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[Hero Balance] Balmond (Proper Revamp) *Updated* [passive and slight 2nd skill added detail]

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-30 07:14 AM

Balmond recovers 1% of his Max HP each time he deals damage using skills or basic attacks (Can stack up to 5% Max), lasts for 4secs. Every 3% HP loss will be converted to 1% Spell Vamp (Can stack up to 10% Max). Additionally, he recovers 4% of his max HP when killing enemy minions, and 10% of his max HP when killing enemy heroes.

Soul Lock
Cooldown: 11.0        Mana Cost: N/A
Balmond charges in a specified direction. Grants a Brute Shield that absorbs 200 (+150% Total Physical Power) points of Physical and Magical Damage that last for 1.2secs. If an enemy hero is hit along the path, Balmond will immediately stop, deals 150 (+60%Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage and knocking back the target. If the knocked back hero collides with obstacles, stun that enemy unit for 1.5secs. If the knocked back hero doesn't collide with obstacles, slow that enemy unit's Movement Speed by 60% that lasts for 2.5secs. If this skill successfully stunned a target enemy hero unit, extend the duration of Brute Shield by 1.8secs.

Cyclone Sweep
Cooldown: 7.8         Mana Cost: N/A
Balmond becomes immune to Crowd Control (Immobilize exempted). If the skill Soul Lock only managed to knock back an enemy, Balmond will gain 40% Physical damage and 50% Magical damage reduction for the duration of this skill. If the skill Soul Lock doesn't hit an enemy hero along the path, increase the diameter range of this skill by 10%.

For 3 seconds, Balmond brandishes his Giant Axe and will continuously deal 80 (+45%Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage to all enemies around him (can be critical and enjoys item effects). All enemies within this skill’s range will be slightly pulled towards him and if they will be hit 3 times, they will get a Bleed Effect that continuously deals 14 (+30% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage every 0.8secs for 3secs. Additionally, each successful hit of this skill will reduce the CD time of Lethal Counter by 0.8secs.

You can use the skills Soul Lock or Lethal Counter anytime to cancel this skill’s duration.

Lethal Counter
Cooldown: 37.8         Mana Cost: N/A
Balmond will slam his Giant Axe in front of him dealing 350 (+50% Total Physical Power) + 20% True Damage of the target's lost HP to enemies in a fan-shaped area, knocking them up for 1sec and slowing them by 60% for 2secs afterward. Deals up to 1300 points of damage to non-hero units. If Balmond successfully killed an enemy hero unit using this skill, he will enter Bloodthirsty Rage. Which doubles the effects of Bloodthirst for 6secs, refreshes the CD time of Soul Lock one time and cancels the CD time of Cyclone Sweep for 6secs.

*This revamp focuses more on his Tag as Regen (specialty) and Tank. that is why I added CCs on his skills.

 Author| Post time 2019-9-15 02:06 PM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-9-15 09:08 AM
Perfect suggestion.
Probably you did waste alot of time for preparing this.
But i am sorry babe ,

Hahahaha! Guess what bro? I really also don't care if my works got recognized or not, i even couldn't care less if they noticed it or not. Why? Because I enjoy what I am doing and I like doing it! And, at the end of the day, I can say to myself that I can do such a thing!
Post time 2019-9-15 12:04 AM | Show all posts
Oh wow, thats crazy


hahaha! It will be their job now how to deal the damage calculations and all but i guess those number i put there are already good.  Post time 2019-9-15 12:16 AM
Certainly interesting and seems very fun to play! I thought my suggestions were overpowered, maybe he needs some tweaks but thats not our concern.  Post time 2019-9-15 12:10 AM
do you like it? I saw and incorporated all of your ideas and BDoo7's ideas into this. this is your ideas not mine. I jsut made something clearer and simplier based on your ideas  Post time 2019-9-15 12:05 AM
Post time 2019-9-15 12:19 AM | Show all posts
I noticed you categorised parts of his skills as Active and Passive counterparts. It will be better to remove those titlings, merge the parts together into one and treat them as just active skills. When an Active skill has a Passive counterpart (for example Helcurt's skill #2) it is because it actually acts as a passive skill that is always running and is enabled after the skill is upgraded. In your post, the titled "Passive" parts of the descriptions refer to actions/conditions after a skill is activated, therefore it is a mistake to entitle them like that.


Updated! Thanks for the info!  Post time 2019-9-15 12:27 AM
Post time 2019-9-15 07:00 AM | Show all posts
now this is how a reworked suggestion should be.
not too much op neither weak. totally agree with your suggestion.


Thank you that you liked my work on this one, sensei :D  Post time 2019-9-15 07:48 AM
Post time 2019-9-15 09:08 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-9-18 04:02 PM | Show all posts
I read and support this rework and the others you wrote. I dont always comment though


Wow! Thank you!  Post time 2019-9-18 05:17 PM
Post time 2019-9-27 04:45 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-11-29 12:24 PM | Show all posts
too much for him, with same ult and all skills get buff too, not balance dude
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