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[Share] Op Hero? or Weak player?

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-11 01:49 PM

I will not be beating around the bush here. I am seeing a lot of people complaining about heroes that are OP and what-not.

Well, the definition of "OP Heroes" for me is that hero that is easy to use and can easily kill. Can you give an example? Maybe Kimmy when she was released and Harith when he was released. Or maybe Aurora, perhaps? For me, she is really easy to use and can 1 combo kill almost everyone!

Now, If in-game you managed to play your favorite hero, might even be a Meta Autoban Hero, and yey! You're happy when you got to play it Ranked Game. Then suddenly 10mins in the game you're currently being eaten by a non-meta hero. 1-5-0.

Then you'll be screaming and shouting: "What the F*** and H*** is wrong with this hero? This is so OP!"

Let's take a look at this, if you can give me an example of my definition of "OP HERO" then that will be good, that might definitely be a good hero. Now, if that hero is so hard to use and needs practice (e.g. Fanny, Gusion, Kagura, Kimmy, Etc.) I included Kimmy because of her fucking shooting style that I really hate (because I can't smoke well while playing her), then if that hero in-game is killing you lots of times and is really good, then THAT HERO is not the OP! It is the Player that is OP!

Then you start complaining and running your balls thru different platforms online to complain about these "OP HEROES". Come on guys, I know you're better than this.

Spells, Items, Strategies, Teamwork (well, not applicable if you're solo sometimes), and skills. You can definitely kill Chou using Nana. Or kill Harith using Grock. There's even this famous Facebook Live Player who managed to counter Harith using Layla!

I am not that expert but there are so many ways. As they say, even businessmen say, that if you really love what you're doing, you will do everything to be good at it!

If you're complaining with all of your ass on this game, should I question then how much you love this game? or are you playing this game just for the sake?

I am no good at all with this game, never played MOBA before ML comes. I am also a salaryman who doesn't have all the time to play. But hey! I love this game! And I am doing everything I can to learn and as much as possible master the hero I love! (Main Gusion here, second is Aurora, third is Alpha). And damn! I know and confident I can kill your "OP HEROES" as much as I wanted to.

So, where do you stand? Or did I hit a nerve on you?

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Edited by DennisST at 2019-9-11 02:18 PM

In every tier one of team sure pick meta heroes like esmerel, harith, lylia, xborg and etc even they cant control this heroes, they thought they can win easily but not. so yeah, its really need teamwork, good communication. In Moba 1 seconds is so meaningful to win matches, if you late for 1 seconds and you can lose or death so its really need best teamwork not just using OP heroes you can win with easily even if you good at this heroes. Just like @BD007 said "The real meta heroes is your favorite heroes and skills".


It is seldom for us solo player to see people who will help us, especially if you're using assassin or mage. Most of the time you need to do double effort to win  Post time 2019-9-11 05:18 PM
Yep playing solo is like "you go alone, die alone" xD  Post time 2019-9-11 04:26 PM
Absolutely! However, some of us like me is a solo player. Sometimes the word "Teamwork" doesnt apply to us Lol.  Post time 2019-9-11 04:11 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 03:51 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ozgunlu at 2019-9-11 03:53 PM

You should pick fast farmer hero like kimmy, helcurt, hayabusa etc.
It is all about how fast you farm, if you want to dominate game.

Yesterday, i dominated the game with Saber. Cuz i farmed 8k when they 4k.

