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[Mood] Harith: A tale of Moonton strongest creation.

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Harith is obviously infamous for being the best hero ever created. Many consider him superior to pre-Lancelot or pre-Alpha.
Harith received a total of 12 nerfs, more then any other hero. With some taking away his prime characteristic (i.e ultimate immobilization).
Moonton even went as far as making heroes that initially counter Harith (i.e Esmeralda, Khufra, Minsithar, Masha).
Despite rigorous attempts. None of these exceed and Harith remains top banned throughout most servers.

Harith strength come from his kit. A video from Hororo Chan shown that Harith defeated each and every mage on day 1, yes day 1, without a proper build or a single adjustment. You would think Harith's catastrophic skill kit came from some wacky fan player. Fans request nerf since the Advance server, but Moonton neglect and released him anyway.

Harith rarely get love from the community. Most players bash Harith mains. Many Harith players themselves only play the hero for his strength, not out of compassion. People rarely discuss or even mention Harith name outside of "Broken heroes" conversation.

People should gather together, and start Harith appreciation posts :D
Post time 2019-9-21 07:40 AM | Show all posts
U know, Harith is one of my favourite hero designs  based on his original appearance. I bought him instantly when he came out cause he was so fun to play aswell. Shame tho, I got bored quickly because of how OP he was. Aside tanks and fighters, I dont like using OP heroes.
Post time 2019-9-21 07:43 AM | Show all posts
Yeah i luie harith, he is not thats trong tbh but even his counters simetimes cant counter decent harith main. But in my hand harith id useless he doesnthave that high dmg probabky i use wrong emblems or items. I am still wonderingis nana harith's sister or gf?
Post time 2019-9-21 08:30 AM | Show all posts
I feel like they can nerf him so hard that he will drop off the ban list but they dont wanna make him to weak so they just nerf in small steps...for now i believe a few more nerfs would make him fine
Post time 2019-9-21 11:03 AM | Show all posts
He strong at early and mid game but not late game.He also useless without a good initiator or setter
Post time 2019-9-21 11:12 AM | Show all posts
harith is my main too but i play him because i love him.
i am basically a mage player and my main is cyclops. after he gets so many nerf i shifted to mm and fighter but i always wanted some hero that can replace or beat my cyclops. and thats how i became harith player.
i love challenge. and often i challenge 2 or 3 enemies to dance with me. harith passive is best with multiple enemies and the more you can use harith's passive and 2nd skill precisely, more you become good harith player.
is he easy to use? no. he is harder than cyclops. almost equal or on par with harley.
my best memory was when i did 5v1 and i got savage with harith. but thats past now.

now he has so many counter. like esma, kaja, khufra, minsitthar. even franco is one of the best harith counter to be honest. believe me or not, hylos can kill harith too. i was shocked but its true.

but i love harith. and i love challenges.
i played almost 400 matches with harith and have 80% win rate.
Post time 2019-9-21 01:35 PM | Show all posts
Hari is based on aov hero Lauriel, Lauriel was op when she was released aov devs realised that and nerfed her slow during the ultimate phase and her slow duration scaled with level, she's not even meta anymore, harith ultimate is the same the only difference is harith grts the shield where Lauriel heals herself, so I think they should nerf the slow duration on harith and make it scale with level.
Post time 2019-9-21 04:40 PM | Show all posts
Edited by DatAshe at 2019-9-21 04:41 PM

He's fine but I don't think he's as strong as pre-nerf Lance/Alpha. Release Fanny was ?????

It's just that his nerfs smaller than most OP heroes'
Also I don't know if you've seen the fanart community but heck they love to ship Harith with the hot fighters for some reason
Post time 2019-9-22 03:36 AM | Show all posts
harith still be top pick or top ban, whether it's in ranked mode or tournaments also.. she already getting many nerfs but she's still the choice of many ppl
Post time 2019-9-23 03:33 PM | Show all posts
i must say the strongest hero ever created upon release is kimmy 100%
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