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[Lore & Novel] How Lilith torn Luna's arms and legs... (Lilith Side)

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It was a normal windy day in Nost Gal and everything was back in peaceful days after when the snowy and cold land caught in between the war of the Viking king and the Legendary undead of the sea. The victory of the Vikings with the help of the Queen of the North brought an opportunity between the two. Now, everything is thriving and flowing good.

One day, the port of the north suddenly went on the commotion. It is the entire Viking Fleet. Franco came and wanted to speak with Queen Aurora. The people then guided him to her palace.

Queen’s High Maid: Master Franco is here, my Queen. Stated that he wanted to talk with you personally.

Aurora went down to open the front door herself.

Franco: My Queen! Long-time no see! My god, I am so blessed to see the Protector of the Realm personally! Who in the whole Land of Dawn can get that privilege!? Only me! HAHAHAHA!
Aurora: You reek of alcohol. Come back when you’re clean.

Aurora tried to suddenly close the door, being annoyed and Franco tried to stop her.

Franco: Whoa! I am sorry, my queen. I know I reek of all the shit of the seas but I came here for an urgent matter.
Aurora: I have so many urgent matters to settle myself, too. Make yourself an appointment.
Franco: Come on, my queen. Please hear me?

The door is now confused by the force of both parties if he will be closed or be stay opened.

Aurora: I am already done helping you and everything is flowing well and fine between our parties. What is it now that you want?
Franco: You knew that what I always want is you!

Aurora won over the door this time and forcefully shut it with a loud thud.


And the door opened up again.

Aurora: What in the seven layers of Abyss are you talking about?
Franco: You might wanna let me in first so that we can talk about everything in private? This is a matter that only the both of us can know.

Aurora stared at Franco from head to toe and nodded. The high maiden then guided him to Aurora’s private library and left.

Franco: Ah! Nothing’s changed! As if I was just here yesterday. I can still remember the smell of these room with all of these dusty books everywhere.
Aurora: You wanted to be thrown out in the window by ice?
Franco: Whoah! Settle down, my queen. I know… I know… I need to respect the entire records of the Nost Gal Kingdom...

When the war ended against Bane’s forces, Aurora let the Vikings take shelter in her kingdom and Franco lived his days healing from his wounds in this Great Library. Which consists of all the records of the entire Nost Gal history and some ancient archives that the Moniyan Empire entrusted. Aurora took a high seat in a large table in the middle of the library.

Aurora: Now, talk.
Franco: Still the cold-hearted sweetheart I knew of, eh? You know, one of my comrades at arms living in Makatan Islands asked for my help a month ago. There is something strange happening in one of our islands here! He said in the letter. So, I commanded some of my fleets to aid him. Of course, he helped a lot of times in the past! Then, after a week and my people didn't come back! So, I went then myself and it was horrible! The seas were dyed black as if a huge oil ship sunken in there! And…
Aurora: When I said talk, I mean about what you said at the front door.
Franco: Come on! I am already at the good part!
Aurora: You’re drunk. So, hurry it up and tell me right away why the hell it is urgent about Lilith.
Franco: Oh yeah! Did I mention it at the front door? Oh! Alright yeah… Lilith… That cunning snake fuck!
Aurora: Snake!? You met her!?
Franco: Of course! Flesh and blood! Well, not as a human at first. Alright, let me just continue. So, after I arrived at Makatan islands, Lapu-Lapu explained to me that it has been a month that this black waters appeared and the don't know the cause and it is affecting their livelihood. So, they asked for my help since we can sail out fast and easy.
Aurora: The Lilith part.
Franco: Alright! I am there, okay? We found the cause after 3 days of sailing and it is on a cave on one of the islands. We search it and guess what we found?

Aurora opened the large window at the back of her high seat using her ice. Franco understood it right away.

Franco: It was Lilith, okay!? The egg! When we found we took it out and tried to destroy it but I can’t! I don't know why and how but at that time I can't. I just can't!
Aurora: Lilith is dead over how many centuries ago. I don't even believe that she exists. And now you’ll come here telling me this nonsense?
Franco: That is absolutely the thing! That is why too I wanted to tell this story slowly! My God!

Aurora calmed down and leaned back in the seat.

Aurora: Go, continue.
Franco: *Sigh* Why am I even in love with you?

And two ice spikes suddenly flew above his head and blown his helmet off.

