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[Hero Concept] [Mage/Assasin] Banshee: Echoes of the Dead

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Edited by Darkflamecas at 2019-9-13 06:24 PM

Role: Mage/Assasin
Name: Banshee
Type: Locator, Crowd Control
"Can you trust the voices in your head?"
Intro Appearance: A shuffling sound can be heard. A vortex of weird shapes and forms slits open and Banshee crawls out. She then opens her mouths and shrieks in joy.
"Let my voice enter your mind."

Skin Ideas:
Echoes of the Dead
Haunted Voice
Whispering Grave

Have you heard the crying shriek
of agony and thrill in your midnight sleep?
If so you better pack and hide

Gaze to the outdoors what catches your sight?
The woods, the mountains what a spooky sight.
Now let me tell you even as a man
That there's a creature living out there.

A beast of bones and sinewed flesh
It stalks the shadows and reeks of death
Limbs and body shabby yet strong
it's strength is enough to kill a bear ten man strong

And yet that is not the scariest bit,
No, my friend it will make you sick
What true weapon it really possess
is a voice that makes your mind a mess.

Once you hear its monstrous shriek
a spell is cast and she will make you meek
Soon your perspective of the world would end
warped and twisted by her unrelenting hands

First, the whispers come
then the illusions came
reality becomes a sham
and soon your mind will cave.

Her acts are vile and terrible
her prey is weak and vulnurable
like playthings at the end of a thread
you'll be a doll hanging by a lone thread.

So now that my story comes to an end,

Some rough stats at level 1:
Attack type: Melee
Hp: 2689
Movement speed: 260
Physical attack: 200
Attack speed: 0.780
Magic defense: 10
Physical defense: 10
Mana: 2000

" Banshee. The blind horror who devours her enemies
and drive them into madness"

Passive Ability: Haunting Echolocation
Banshee does not "see" normally due to her rotted eyes. Instead she uses echolocation to navigate. Every 1.5s a "ripple" appears on the map or in the field of view in the position of the enemy but she cannot see them unless they are very close.
[Can still see allies. The prescence of the enemy can be seen in the view or map but the enemy themselves can't be seen by her unless they stand within normal view range. Basically the enemy reveal range is greatly shortened but their prescence can be seen long range. Enemy location is not revealed to allies]
Due to how fine-tuned her echolocation is she can even sense where the next skill of the enemy is going to land.
[Shows where the enemy is aiming with their skill button. Though it lags slightly= .5s delay]
The longer/more enemies are affected by Banshee's skills and attacks [Max 10s] They slowly lose their "sanity" [Stacking "Insanity" on enemies]. Resulting in reduction of damage and and increase of CD time for skills
[Max reduct=40% Max increase=10% Requires at least 6 attacks from Banshee within 10s and it lasts for 15s]
(Allows for discovering enemy locations across the map and even enhance the ability to avoid skill damage.)

Extra notes: It may be hard to get used to at first but after some play throughs you can learn to identify the possible enemies due to different classes having different "Ripple" sizes and characteristics
[Tank=max ripple size, MM= smallest, Fighter= more frequent ripples, Assasin= less frequent ripples, Mage= erratic ripples, support= orderly medium size ripples]


Skill 1:Clawed Agony [Damage,Buff]
Mana cost: 70/80/90/100/110  CD:10s
Banshee claws the area in front of her [counts as enhanced basic attack], dealing 90(+80% Magic Power)Physical Damage and shredding 5/8/11/14/17 of their Physical Defense for 5s.
While using this skill from a bush she flickers forwards and turns invisible for 3s or until she deals damage again or is hit by an attack and the skill CD is reset instantly. [Invisibility effect CD 5s, armour reduction only works on first strike. Flicker works every hit and consumes mana]
If the enemies were also in the bush, they will began to bleed for 4s, creating a blood trail that Banshee can use to regen 2% of her health every second.

(Makes lauching a second surprise attack or retreat easier. Also allows regen.)
Extra notes: Relatively short range and invisiblilty has a CD time.


Skill 2: Forebiding Call [Damage, Buff]
Mana cost:60/70/80/90  CD:10s  
Banshee emits a high pitch noise that drives enemies on an edge. A "Forebiding" mark lasting 10s is given to all enemies [A mark appears over their head and they hear a creepy laughter saying "FOOD!"]. For the mark's duration, "Insanity [passive]" can be stack at doubled amounts.
Upon activation of this skill, a new skill becomes avaliable for the next 5s. "Rip And Tear"

Rip And Tear
Banshee homes onto an enemy. She transforms into a swirling mass of jagged bones and flesh and completely covers over the enemy.
For the next 5s she continues swirling around the target and does not receive any damage. Instead her host takes the damage dealt to her instead.
Her swirling form also deals damage to an area around her, 60(+50% Magic Power)Physical Damage per second.
The "host" can attempt to shake her off by flickering or CCing the area around themselves.

(Buffs passive effects and provides a deadly new skill.)
Extra notes: When in swirling flesh mode, Banshee is unable to control her movements. Also when swirling around the enemy, the host "disappears" from the map [If they tap the "gather" icon they can still show their location on the map.]

Old skil 2:
Banshee shrieks with delight and marks a target [A mark appears over their head and they hear a creepy laughter saying "FOOD!"]. For the next 5s Banshee's attacks against this enemy is buffed by 10% and regens her health based on the damage dealt.
While attacking in a bush her speed becomes faster by 10%.
Killing the enemy reduces the remaining CD time by 50%.


