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[Hero Concept] Lyssa - Mad Chibi (An Isekai Hero based on Anime)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-16 02:50 PM

*Okay, I can't wait to post this for tomorrow so I will just gonna do it now. LOL. This will be my last Hero Concept for now. I will finish all of the rest of the Background stories first then I will work on my NEW HERO CONCEPT which is a Buffer, Debuffer and Crowd Control.

Lyssa Parafron
Mad Chibi

Role: Marksman
Specialty: Damage / Reap

Oh, God of Madness and Frenzy...
Lyssa has 3 magazines with 10 bullets each in her M249 SAW Machine Gun. She can continuously shoot all of her bullets until she consumes all bullets as long as she doesn't move, increasing her Physical Damage by 5% and Physical Penetration by 15 each magazine consumed. Her reload time will depend on how many magazines she consumes: 1sec reload time for 1 magazine, 1.5secs reload time for 2 magazines, and 2secs reload time for 3 magazines. She must consume a magazine first before she can reload. If Lyssa managed to consume all her bullets in a single enemy target, increase Movement Speed by 30% for 2secs.

Oh, God of Sacrifice and Martyr...               
Buff    Burst
Cooldown: 8.5          Mana Cost: 10
Lyssa will sacrifice 200 HP to pray to one of her Gods and bless her physicalities, increasing her movement speed by 50% for 3secs. If she will come in contact with an enemy hero while running, she will climb onto that enemy target's back and will stay there for 4secs and can’t climb off during the duration. She can then do her continuous basic attack at that specific enemy and can only climb off the target if all of her magazines are consumed and/or she killed that target. If she killed her target enemy hero while being climbed, she will gain another Movement Speed Increase by 50% for 2secs.

(Use Again) If Lyssa’s HP dropped to 30% and below while being climbed on her target, you can use this skill again to cast a sacrificial prayer for 1.5secs and Lyssa will self-explode dealing 700 (+250% Total Physical Power) points of True Damage to the target enemy hero unit and 600 (+150% Total Physical Power) points of True Damage to other enemies around.

Oh, Goddess of the Lost and Hidden...               AoE   DPS
Cooldown: 8.5           Mana Cost: 80
(Passive) Lyssa will pray to one of her Goddesses to bless her senses. She can then track the positions of all enemy units around for 3secs and will lock on to 5 or 10 of them, including minions.

(Active) Use this skill to shoot a rain of fire on the locked enemies dealing 130 (+60% Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage each shot, only 50% damage on minions and consuming 1 magazine each skill use. If there are only 5 locked enemies, each enemy will get 2 shots each. You can use this skill up to twice. She can’t move while shooting and the shots can be avoided. You can’t activate this skill if you only tracked less than 5 enemy units.

Oh, God of Destruction and Annihilation...                  AoE  Burst
Cooldown: 44.0       Mana Cost: 130
Lyssa will pray to one of her Gods to bless her gun and her next basic attack will be enhanced with Explosion Magic and gains 15% Range Increase. Consuming all 30 bullets as price and it will deal 700/980/1290 (+150 Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage, greatly knocks back the enemy target and slightly knocks back Lyssa. It will then cause a huge explosion that deals 400/550/700 (+110 Total Physical Power) points of Physical Damage to other enemies in a fan-shaped area at the back of the target and slowing them down by 80% for 2secs.

How her 3rd skill looks like

Activating her 2nd skill

* These images are Google grabbed. This is an effort to try and visualize the hero concept. Credits to Youjo Senki.
*I can't upload another reference image I have since it is already at the maximum limit.

Post time 2019-9-13 07:58 AM | Show all posts
the skill set are good. but her passive needs some buff
she should be able to move while reloading all the time.
don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. also provide this thread link.


Done editing! Lol. Thank you!  Post time 2019-9-13 01:02 PM
Post time 2019-9-14 01:21 AM | Show all posts
This is really nice hero concept. her skill really nice, specially skill1 & skill3 (personal opinion) btw thank for sharing with us & submit it to in game customer support as a suggestion.


I already did! I hope they will notice it. :D  Post time 2019-9-14 05:26 AM
Post time 2019-9-16 06:50 AM | Show all posts
Haha! Nice, really fun to play with
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