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[Hero Concept] [Fighter/Support] Desomien: A Sight for Sore Eyes

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-9-15 08:51 PM

Role: Fighter/Support
Name: Desomien
Type: Locator, Crowd Control
"Don't judge a book by it's cover. Then don't assume that it wouldn't change along the way."
Intro Appearance: Hundreds of eyes condenses onto a single point in the centre of the screen to form a single huge eye. The eye then shatters  and Desomien shuffles through and laughs.
He then open his hollow eyes as the other eyes all along his body blinks.
"A sight for sore eyes ain't eye? Heh"

Skin Ideas:
A Sight For Sore Eyes
Creature of the Night
Horror of the Depths

Entry 1:
The specimen, ARTHUR , has arrived. Born on the day 25/09/1979, the specimen is a middle age man who lives with his wife and two daugthers, age 15 and 16. Address 12Stanfordst,5209aknf.
On the day 23/10/2026, was involved in an accident that cause his lost of sight and legs.
Upon confrontation he agree to volunteer for a research that may give him his old life back.
Made a condition that his family was to be treated well during his absence.
Please note that entries shall be made when i feel like it and not according to the days passed.
Experiments to commence tomorrow.
Specimen status:
Relationship status:
Entry 2:
Experiments has began, introducing S-serum into specimen's blood system. Full effects are estimated to occur in 10days.
Specimen status:
Entry 8:
The specimen has been in agony for 3 days now. Still no observable results. More S-serum is to be induced.
If no addition effects are seen, we shall inform him of his family's status to speed up the process. [Based on previous result, emotional pain quickens the effects of the S-Serum.]
Specimen status:
In Agony [Expected]
Entry 13:
The specimen has been informed yesterday that his family was killed during a mass murder event in a shopping mall. Today, tendrils can be seen sprouting from his body. The specimen seems to also losing his hair while his nails has grown longer.
Breathing also seems to be getting more and more shallow.
Adminsistered adrenaline to keep him awake.
Began work on Specimen 2, Susie.
Specimen status:
Destraught and in pain
Entry 21:
The specimen's transformation has seemed to stop. He has developed weird tendrils that shrinked and moved according to his will. Insect-like legs from his back now enables him to move around nimbly.
However he has yet to develop "sight" and still thinks that he his normal. Perhaps the tendrils and legs feel natural to move in for him.
It has also developed a special bond with Specimen 2. Rather like "Father, daugther" relationship.
We should be able to exploit it if his eyes do not grow.
Specimen status:
Entry 29:
We staged an incident where it seemed like Specimen 2 was in danger. Specimen 1 grew agitated and attacked his cell. At it's peak, his eyelids opened to reveal a hollowness in side. Eyes then proceeded to open all along his body and he "phased" through the cell [expected] and attacked the guards surrounding Specimen 2.
He was succesfully tranqualized and transported to a "Phasing" prevention cell.
Specimen 2 was also relocated.
The experiment is quite the success.
Specimen status:
Workers lost:
Entry 30:
Warning, Specimen 1 has discovered the truth somehow [Telepathy?] and has destroyed his cell. We tried to terminate him and Specimen 2 but they seemed to work together to disrupt our efforts. All personnel has been killed and I am the only one left. The research data has been sent to you via my email. If you were to send people over to the site please send professionals and not the trigger happy idiots you gave me.
The specimen has also seemed to grant himself a name.
Specimen status:
Wruter status:

Some rough stats at level 1:
Attack type: Melee
Hp: 2590
Movement speed: 240
Physical attack: 130
Attack speed: 0.560
Magic defense: 18
Physical defense: 20


Passive Ability: Mutated Form
Desomien's form has been warped and changed by experimentation. Enemies that faces him are prone to try and avoid him.
Enemies would prioritize [basic attacks] attacking other units nearby unless directly targetting Desomien.
Even when attacked, the attacks done are half-hearted and so only 60% of the original damage is done.
When the attackers hp falls below 20% they become desparate and only then would the original damage be dealt.
Enemies units [Jungle monsters and minions. Enemy heroes not affected.] would also experience a  80% attack speed debuff when facing Desomien.
Desomien's basic attacks are dealt with his tendrils [area damage]
(Allows for greater survivability and jungling capabilities.)

Extra notes: This unfortunately makes it harder for you to block attacks from enemies to your teammates. Still it is a great tool to draw aggro away and even the lord is affected by it.


Skill 1:Precognition [Locator]
CD:7s [Fixed CD that starts after the image disappears. No reduction]
"I see you."
Desomien envisions where an enemy would appear and attacks them [An "Eye" appears above the affected enemy, while an image of the enemy with their hp bar appears in front of Desomien]. The targeted enemy would be slowed by 30% for 5s and receive any damage that Desomien deals within that time period [Duration increases with each 10% CD reductions. Max 8s].
Desomien attack speed increases by 10% and he can continue attacking close by enemies while using this skill.

(Allows for global single target attacking while attacking enemies in front of you too.)
Extra notes: The targeting is affected by your settings [Closest, lowest hp] and you can't select the target yourself [random]
Detailed description:
An image of the enemy with their hp bar appears in front of Desomien while the enemy is spotted on the map with an eye above him.
When no targets are nearby, Desomien's tendrils are seen to attack the image only.
When attacking other nearby enemies, the tendrils seems to impale/slice through the image of the affected hero.
Desomien can still move while the skill is active.