Skill 3: Chaos Symphony [CC]
Mana cost: 50/60/70/80per second  CD:15s
Banshee enshrouds herself within a destructive cacoon of sound waves. Walking into enemies pushes them away and deals 50(+60% Magic Power)Physical Damage every 1.5s.
Projectile attacks from the outside of the cacoon has reduced effects and damage [8/10/12%]
When walking into a wall with this skill the wall crumbles, leaving a hole that repairs itself after 5s.

(Extremely useful skill against mostly melee teams. Also allows for passage laying [Moses parts the way!] and solid cc effects.)
Extra notes: Requires close combat and consumes lots of mana to maintain. Unlike Akai's ult there is no CC immunity so it's very easy to get killed while engaging. Hence it is recommended to buy some defensive items too.

Old skill allowed marked enemies to pass through the cacoon

Ult skill: Cries of the Damned [CC, Burst]
Mana cost: 100/200/300 CD:30s
Banshee camoflages herself as she takes a deep breath. [3s charging] She then unleashes the cries of her victims throughout the ages in 10 long blasts of sound waves. The first one deals 100(+80% Magic Power)Magic Damage and the others are reduced by 10% per wave. With each wave [1s interval] the push back effect gets stronger and stronger [Max range, from middle of mid lane all the way to the mid lane's second turret]
When there is a wall within range of the second wave distance it will be shattered for 5s.
The skill can be cancelled early and Banshee's movement speed is reduced by 80% while the skill is active.

Skill Passive: New Additions
Each kill in game decreases the charge time until 0s are needed [10 kills]

(Terrifying burst damage and a huge cc effect though the damage and cc can't be enjoyed at once.)
Extra notes:It takes time to reach all 10 waves. Use the first few for damage and the last to push back enemies so you can go heal. When the charge time is reduced, the amount of camoflage time also reduces.


The scent of fresh meat gives me cravings hehehe.

Who I am? You don't need to know heh
The hunger...I must FEED.
The souls stir in my belly, would you join them?

Death :
I want to eat...
This is not who i am...

Personal note:
Had a brilliant thought of this crazy creature after seeing Excaliburn20's blind hero concept

and i decided to do a somewhat blind hero with echolocation and things went a bit wild after that.

I have a perfect image of this creature in my head and will try to draw it after my exams, so hold ya nightlights ready. xD
[Switches my nightlight on]

Edits: I decided Banshee was too reliant on basic attacks and decided to buff her skills a bit [s2,s3,ult]

 Author| Post time 2019-9-13 06:20 PM | Show all posts
RoyalFrog replied at 2019-9-13 01:31 AM
great work man .i especially like her ulti.BTW thnx for sharing with us

Thank you too!
Post time 2019-9-13 01:08 AM | Show all posts
Eow nice and original idea, i like it, you should rly submit it to costumer service,I especially like padsive and ult :D
Post time 2019-9-13 01:31 AM | Show all posts
great work man .i especially like her ulti.BTW thnx for sharing with us
Post time 2019-9-13 07:51 AM | Show all posts
i am laughing by her 2nd skill. its called food lol. i like the skill set and passive but her Ultimate shouldn't immobilize her. because she is not op. but if her ultimate immobilize her it would have less effect. she should be able to charge the ultimate while moving. a bur can be implemented so the enemies can see it too.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-13 06:19 PM | Show all posts
StreetGamer replied at 2019-9-13 01:08 AM
Eow nice and original idea, i like it, you should rly submit it to costumer service,I especially lik ...

Thx xD Though these days i am getting a bit lazy to post to Customer service lol.
It's quite annoying to go from laptop to mobile to copy the link, open the app and post with images all the time so i don't really post my concepts to them anymore. I just create them for fun.

[They shoulld really make it accessible from here 030]
 Author| Post time 2019-9-13 06:22 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-9-13 07:51 AM
i am laughing by her 2nd skill. its called food lol. i like the skill set and passive but her Ultima ...

"Because she is not op"
Alrite, taking your comment into account i decided to buff her slightly, and give her some movement to her ult. How is it now? xD
[Am just joking btw, better underpowered then godlike OP xD]
Post time 2019-9-16 06:43 AM | Show all posts
Wow, I mean her passive which tells her where her enemies are aiming is ridiculously unique! Please nerf the lag thought as 5 secs is a ridicoulous amount,.. make it more like 0.5 secs.
I think she is more of a fighter rather than assassin.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-16 05:18 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-20 10:09 PM
TheScreamer01 replied at 2019-9-16 06:43 AM
Wow, I mean her passive which tells her where her enemies are aiming is ridiculously unique! Please  ...

It's actually IS 0.5s there just that i typed it as .5
Sorry for my misleading typing habits xD
It's interesting though, why do you think of her to be more like a fighter?
TheScreamer01 replied at 2019-9-16 06:43 AM
Wow, I mean her passive which tells her where her enemies are aiming is ridiculously unique! Please  ...

I see your point, though i made her an assasin due to how the passive effects helps with ambushes.
I guess it's my love of cc that made her appear to be more of a fighter lol


Im not entiely sure, butvshe has cc in her skills and aoe damage instead of assassinating capabilites  Post time 2019-9-16 06:32 PM
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