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[Hero Concept] Catriona Gray - Phoenix Siren of Cosmos (2nd Philippine Hero)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-19 03:57 AM

Catriona Gray
Phoenix Siren of the Cosmos

Role: Support / Fighter
Specialty: Regen / Reap

Cosmic Siren’s Conflagration
Every time Catriona kills an enemy unit, she gains a Conflagration Stack (Max 6): 1 stack from Minions or Creeps and 3 stacks from Enemy Heroes. Each Conflagration Stack will buff her depending on her current form: (A) in Cosmic Tribal Goddess form, she will gain Constant Supporter buff that gives extra 5% heal each stack. (B) in Divine Phoenix Warrior form, she will gain Flame Surge buff that gives 3% Physical PEN and 5% Movement Speed Increase each stack. If she dies with 1~3 Conflagration Stacks, she will summon Fire Fledglings on her last location based on the number of the stack. If she dies with 4~6 Conflagration Stacks, she will be reborn as a Cosmic Phoenix by 1.5secs each stack with 30% Movement Speed Increase that can move freely and will burn enemy units by 3% of their max HP as continuous Magical Damage every 0.8secs. Conflagration Stack resets after respawning.

Lambent Darago's Restoration (Cosmic Tribal Goddess)
Cooldown: 10.0                        Mana Cost: 50
Catriona will summon 4 Lambent Spirits that will dance around a designated circular area. Allies will be healed inside the circle by 3% of their Max HP every 0.8secs for 5secs. Every time a Lambent Spirit hits an enemy hero unit, it will stop dancing and charm the enemy hero unit which then burns 2% of their Max HP every 0.8secs for 5secs. After the skill ends, the healed ally heroes will gain a shield by 10% of their Max HP based on the Lambent Spirits that stopped dancing. The shield lasts for 2secs each Lambent Spirit and can stack up to 4 times.

Fiery Darago's Cry of Rage (Divine Phoenix Warrior)
Cooldown: 8.0                        Mana Cost: N/A
Catriona will coat her fists with fire and jumps to a specified area. The first enemy hero unit hit will be pinned down to the ground for 1.5secs and Catriona will simultaneously smash the enemy's face with her fist 4 times dealing 180 (+100% Total Magical Power) point of Magical Damage each hit. Each smash will cause burst flames that will greatly knock back other enemy units around up to 4 times. Instantly refresh this skill's CD if Catriona killed an enemy hero unit.

Island's Sweltering Restoration (Cosmic Tribal Goddess)
Cooldown: 15.0                        Mana Cost: 70
Catriona will sacrifice 15% of her Remaining HP to choose a specified ally turret and heal 15% of its Max HP. Afterward, the healed turret will cause a sudden burst of Heat Wave that will knock back enemies out of the turret's range. The Heat Wave will stay and burn the entire turret's range. Lasts for 6secs that burns 2% of the enemy hero unit's Max HP as continuous Magic Damage (up to 5% on minions) and slowing all enemy unit's Attack Speed by 30% while inside.

Island's Sweltering Howl of Wrath (Divine Phoenix Warrior)
Cooldown: 8.0                        Mana Cost: N/A
Catriona will summon a continuous rain of fire around her that will grant another 10% Movement Speed Increase and will last for 6secs. The rain of fire will follow wherever she goes and will create a sweltering path behind her. The rain of fire will deal 90 (+70%Total Magic Power) points of Magical Damage each hit and the sweltering path will deal 60 (+50%Total Magic Power) points of continuous Magical Damage and slows enemy units by 50%.

An advocate of Tribal Phoenix
Cooldown: 34.0                Mana Cost: 120
Catriona will summon a Cosmic Circle on her current spot and enters Divine Phoenix Warrior form, which will cause a burst of flames dealing 360 (+80% Total Magical Power) points of Magical Damage to surrounding enemies, stunning them for 1sec and she will get another set of skills. Her warrior form grants 30% Movement Speed Increase, Magic And Armor Resistance by 30, Attack Speed by 30% and Lifesteal of 30% based on her (+200% Total Magical Power). Meanwhile, her basic attacks will deal extra (+80% Total Magical Power) points of Magical Damage. This skill continuously uses 45 Mana every 0.5secs and will instantly revert her back to Cosmic Tribal Goddess form on her current spot.

(Use Again) Use this skill again to teleport to the Cosmic Circle. She then reverts back to her Cosmic Tribal Goddess form and gains 50% mana from the lost Mana during her Divine Phoenix Warrior form. All her Cosmic Tribal Goddess skill's CD will instantly refresh.


*Alright!!! So, here it is! My Revamp for a Hero Concept! I never knew it is even possible, haha! But thanks and shoutout to RESTY for giving me permission to post his work here!! Check out his FB guys: Resty's Gallery. He has some nice Hero Concepts on his page! Especially that Hero Concept of Aaglet (I can't link so you need to search him out manually). Hope you like it guys! Because I think she just became OP in this revamp. LOL.

Post time 2019-9-19 04:17 AM | Show all posts
This hero surely sounds promising...her ult reminds me a bit of lapu lapu in some way...not exactly the same but it has the same concept


Well, she is from Makatan Islands. And yes, she is connected with Lapu-Lapu in the lore. hehehe  Post time 2019-9-19 04:47 AM
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