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[Hero Balance] Argus (Proper Revamp / Rework)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-14 06:35 PM

When taking or dealing damage, Argus will charge his Demonic Blade (The lower Argus' HP is, the faster the blade will charge). When fully charged, Argus’ next basic attack will be two quick basic Attacks. Every 5% HP loss, Argus will deal extra (+50% Total Physical Power) points of Physical damage (Max. +200%) on his basic attacks. When his Demonic Blade is fully charged, Argus will perform a chase to the target enemy hero unit and his next basic attack will deal extra (+120% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage.

Demonic Grip (First Phase)                        CC   Blink
Cooldown: 9.0                Mana Cost: N/A
Argus will thrust his Demonic Hand in a targeted direction, ignoring minion units. The first enemy hero unit that will be hit will take 175 (+200% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage and the unit will be pulled towards himself. Additionally, a single stab of Meteoric Sword will be activated that only deals 50% of the original damage and stunning them for 0.8secs (Consumes 50% Demonic Blade charge and no Blood Trail will occur). If there are no enemy hero units that will be hit, Argus will pull himself towards the release location and he can then use the Second Phase of this skill.

Blood Distraction (Second Phase)                Blink   DPS
Cooldown: 0                Mana Cost: N/A
(Use again) Argus sacrifices 2% of his HP to dash in a straight direction. He will then leaves his own blood trail on the ground that can slow and damage enemy hero units who walks in the area, dealing 14/16/18/20/22/24 (+50% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage every 0.5secs for 5 times and 25% movement speed decrease while on the trail. Enemy hero units that will take damage 5 times by the blood trail will be stunned for 1.5secs and will charge his Demonic Blade by 20%.

Meteoric Sword                     AoE   Damage
Cooldown: 10.0                Mana Cost: N/A
(Passive) If Argus doesn't deal or take any damage for 5secs, increase the range of this skill by 10%

(Active) After a short period of charging, Argus will stab in front that deals 260 (+150% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage and knocking back himself a little. This skill will then inflict a Bleed Effect that deals 14 (+30% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage every 0.8secs for 3secs and leaves a Blood Trail on all enemy hero unit hit. The Blood Trail will grant Argus a 45% movement speed increase for 5secs while he is moving in it. Additionally, this skill will disable the use of all Directional Blink skills for 2secs on the first enemy hero unit hit.

(Use again) If Argus is moving on a Blood Trail, you can use this skill again to do another stab in front that deals 160 (+120%Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage.

Eternal Evil                       Buff   
Cooldown: 50.0                Mana Cost: N/A
Argus will transform into a Fallen Angel. His Demonic Blade will be fully charged instantly and he will have immunity from death for 5secs. 100% of all damage dealt and 70% of all damage taken will be converted into Argus’ HP after the skill ends. After 5secs, Argus will gain Reduced CC Time up to 50% (10% for every enemy hero unit nearby), immunity to slow effects for 2secs and generates a Demon Aura that absorbs at least 500 (+160% Total Physical Power) points of Physical and Magical Damage for 3secs.

Post time 2019-9-14 10:34 AM | Show all posts
Argus user here, and i like the skill 1 its like franco's hook and for ult i want full immune to CC and slow effect, bcs everytime i use the ult enemy always stunned me or add more speed mov bonus because he is use wings.


actually he has that things that you mentioned before. but i removed it since he will be super OP in late game. especially with full build  Post time 2019-9-14 03:50 PM
Post time 2019-9-14 06:22 AM | Show all posts
i must agree its proper rework.
and that's why it should be in suggestion section rather than creative exchange. he has great potential but only reason keeping him out of meta is early game damage and cc. thanks for the suggestion.


Lol, I was shocked that my post suddenly gone in Creative Exchange. Thank you, sir!  Post time 2019-9-14 06:30 AM
Post time 2019-9-14 04:27 PM | Show all posts
Or maybe give his very first stats back, lower argus health gets more damage he deals this was on test server, his ulti was I think 60 sec and 25 sec late game and ultimate lasted 7 sec, and something I wanna add reduce CD on first skill


Never knew he has that kind of passive before. That would be OP when he will deal more damage the lower the HP he gets. isntit? late game he will dominate the floor  Post time 2019-9-14 05:49 PM
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