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[Gameplay] Quasi-Rank Mode

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1stly I saw this post & got inspired so credits:

What I'm suggesting is a new Mode called Quasi-Rank Mode, separate from Rank & Classic.

The mode will be a mix between Rank and Classic. Everything like matchmaking will be the same as Rank, but you do not gain or lose Stars like in Classic. Matchmaking will be like Rank, but an adjustable system(detailed below).

1. Draft Pick - The mentioned post suggested draft pick for Classic, but I think Classic is fine as is. The suspense & unpredictability is a part of it. But Quasi Rank Mode will be Draft Pick for all ranks, including Warrior to GM, but with slight difference for Warrior to Master.

I see a lot of counter this, counter that here, but if you ask a random player in the game about it, chances are high they might be ignorant  about it.
So for Warriors, this mode will assist them in picking & counter-picking etc. Eg: if enemy picks Harith, Game will give a short description on him(skills, playstyle, etc.) & then suggest counters like Esme, Khufra etc, Explaining how they counter Harith (blink stopping & shield absorb) Which they can then try in the game.

This way we can build a habit of playing smartly by countering heroes from early rank. The assistance given will decrease with rank & stop after Master. For GM this will simply be practice for when they reach Epic so they are not total newbs to Draft Pick.

2. Available heroes will be the same as Classic, trial cards & weekly free heroes can be tested in a Rank Game environment now.

1. Everyone will have access to Draft pick & lower ranks will also be taught about stuff. (Warrior to Master should be incentivized to play this so they can learn.)
2. Ever win 3 MVP with a hero & think you're ready, but couldn't perform in Rank? Maybe the enemies in Classic just didn't counter you specifically? Now you can try out/practice heroes in a Rank Game environment without worrying about Stars. (ofc get used to it in Classic 1st)
3. Ppl complained about afk & negative players but I think increasing the punishment might be a bit much(Real-Life comes 1st). So what I suggest is shifting the Credit requirement. If I'm not mistaken it takes 90 credits to play Ranked. Now it will take 100 credits to play Rank & 90 credits to play Quasi-Rank.
4. Someone from the mentioned thread @Ichijo said: "However, to be objective, the downside (and actually also a positive one) is that most players will take Classic more seriously. The downside is that some players just want to relax and play Classic, while some may take the game more seriously, maybe as serious as Ranked, which is, as I say, also a good thing."
I agree & want Classic to be relaxed & unchanged. Instead this will be an alternative which is more serious than Classic but less than Rank.

Adjustable Matchmaking for Quasi-Rank Mode (trial. may be ignored if problematic/not feasible): All players will be given 2 adjustable modifiers - Range & Timer. They are a little difficult to explain so I'll use examples.
>Let's say a Master player sets Range to 1 & Timer to 30. Then the matchmaking will try to find 9 other Masters for him. If it can't find in 30 seconds, it'll increase it's Range by +-1 i.e. GM & Elite will also be accepted. But nothing after 30 more seconds cause Range is set to 1
>If Legend sets Range 2 & Timer 60. Then for 60 seconds They'll only be matched with other Legends. after 60s they'll matched with mythic, legend or epic. After another 60 sec matchmaking will accept GM too. But no more cause Range is 2 ranks above or below Legend.
>Suppose you want same Rank match only: Then set Range & timer to 0. It''l keep looking for 9 other same rank ppl as long as needed.
>You can't wait, time is money after all! Then set Range to Max(should be a slider) & Timer to 0. Then it'll be same as Classic, matched with available players  like in Classic.
Ofc, needs to be more fine-tuned. Like for Range MAX & Timer 0 (Classic setting) system should still try to match balanced teams.

PS: 1. Simplified version - A ranked game Mode when you cannot lose or gain stars etc. to practice will be good (Classic you get matched up with far too weak or far too strong ppl. Seen Mythic & Warrior in same match often recently...) Draft Pick can be optional or removed.
2. Maybe the adjustable matchmaking system can be used in Classics for better matchmaking?

Anyways, just a thought I had. Don't bash it too much if it's not that good
Post time 2019-9-22 02:31 AM | Show all posts
Not bad idea, all new players at every rank could expiriance how would it look like, it would be perfect for people after new season who want to play eanked without loosing stars, why dont you sugest it to costumer service, i would definitely love to se enew mods added in game
Post time 2019-9-22 02:48 AM | Show all posts
this is actually a very good idea indeed.
this way below above will have an idea how to counter a hero plus how to ban and pick in draft mode. thanks for your valuable feedback
Post time 2019-9-24 05:44 AM | Show all posts
Yeah I'll play it.  Played a lot of classic as practice at the end of last season.  The closer it is to rank the better.

Might even have the side effect of non meta heroes being able to shine more in normal classic, if those who care about the meta will play more quasi rank


Well, suggested it to in-game CS. Now to see if the other side of that CS is a bot or human....{:6_155:}  Post time 2019-9-24 02:46 PM
Post time 2019-9-24 08:10 PM | Show all posts
I like the idea, is great for who want to learn new champ going against real people in classic and not bots (like me because I'm afraid to feed and have a low score - and in the end I can't learn some heroes just for this). So this alternative mix rank-classic is really good for who want to play seriously


Yeah pretty useless, with no point also, but or this or you get report in classic and flam too .-.  Post time 2019-9-24 09:03 PM
Submitted this link to in-game CS. Now let's hope it strikes their fancy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also practicing with bots is useless. You can easily get 10/0/0 without getting any good...  Post time 2019-9-24 08:31 PM
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