee have prepared many guides for everyone. applause for her good works  Post time 2019-10-7 11:15 AM
Well I do my best. However I am always available on discord for anyone who needs advice;D  Post time 2019-10-5 03:59 AM
Hi most active guide maker. No doubt it will be hard. But I think it will help us new players out tremendously  Post time 2019-10-5 03:39 AM

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Post time 2019-10-5 02:54 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-10-5 12:26 AM
indeed a nice suggestion. i have some plan but i thought forum user won't be interested on counterin ...

ın current situation , There is very big power difference between meta and non-meta heroes.
I mean it is very hard to counter meta heroes.

Only way is TEAM game.

If you play team game , you can counter meta heroes by other meta heroes.
Non-meta heroes %100 trash
What is sad..


I'm already prepared for the answers to be use this meta hero to beat that meta hero. There are some metas that are clearly a step above does old xborg or current valir really have a counter?  Post time 2019-10-5 03:49 AM

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Post time 2019-10-5 05:34 AM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-10-5 02:54 AM
ın current situation , There is very big power difference between meta and non-meta heroes.
I mean ...

I agree. Meta heroes are difficult to go up against so they are able to farm faster and outlevel non-meta heroes. These days, the answer truly is "fight meta with meta".

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Post time 2019-10-6 03:30 AM | Show all posts
Personally i wouldn’t read it because i know how to counter and how to play vs op heroes, rotation is number 1 and heroes is the second factor, if you can get the slightest advantage over your enemy (lvl diffrence for example) you can win the game

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