Franco: God! What the hell’s wrong with you this day?
Aurora: I woke so early in the morning because of you. I have so many things to do. I haven't even eaten yet. You’re beating around the bush and talking nonsense. Did you want to ask more?
Franco: Geez.., We took the egg. The sea suddenly became clean again. Lapu-Lapu thank me with tons of fish. We sailed off to look for someone who can take care of the large egg since we don't know what it is yet. But in the middle of the journey, the egg hatched but nothing was inside. Is it how you like for me to tell you?
Aurora: Better. Continue.
Franco: We thought it is now trash so we throw the eggshell in the sea. Afterward, strange things happening to my entire fleet. One by one my comrades started committing suicide. Slicing their throat. Jumping off the sea and not swimming back up. And one night... that one night… and…
Aurora: And…?
Franco: I had a dream. In that specific dream, I talked with a beautiful woman and we had so much fun. We did things… well, things that… you know…
Aurora: I don't want to know. Continue.
Franco: My dream was just short and that I know that her name is Lilith. She told it to me. It was such a good dream. Never had a dream as good as that in my entire life. Then when I woke up, I was on a shore. When I looked around where I was, I saw my entire crew holding their weapons and looked so scared by something. They then called my name a few times and I answered. They suddenly burst into tears and I asked them what the hell is happening. It has been a month since I talked back to them, they say. And the most horrible part is that I did so many things and commanded them with the worst things I can't imagine i can do.
Aurora: You’re starting to go back to talking nonsense now.
Franco: I know, right? It is a kind of nonsense... But it actually happened. I wiped out an entire village of Naga people.
Aurora: YOU DID WHAT!?

Aurora stood up in shock and Franco bowed his head in shame. The Nagas are water spirits that are so rare and hard to find. However, records stated that they helped humans on so many occasions of accidents in the sea. It is also indicated in the records that they managed to hide from the world through their immense magic and that there are entities who are seeking them.

Aurora: How in the first place did you manage to find them!?
Franco: I don't know! I don't have any memory of anything i did! My crew explained everything to me and I was in shock!
Aurora: You do know the impact of what you did, don't you?
Franco: That is why I said earlier it is urgent. I rushed here right after everything of it happened. Then, Edward told me about the most evil thing i did. While i was asleep or what you call it, I commanded them to sacrifice an innocent Naga girl for me as soon as we reached the Naga Village. In which they greatly opposed but can’t stop me. They also said that I needed that Naga’s blood.
Aurora: What the hell would you do with a Naga’s Blood? You’re not even a Magic-user...

Aurora suddenly went silent about what she realized.

Franco: You remember when I told you i dreamed about Lilith? We theorized that she somehow controlled me while giving me a sweet dream. You wanna know what we encountered in the middle of the sea on the way here? A dark-skinned little Naga girl… laughing... We tried fighting that serpent and managed to do some damage. I guess it takes time to get used to her new body.
Aurora: What have you done, Franco. I let you read the book about her when you were healing your wounds here. Can you remember that she is hunting Nagas on her reign because of their unlimited and powerful magic?
Franco: Yes, and that is why… I really don’t know what to do now. I wanted to seek help from you since you are the closest one from me at the time and the one who knew Lilith too other than me and my crew.
Aurora: We should let the Moniyan Empire know about this.
Franco: About that too. You know that I can't go there because I am still in bad terms with Tigreal, right?
Aurora: Yes, because of the perverted things you did to Fanny and Natalia.
Franco: Oh, Come on! It was an accident!
Aurora: However, the whole council is now busy because of the Twilight Orb, You already heard about it?
Franco: Yes, the conflict about that contractor who persists to protect it.
Aurora: I am actually going to the Empire today since the King called for a meeting for that conflict. I might as well as let them know about this. I am still wondering how Lilith… wait, it might be because of the First Twilight Orb resurfaced? How about you? What will you do now?
Franco: I will go hunting for a venomous black snake. Thank you for this, Aurora. This will be the second time I owe you.
Aurora: If you have wounded people, let them rest. Stay here in the Kingdom for a while and set sail when you are all good. I will need you to report everything to me firsthand on what will you discover and get on your hunt.
Franco: I will, my Queen.

Aurora finished as many tasks she can do in the morning and set out for the Moniyan Empire in the afternoon.


On the southernmost part of the land of dawn lies the territory of the darkness, the abyssal void, the dark forest, the dark elf’s land. On top of one of the high mountains near the seemingly endless sea, rested a petite image of a black serpent. Drenched and wet by the seawater.

Lilith: Damn that... old fart!... Just how far... did i... traveled...?

Lilith looked up in the sky and studied the sun, the land and the sea.

Lilith: The southwest, huh...? So far... First task... done, two... more to go. Find the Chaos Power... and invade that... traitor Abyssal Spirit... You... will definitely... pay for what you... did!

