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[Hero Concept] Raijin - Onna Bugeisha (1st of my Tamer/Debuffer Series)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-30 10:08 PM

Onna Bugeisha

Role: Fighter / Support
Specialty: Reap / Crowd Control

Beast Mastery        
After 5secs of not dealing or taking damage, Raijin will ride Raiju and gains 30% Movement Speed Increase. Their next attack will be a Rush Bite Attack that deals 100 (+50%Total Physical Attack) plus 5% True Damage of the target's Max HP. Raijin will then jump off Raiju after the attack (direction controlled by Left Joystick).
Raiju will automatically attack nearby enemies. If Raijin dies while Raiju is still alive, Raiju will gain 100% Attack Speed Increase base on Raijin’s Attack Speed and 30% Movement Speed Increase. He will then target, follow and attack the enemy hero unit that killed Raijin for 6secs.
If Raiju dies while Raijin is still alive, Raijin will instantly enter Thunder God form (ignoring CD Time of Hyper Fulmination and this effect has 70secs CD) that only lasts for 7secs and her Thunder God skills will only deal 75% of the normal damage.

Shocking Squall (First form)                        Debuff  AoE
Cooldown: 8.0                        Mana Cost: 50
Raijin will command Raiju to jump in a specified area and will roar for 1.5secs, dealing 80 (+100% Total Physical Power) points of continuous Physical Damage. All enemies around will be slightly pulled towards Raiju which will be inflicted with Fear for 5secs. All enemy heroes with Fear Effect can’t use any skills or can’t do basic attacks when going near you or your allies.

Thunderflash (Thunder God form)                Damage AoE
Cooldown: 8.0                        Mana Cost: 30
Raijin will teleport to a specified area and will create a streak of lightning slash connecting her previous spot to her current spot that deals 180 (+180% Total Physical Power) point of Physical Damage to all enemies along the path and inflicting them with Shock that randomly stuns them for 5 times by 0.5secs for 6secs.

(Use Again) If this skill successfully hits an enemy hero unit, Raijin can use this skill again to teleport back to her starting spot and creates another streak of lightning slash that deals 250 (+150% Total Physical Power) point of Physical Damage to all enemies along the path.

Drag Smite (First form)                                          Debuff CC
Cooldown: 11.0                Mana Cost: 50
Raiju becomes lightning and will do a thunderstruck attack on a single enemy hero unit on sight that deals 80 (+80% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage. For 1.5secs, Raiju will stun the enemy hero target and will drag them back to Raijin or to the nearest ally. If the target enemy hero unit survives for 2secs after being dragged, that target will be inflicted with Fear for 3secs.

Thunderblitz (Thunder God form)                         Buff  AoE
Cooldown: 11.0                Mana Cost: 50
Raijin will imbue herself with Raiju’s lightning for 10secs and can teleport to a specified area up to 3 times. A single lightning strike will hit the spot where Raijin lands every teleport which will summon 6 short lightning branches that will scatter on the ground around her. The lightning strike will deal 170 (+70% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage and the lightning branches will deal 130 (+70% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage, both can inflict Shock which will randomly stun a hit enemy hero unit for 6times by 0.5secs for 5secs (this effect won’t stack). This skill uses 20 Mana every teleport.

Hyper Fulmination                Buff
Cooldown: 51.0                Mana Cost: 40
Raiju will synthesize with Raijin which removes all debuffs and will awaken her Thunder God form that lasts for 12secs. In this state, she will gain another skill set and gains 30% Movement Speed Increase. Additionally, Raijin will continuously emit a lightning aura around her that will stun enemy units randomly within the area of effect by 0.3secs.

Onna Bugeisha.jpg
Onna Bugeisha is a female samurai.

Lightning Okami.jpg
Raiju is a lightning Okami.

Raijin's 1st skill under Thunder God form will look like this. This is Zenitsu Agatsuma's Thunder Breathing Style first form: Thunderclap and Flash from the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba.

* These images are Google grabbed. This is an effort to try and visualize the hero concept.

Post time 2019-9-30 09:43 PM | Show all posts
This hero concept is amazing. That first skill is OP, not only that he pulls the enemies to him but also stuns them..Skill 2 is also a CC skill, at first sight it seems like support/mage.I like the concept and i really like Raiju. Don't forget to submit your work to cs ingame, maybe we'll see this new hero on the game someday


done hehehe  Post time 2019-9-30 10:07 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-9-30 10:06 PM | Show all posts
shinee. replied at 2019-9-30 09:43 PM
This hero concept is amazing. That first skill is OP, not only that he pulls the enemies to him but  ...

The first skill shouldn't have a stun. Sorry, wait lemme edit it hehehe
Post time 2019-9-30 10:15 PM | Show all posts
Raiju is very good concept for this hero. pet is always welcome but here  i can sense friendship between them. the passive also pointing out same thing. and it is good. i really support it. the skill set are nice along with Ultimate. don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. also put this thread link
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