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[Hero Balance] Zilong (Total Rework)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-17 02:36 PM

*This will remove his tag "Assassin" in his role and he will be now a pure Fighter with the Meta Gameplay of Skill-user. I then focused on the part "Initiator" in his Specialty. Also, this might be the last post for now. I need to grind this week for my living. *Sigh* I wish i can make this passion of mine as a living. T_T  Hope you will like it and comment or reply in this post if you have any hero that you would like to be revamped! I also have like 3 hero concepts I need to do. LOL See yah!

Divine Dragon’s Blessings
Every time Zilong's skills deal damage, add 1 stack of Divine Spirit for him. Every 2 stack of Divine Spirit will summon a Dragon Spirit that will orbit around him. Can summon up to 2 Dragon Spirits. The first Dragon Spirit will attack the target enemy hero unit on his next 2nd basic attack that deals 15% of True Damage based on the target's Max HP, and the second Dragon Spirit will attack on his 4th basic attack. After both of his Dragon Spirits done attacking, he will gain a Dragon Shield that absorbs at least 400 (+100% Total Physical Power) points of Physical and Magical Damage for 2secs and will regen 60 points of his energy.

Dragon’s Spear Dance
Cooldown: 10.0                  Mana Cost: 10
Zilong will do a Charging Harass on his enemies using his spear forward up to 3 times continuously. The first 2 attacks will be Spear Swings in front that deals 180 (+70% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage each hit. The 3rd attack will be a Spear Slam that knocks up enemies in a small area and deals 225 (+100% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage. Each phase costs 10 points of energy. Reduce the CD time of Heavenly Dragon’s Supreme Divination by 1sec for each enemy hero unit this skill knocks up.

Dragon’s Charged Strike
Cooldown: 15.0                  Mana Cost: 20
Zilong charges to a specified direction and gaining a Dragon Shield that absorbs at least 400 (+100% Total Physical Power) points of Physical and Magical Damage for 1.8secs. He will immediately stop when hitting an enemy hero unit dealing 260 (+200% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage to all enemies in a small area and reducing the units’ movement speed by 30% for 2secs. If the skill Dragon’s Spear Dance managed to knock up enemies, you can use this skill to push enemies away.

(Use Again) Within 2 secs, You can use this skill again to lift a single enemy unit over his back that deals 100 (+90% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage and lowering that unit's Armor by 10 points for 2secs.

Heavenly Dragon’s Supreme Divination
Cooldown: 55.0                  Mana Cost: 50
Zilong will quickly charge his spear with Divine Dragon's Superiority Force. He will then throw his spear powerfully to the designated area, dealing 500 (+200% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage, knocking enemies up for 1sec in the area of effect and he will enter Weaponless State. His spear will stay on the area for 6secs and will summon 3 Dragon Spirits that will continuously orbit around it. Enemy units that will be hit by the Dragon Spirits will be knocked up slightly (Enemies can only be knocked up once every 1.8secs). All enemy units within the area of effect will be Slowed by 60% and they will continuously drain their Mana by 70 points every 0.5secs and Energy by 20 points every 0.8secs.

(Use Again) Within 6secs, you can use this skill again to instantly teleport and reunite with his spear which will cause a huge Spectrum of Chi Explosion that deals 400 and 15% of True Damage of enemy's Max HP around. The Dragon Spirits will infuse with him and he will then enter his Supreme Dragon Warrior State that lasts for 5secs which instantly gains him CC immunity for 1.5secs, increasing movement speed by 30% for 4secs and increasing attack speed by 45% for 6secs.

Weaponless State: He will shoot Divine Dragon Chi from his hand as a basic attack. All of his skills can only do 60% damage in this state. He won't be able to use the 3rd phase of Dragon’s Spear Dance and the Use Again phase of Dragon’s Charged Strike in this state

Skill Note(s)
Passive: I guess there is nothing to note here

Skill1: Chou... imagine Chou's first skill.

Skill2: Well, this is first and 2nd skill combined but not a target hero lock skill. This is a Directional Blink Skill. The pushing is like Tigreal's 2nd skill pushing

Skill3: Yes, you guessed it right. Like Gatotkaca's ULT. The diameter range of this skill's area of effect is the same as Gatotkaca's ULT.
Post time 2019-9-16 02:38 AM | Show all posts
I know how many people expect him to get a big change after all this time being an underrated hero.. and I also hope that in the near future
Good suggestions


Hopefully XD  Post time 2019-9-16 06:54 PM
I will be stopping my posts her for a while then i will be sending them all in bulk to CS in game. Pray for me on this one. LOL  Post time 2019-9-16 06:43 PM
Post time 2019-9-16 07:13 AM | Show all posts
this reworked is different than your previous zilong rework Suggestion.
previous one focused on keeping current zilong mechanism as much as possible but this one is totally different zilong. it is good. but as you said it will change his role from assassin to permanent fighter it suits that role. thanks for the suggestion.


Definitely! I wanted him to be inserted in the meta with the Skill-User gameplay. Almost all meta right now are SKill-User with less CD. and i made him just that!  Post time 2019-9-16 06:44 PM
Post time 2019-9-19 03:10 PM | Show all posts
Erm, 15% Max HP in true damage is really gruesome, especially if it's just a passive with no clearly stated cooldown. This kinda surpasses even X.Borg's ultimate damage. The true damage on his ultimate should be nerfed as well tbh..

Other than that, this looks like a really fun rework on Zilong. It will definitely make him meta and not a low skill cap hero anymore. I suppose Moonton will need a new starter hero to pair with Layla and Eudora.


well, yeah. i suppose? i am rally not that good at math and those numbers ar just copypaste from other heroes who have the same effect. Devs will just do the math themselves hahaha  Post time 2019-9-19 05:50 PM
Post time 2019-9-26 10:55 AM | Show all posts
Long Skill Names are a big no-no.
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