Then in a far distance, Lilith noticed some movements. As if there’s an army of ants or whatever going into a vast forest. After minutes of resting, she decided to start her journey for the Chaos Power and then, her eyes widened in shock. She suddenly felt a strong presence of what she is looking for. She looked in the direction where the presence came from.

Lilith: The forest, huh...? So…  those ants might have... already known. No…  you... will not get it before... me...!

Lilith hurriedly crawled her way to the dense dark forest below. Upon reaching the outskirts of the forest, she saw what seems to be monsters that are feasting on to something. She realized that these monsters are being commanded and that they are the Abyss Spirit’s minions. She tried to look for their commander. She needs to be careful since she just had her body and doesn't know how to fully move or use its magic. However, she can’t find her target. Instead, she found a little girl crying on the side and she can smell the Chaos Power within that girl. She smirked.

Lilith: What a lucky... day! Hihi Hi!.. HAHA HA…  HAHA!  This will be…  easy.

She then slowly slithers to the side of the girl and tried to help her when she suddenly noticed what that girl is crying for. Then, in that moment, an unexplainable event occurred inside her. She feels so much hurt watching the hurl crying. “Am i sympathizing? Damn this body!”. She then thought of something she can do if her current body is acting like this, she will then just simply help the little girl first.

Lilith: Ah...! What do we... have here. So... this is now the... faces of the… minions of that…. stinky Abyssal Spirit, huh...?

Luna faced the direction as to where the voice came from and she heard slithers, like a snake passing by her side.

Lilith: Don’t worry baby... i... got you... now…. It would be a waste if I... let you… a precious thing... perish here.

Hope comes in unexpected ways, Luna thought and she smiled. She then heard the voice laughed and laughed so hard in a distance and all of the noise from the monsters were gone. Luna unconsciously smiled for the victory and asked the voice to help her mother.

Lilith: Your... mother? Who? Where….? You... have someone with you...? Oh! Yeah… I guess you... mean that human...

Luna’s eyes widened in shock and more black blood gushed out. She again broke into tears. She lost all of her strength, almost fainting, and fell on her knees. But, as she was crying all of her heart out, a hand touched her hand. She knew it was Mother’s hand. She Knew the feeling of it. The softness and the love. She hurriedly looked up to try and hug her...

Lilith: I’m sorry... my dear... This the only.... thing that's left of her… Your... mother they... were feasting on her… before i... come here...

Luna never felt so much sadness before. She hugged her mother’s hands so tight it almost broke into pieces. She cried and shouted with all of her strength in mad and anger. The whole Dark Forest were covered with Luna’s howling of hate and tears. She swore and cursed everyone she could see in her head.


As Luna’s losing all her strength after all the shouting and crying, something slither on her body. The snake’s body is wrapping all over her.

Lilith: Hush now... my child... Things do happen and…. there’s nothing you can… do to stop it. but what you can.... do now… is revenge! But now that you... don’t have your... sight and you're... fragile as a cockroach... what can you... do?

Luna: Help me. HELP ME! I will give you everything you want and need just help me!
Lilith: Well... you see.... I came here to…. devour that Lunox’s Dark Husk’s body…. You know... to be my own... for me to have a... body and so that i could use the.... maximum of my abilities... After all… that’s a body with chaos powers… Hihi Hihi hi!.... and i want and need it! And you happened to....  say that you will give me everything I want and need… right…?

Luna was lost for words. This snake needs and wants to eat her. Luna then asked if there’s something else she can do.

Lilith: Well…. I… have a question for you.... Are you… willing to sacrifice everything for… your cause…?
Lilith: Hihi hihi! Hi...Hihi! HAHA! Fine, then I… will take two of your… arms and two of your… legs… Deal…?
Luna: (Short pause) Deal…

Lilith laughed so hard that Luna’s being annoyed and stopped her. Asking what’s her name first before she serve what the voice needs. She answered Lilith and that she was the Aethernal Spirit. The very first entity to own and rule the world’s darkness. Lilith then touched Luna’s hand and Luna gritted her teeth. Lilith calmed her down stated that it is not yet time. Instead, Lilith guided Luna’s hands to touch something on the ground. It's a small cold round hard thing. Lilith told Luna that she placed 4 of them on the ground and that she must wish for 4 things. She will then grant them in exchange for Luna’s 2 arms and 2 legs.

Luna touched the two stones with both hands and breathed in heavily...

Luna: I want something… a power. A power to protect and defend myself and everyone whose dear in me. A power to eradicate all of my enemies!