You need to learn how to fast farm.


yes, if enemy has no master of meta hero :)  Post time 2019-9-11 04:12 PM
Yes! Of course, core idea also is to know your role. And if you can master it, even non-meta heroes can dominate. right?  Post time 2019-9-11 04:10 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 06:25 PM | Show all posts
Every hero can be op in right hands, and income of game is not only determined by op heros, its how good u gang, if u have a lot of hgeros with high splash dmg u should insist on teamfights, how good players are at farming, do they can steall enemy team farm, are they taking objectives *turrets, lord, turtle*, i dont love so much teamfights, and i dont love to stay so far away from turret, so heros i love heros like lasley, eudora, nana, aurora... Play his game in way u like mostly, so i am like trow everything u have and run away type of player, but if u are good at it u can easili kill heros like marksmans and mages and supports, everyone have their own tactic :D


Right! Righit? But then there are people who are complaining about heroes being OP rather than looking for heroes suitable to counter those OP heroes. Right?  Post time 2019-9-12 12:51 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 11:05 PM | Show all posts
I bought Leomord with fragments recently, I really suck at using him dying about 6 times a game.  But I luck into double and triple kills just from the strength of his spam skills.  And he's not even the most OP hero

The argument is never can a low tier hero beat a top overused meta hero.  It's always how hard the non meta hero has to work just to be at even footing with the OP heroes


YES! You're absolutely right! And when you master that hero, i am pretty sure one of your enemies will shout again "LEOMORD IS SO OP! NERF HIM!".  Post time 2019-9-12 12:53 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 11:15 PM | Show all posts
So if i am honest, this meta for me as a fanny main really is not fun at all (not the meta itself but just playing fanny in it) and even so i can usually kill most “meta” heroes as fanny you just need to be able to farm properly and secure early kills and rotate (as sidelaner) to the midlane to take extra gold

So yeah i think i can relate to this thread and agree with most things
Post time 2019-9-12 08:53 AM | Show all posts
I've already reached 31 heroes with "Expert Badge" and as far as I understand regarding this post. You're not wrong. It's the players who are legitimately weak. Like seriously weak...
It takes a lot of matches to fully understand and fully grasp the concept of a hero, which makes one become a dangerous force. Though brutally speaking, a lot of dumb players tend to pay attention to the smaller mechanics and never expand itself to play better. (i.e. "If we kill, we can win", "If I use this combo correctly, I'll succeed", "Always join team fight to win") Making a variety of skills and extra mechanics of certain heroes to be irrelevant.

This includes the use of strategies, drafts, combos, tactics, positioning and pretty much other aspects in one hero for it to be good. Communication is one thing, but it always leads to people screaming each other and sometimes one or two people in that team will be stubborn. Heck, I met too many superiority complexes in most matches and I'm not surprised if their stupidity's the main reason why the match is lost.

I would advise not to just watch replays of experienced players, and try to read what the hell kind of skill you are using. Because you may have another idea on how to use that skill aside from doing repetitive combos every 250 matches.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-12 12:57 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-20 10:05 PM
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-9-11 11:15 PM
So if i am honest, this meta for me as a fanny main really is not fun at all (not the meta itself bu ...

The Meta right now are SKILL USERS with LOW COOLDOWN. That is why I am using Aurora as my 2nd main to counter them late game. For assassins, the only killing meta thing to us is stun. Nothing else and that's it. In team fights, we are almost useless if the enemy team has stunner or disabler. We cannot dive and whatnot.

I can feel you but we know the style on how assassins work. And did we complain about heroes being OP since they are killing us assassins? No! We thrive hard instead! Right?
Yunozaki replied at 2019-9-12 08:53 AM
I've already reached 31 heroes with "Expert Badge" and as far as I understand regarding this post. Y ...

Damn! I love this reply! Yes, same with my Aurora.

Hahaha! I wanted to share this with you guys. IDK what server you are from but me in PH, every single effing time I use Aurora in Ran Game, they will be shouting and screaming chats at me that I am stupid and dumb and whatnot and that I should use Lunox, or lylia, or some meta mages. Then when I see the composition of the enemy team, it has good CC! they have disabler! They even have burst damage! and I always like, "You wanted me to be a damage dealer on that team?"

No! I will rather CC them here and there to stop them and make them back up rather than letting them what they will do! right?

And the funniest thing is their reactions every end of the match. I am getting most kills and getting MVP. sometimes even carrying the team. LOL. not bragging but Aurora can counter almost meta heroes because of her 2nd skill.

As they say, you better be scared if you cant Aurora on the map.
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