Skill 2: Dark Force [Damage, Buff]
[Active/inactive skill]
"Where are you running off to?"
Desomien stabs his insect-like legs into the ground and readies his tendrils. When the skill is active his tendrils attacks for a longer distance, a larger area with a 10% damage buff [Attack speed is reduced]. Each attack has a 10% chance to drag enemies slightly closer to you
[Chances increase with attack speed. Max 50%]
Desomien is immobile when the skill is active.
(Enhances basic attacks to for greater range, area and damage. Also has a chance for cc)
Extra notes: The attack speed is reduced while active. Good positioning is required due to immobile state. If S1 is cast during this skill the buffed damage also affects them though no cc is dealt.


Skill 3: To A Side [CC]
Desomien swipes his tendrils in a fan shaped area in front of him, [Direction is to the closest obstacle] knocking back enemies and dealing 90(+80% Physical Power)Physical Damage. If they hit an obstacle they will be stunned for 1.5s and dealt another 50(+50% Physical Power)Physical Damage.

The range increases slightly with an increase in Crit chance [max extra range=half of moskov's attack range]
Enemies affected by S1 would also receive the damage and be stunned if they are smashed against a nearby wall.

(Solid cc for crowds.)
Extra notes: During skill cast Desomien stops moving for a while and if he gets cced first the skill is cancelled.

Ult skill: Cursed Vision [CC]

Desomien's eyes activates, revealing every hero and hidden units for 4s. Within this period of time he can select an enemy to cast "Death's Grasp". If not casted, CD is reduced by 30%.
Death's Grasp
"Experience the cold hands of death."
An eye larger than s1's appears and flickers above the enemy's head as tendrils appears above and below them. After 2.5s the tendrils attacks, forming a hand that completely immobilizes the enemy for 3s and deals 100(+100% Physical Damage)Necrotic Damage. After being released. they are slowed by 20% for 4s.

Necrotic Damage: Can be reduced by magic resistance, but it also temporarily increases the CD of the target's skills.

(A long single target cc effect. Best used to pick off running enemies.)
Extra notes: At this point I'll just say that besides the animation time, all of Desomien's skills can be active at the same time.


Where am I this time?

My old life is gone now, this is me.
Where's Susie, have you seen her?
I can no longer stand seeing myself in a mirror

Death :
I don't want to come back...
My family...

Personal note:
After making Banshee's concept I decided to make another horror concept lol.
Might make a last one, might not

Fixed some of my crappy typo errors [there's probably more]

Post time 2019-9-17 05:32 PM | Show all posts
Also..using ultimate..only the eye appears? Desomien will remain at his location with or without moving?
Post time 2019-9-17 04:52 AM | Show all posts
This is an interesting hero concept and that effective..while reading the skills, i've also been trying to imagine how he will be played..basically he doesn't have much mobility (wich kinda makes sense since he's kinda like a zombie).
So..about his ultimate..if you used it..not only that u can see all enemies on the map..but that eye that appears. Does it appear on top of the head of any enemy no matter how far? Or should the enemy be close to Desomien in order for the eye to spread the tendrils?
Post time 2019-9-15 07:25 PM | Show all posts
I think i wont sleep today cuz that picture, its like from horror movie
Yeah i like idea, but he should deal less dmg, his passive is also better at tanks if u ask  me, nerfing him will be perfect and he will be enough balanced to come in land of dawn
Try to submit your idea to costumer service or myb to some horror movie agency they would like your stories to
Post time 2019-9-15 07:54 PM | Show all posts
his passive is dangerous. I think most dangerous passive i ever seen in mlbb or concept heroes. mm basically useless against him. do i hate it? obviously not. i love it. first skill and ultimate is nightmare for nata too. i really want this hero to be in mlbb. don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. also put this thread link there.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-15 09:02 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-20 10:44 PM
StreetGamer replied at 2019-9-15 07:25 PM
I think i wont sleep today cuz that picture, its like from horror movie
Yeah i like idea, b ...

Nice to see my old drawing still has its effect xD [I pray for your good sleep]
I don't think that the damage is that bad though, seeing as to how Dyrroth's s2 deals 345(+150%Physical attack) Physical Damage by itself.
And yeah, I'll try submitting it xD

BD007 replied at 2019-9-15 07:54 PM
his passive is dangerous. I think most dangerous passive i ever seen in mlbb or concept heroes. mm b ...

Thanks or the compliment xD!
Post time 2019-9-16 12:26 PM | Show all posts
I like this, His skills are easier than Aldous ulti to find out enemies who are hiding
Great concept
 Author| Post time 2019-9-16 05:18 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-20 10:45 PM
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-9-16 12:26 PM
I like this, His skills are easier than Aldous ulti to find out enemies who are hiding
Great concept ...

Thank you xD

shinee. replied at 2019-9-17 04:52 AM
This is an interesting hero concept and that effective..while reading the skills, i've  ...

Thanks for the compliment
Yep the eye appears on the selected enemy at any range.
The tendrils also work from any range and is single target. Though reading your comment makes me wonder whether or not i should make it spread xD

shinee. replied at 2019-9-17 05:32 PM
Also..using ultimate..only the eye appears? Desomien will remain at his location with or without mov ...

Desomein doesn't teleport or anything, it's just that the eye appears above the selected enemy at any location. He is still able to move while using this skill XD


Your wellcome  Post time 2019-9-17 12:48 AM
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