Lilith smirked and suddenly Luna felt so much pain on her legs. The stone became a creature and started devouring her legs. The slow pain caused so much agony on her that she would scream so hard. Soon after the eating finishes, a shroud of dark mist surrounds her and it summons what seems to be metals because it clatters after falling on the ground. Luna touches them and recognizes countless shields with heavy artillery armaments installed in them. Luna is still catching her breath up from what she just experienced. Being eaten alive, as a child, and she still needs to do it over again. Having no legs now, she rolled on the ground to touch again the remaining 2 more stones.

Luna: Ughhh… 3rd is… I want the power of wisdom and mastery of my new power!

The 3rd stone right away turned into the creature and started eating her left arm. It was slow and painful that Luna thought she won't make it anymore. Then, she remembered her happy days while still in the village. The everyday content of life. Those smiles and hugs from the people whenever she gives them her favorite Sticky Candy Pops.

Luna: The fourth is…

She is now on the verge of sleeping out the pain. She thought she would not survive anymore and then she smiled.

Luna: ...ticky Candy Pops.... Many… many… limitless candy pops…
Lilith: HAH...! HAHAHA…! YOU”RE… INSANE! You… could have wished to fix yourself or eyesight! Are you really dying!?
Luna: I know… you will not let me… die… you still need… this body… remember..? I need… my candies… to give to you… to thank you… for this chance… and this power…
Lilith: (Speechless) *Gulp* I… like you… kid…

Luna smiled and fell into a deep sleep while the fourth stone is eating her right arm. Then magically, Lilith grew arms and legs in her body. She enjoyed her newly acquired Chaos body. She tried jumping and punching. She partied all the way. Looking down on the ground, the Helpless, limbless body of Luna all covered in blood with the shields at her side.

Lilith: You... cunning little girl... I... will now give you... a small gift… Use it… well…

Lilith then stood up and went on her journey using her feet. She is smiling along the way while feeling the earth. “It’s been so long,” she thought. She wandered the southernmost Land of Dawn to try and find information when she stumbled an unusual case along the way in a desert with red sand. Up in the air is a huge blazing monster. She looked deeply as to what is happening and why this monster’s floating. She then saw the reason. This monster isn't floating, it is stuck onto something. She can't help herself but laugh at the scene. The fire monster is stuck half of its body in a dimensional hole. Lilith then recognized that hole is made by Chaos Power.

Thamuz: You! You insolent insect! What are you laughing at? Don't you know me? Everyone in the entire South knows the powerful General, Thamuz! Now, help me here!
Lilith: Help… you…? Me…? Do you… know what situation you’re… in…? You are… so proud to a… mere minion of that… Stinking Abyssal traitor… I… will help you… but let me ask you… a question…
Thamuz: How dare you ask me a question! Put me down here!
Lilith: Still prideful, eh…? Do you… really wanted me… to help you…?
Thamuz: Put me down and get me out of this hole!!!
Lilith: I will… if you… give me… your… soul…
Thamuz: F*** yo… AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!

So much blood then gushed out of Thamuz’ mouth as if it is a waterfall. His tongue was suddenly cut-off clean.

Lilith: you… must not talk… to your new Queen… like that... So… decide… do you want.. To live...? Or you wanted to… die being stuck like… that in there…?

Thamuz then used its fire to burn the fresh wound of her severed tongue to close it up.

Thamuz: Queen? Haha! You are INSANE!

Then, both his hands fell to the ground followed by a fall of continuous drops of blood. Thamuz screamed so much in pain that Lilith got annoyed.

Lilith: If you… don’t shut your… stinking tongueless… mouth… I will cut… off your… head next...
Thamuz: Please! Let me live! That power… That is not the dark power! Please!
Lilith: Of course… This is not the… dark power… I am… the darkness.. Itself… now… sacrifice your… soul to your new… Queen..!
Thamuz: Yes, my Queen! Just… ARRGGHHH! Save me here!

Then, his horns fell to the ground below and his blood started bathing his entire face.

Lilith: You… are not trained well… by that traitor… haven't you…? Well, let me… teach you… how to be… a good… puppy for your… Queen…
Thamuz: AARGGA!!  AARRRGHH!!! Take my soul! Take it and everythiiiiing!!!!
Lilith: Good… Puppy…

In a blink of an eye, Thamuz is now on the ground, everything is back to how he is originally. No blood, no cut wounds. As if nothing happened. Thamuz instantly summoned his weapons and tried to attack Lilith when… Lilith looked Thamuz in the eye and he can’t move at all. He never felt this way before. Fear.

Lilith smiled like a cute small girl to Thamuz.

Lilith: Good..! So, can you… lead the way to… your… previous master?

Thamuz gritted his teeth so much that it started bleeding and turned his face away. Slowly walking in front of Lilith in the direction towards the Abyssal Void.

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wow that was dark!!
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