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[Hero Balance] Proposal for Baxia rework / revamp

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Edited by Halbikx at 2019-9-19 03:00 PM

Baxia Rework / Revamp Proposal

Hello, I'm back for a little after my short hiatus from the forum, but I won't be sticking around for the next month or so either due to academic stuff. I'm just here for now to give a little insight on my thoughts on Baxia.

To me, Baxia's skills are very lackluster. The first skill is a creative idea don't get me wrong, but the second skill feels so out of place with his combo and his ultimate has a way too direct combo with his first skill, not that it's a bad thing but they could've done better to make it more seemless. So here I am making a rework / revamp suggestion for him (whichever one you presume this feels like).

For this rework, I'm giving Baxia the form changing type of skills, similar to Roger and Selena where his ultimate is unlocked at level one. Since Moonton is insisting on giving him quite a lot of damage from his second skill alone, I am thinking on making him a Tank / Figter role.

Passive: Baxia Mark

Baxia will mark all enemies hit by his skills with a Baxia Mark, which reduces all their life regeneration effects by 50%, lasts 4s. Also, depending on Baxia's form, his resistances and damage reduction will change accordingly.

While in physical shield state, his physical resistance will be increased by 8% and reduces all physical damage dealt to him by 45 - 80 points (depending on his level). On the other hand, while in mystical shield state, his magical resistances are increased by 8% and he reduces all magic damage dealt to him by 45 - 80 points (scales with level).

Switching forms only reduces the cooldown of his skills by 25%, and does not completely reset their cooldowns. However, Baxia's ultimate in both forms are already unlocked at level one.

Skill 1 (Physical Shield State): Shield Unity

Baxia becomes one with his shield, becoming a rolling ball and will accelerate forwards, lasting up to 10s. Upon hitting an enemy, he will briefly stun them and deal physical damage, while nearby enemies will be slightly knocked back and receive reduced damage. While in this state, he can only use Shield Unity and Rolling Sawblade's second activation.

Baxia can reactivate this skill to cause himself to leap forwards, allowing him to jump over obstacles and avoid enemy minions. However, if an enemy hero is in the way of Baxia's jump, he will immediately strike down at them, dealing slightly more damage and a longer stun. Reactivating Rolling Sawblade causes it to roll back to wherever Baxia is, keeping the exact same pace with Baxia's maximum rolling speed.

Skill 2 (Physical Shield State): Rolling Sawblade

Baxia throws out two parallel shields in a straight line, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit along the way. The first shield to hit his target deals full damage while the second shield's damage is reduced. While the shields are still rolling, Baxia can reactivate them in the next 1.5s fo recall them back to wherever he is, which deals more damage when it is first thrown out. However, if he does not recall them, the cooldown of this skill will be increased by 3s.

This skill's second phase can be activated while Baxia is retracted into his shield using Shield Unity, causing the shields to roll to wherever he is, keeping the same pace as Baxia's maximum speed while in his shield.

Ultimate (Physical Shield State): Lava Sprout

Baxia throws out multiple small patches of lava around him in a perimeter, which will last on the ground for 4s. The lava deals continuous magic damage and slows all enemies that walk on it. It will also immediately transform him into Mystical Shield state, where his shields are coated with lava.

Skill 1 (Mystical Shield State): Cymbal Clangs
Baxia slams both his shields powerfully in a small hemisphere in front of him, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and pull them to the clashing point of his shields. They will be briefly slowed afterwards.

However, if his targets have a Baxia Mark on them, they will be stunned for 1s instead after being pulled to the midpoint.

Skill 2 (Mystical Shield State): Celestial Lunge

Baxia lunges himself to the targeted location, dealing magic damage upon landing and sucking in all enemies in the landing zone towards him.

Hitting enemies with a Baxia Mark will cause them to be slowed for a few seconds as well. If Baxia lands on one of the lava patches from Lava Sprout, it will cause the ground to rupture and create a geyser. After 1s, the geyser erupts and deals magic damage to surrounding enemies, briefly incurring a slow as well.

Ultimate (Mystical Shield State): Roar of Might

Baxia roars loudly in all directions, causing enemies nearby to be taunted for 2 seconds, where they will be forced to deal basic attacks on Baxia. During which, Baxia receives a shield that can absorb an amount of damage, and after 2 seconds, if the shield is still active, it will explode and deal 30% of the damage he received from the taunted enemies back to surrounding enemies as physical damage. However, his shield will immediately explode if it is completely destroyed before the 2 second mark ends.

Immediately turns Baxia back to Physical Shield State.

Extra Info

So, why did I make Baxia into more of a Fighter / Tank instead of a pure Tank? That's because he already deals quite a hefty amount of damage in his current state. I kinda liked the rolling idea and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I just nerfed it a little bit by reducing its duration. Also, most damage values, slow values and cc effect durations are not stated since this is only a proposal for a rework.

Here is the main combo for this Baxia. Starting off in Physical Shield State, it goes:-


First, throw out the shields using S2 and quickly transform into his shields using S1, and reactivate S2 again to cause it to roll back towards you. Then, continue to roll towards your target, and before hitting them, use S1 again to jump and strike down at them, which deals slightly more damage and a longer cc duration. The shields that are folling behind you will follow up with some damage.

Then, transform into Mystical Shield State using the ultimate, shooting lava around him which traps all enemies inside the area. Then, while in the MSS, use S2 to jump towards an escaping enemy or a clump of enemies near a lava patch and suck them in. To prevent them from escaping while the geyser prepares to erupt, use S1 to slam them together, which causes a stun due to Baxia Mark. After 1s, the geyser will erupt and deal more damage. Lastly, use his ultimate while in MSS and taunt all enemies that are clumped together. After 2s or after the shield is gone, it will explode and deal even more damage.

And that is it. Quite different from his current state, but I definitely like this better than whatever he is in the advance server currently. I know he will be released soon and Moonton won't change him, and I kinda regret writing this so late due to irl reasons.

I changed Baxia a lot in this proposal, and some of you might not like it, but imo, he is just way too plain in his current standing. Just look at Ling, his partner is so much more dynamic and is much more fun to play, since yeah his role is an Assassin, but his skills offer so much more as well. With this Baxia, I feel like more hidden comboes can be found and really cool outplays can be made. Ofc, it will make him more fun as well.

That's it for my yapping. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and I will be officially taking a break from the forum for around a month. Until then, this is farewell.
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I felt like despite of baxia’s offensive skills...he kinda deals no damage at all...i mean yeah probably because hes a tank-ish hero but i really don’t feel like hes gonna be a huge deal in the i’d like to see a rework
Post time 2019-9-19 03:58 PM | Show all posts
Nice idea, honestly i always saw him more as fighter because of his spammable skill like mage/fighter. But you cant say that he is op uero xD
Ok myb inteamfights he has greatskill for initiating battle. I see great mechanics for him in your rework, and its interesting to have ultimate unlocked at start, you will be in advantage from start.Why dont you submit this to costumer service
Post time 2019-9-19 05:26 PM | Show all posts
Not a bad idea at all. This hero still not released in original server. I guess we need to wait how this hero can perform. But still very good suggestion. Thanks for the feedback.
Post time 2019-9-20 04:04 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Manko007 at 2019-9-20 04:05 PM

Baxia is annoying, with thunder belt and calamity reaper it's hard to escape him, even masha can't fight him head on with all 3 hp early, mid and late, he is very hard to take down cos of his dmg reduction and anti lifesteal, no matter how fed you are even with tank build he will take you down, only few mages and mm countershim. Baxia is strong wait till he comes to original server you gonna enjoy playing him and one more thing he can counter ling not to much though.
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