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[Lore & Novel] This is how Mother of Layla survived that Night Attack...

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Born in the Land of Dawn's City of Scholars, Eruditio. The eldest child of the Royal House of Hestiaryx. Next Queen to Eruditio's throne. A childhood friend of Dr. Rooney and a mother to Layla.

At a young age, she possesses extreme talents in almost all aspects. Excels in both academically and athletically. The entire Moniyan Empire sees her as a total beauty and brains, a prodigy. She was enrolled at the prestigious "Eruditio's Institution of Sciences" by her father. Her father dreamed of her to be the greatest Queen someday but... Earthyl wanted something else.

On the academy, she met Rooney, a total genius in mechanical science and advance technology but was only academically 2nd on the entire rankings on Earthyl at the time. They were brought together by their sense of inventions and innovations. They become such close friends and admired each other's capabilities. There's no hidden frustration between the two and they then collaborated on projects only they can do.

Her mother was once a professor on the Magic Academy in which her mother kept secret to everybody else since her father doesn't believe that magic can help the Empire. In early age, she discovered the truth about her mother and loved magic too. Later in the academy, while they were studying mechanical science, she taught if "Can we combine technology with magic?". Rooney didn't discard the idea and just nodded (...and which is also the basis of Kimmy’s ideas in the future).

Right after graduating as an Elite Top 1 Scholar of the institution, she was signed in by her father to Eruditio's elite guardian corps. Stating that it will be the best way for her to learn leadership skills. She can't do anything to what her father has to say and just worked hard on it. With less effort, she became one of the captains in just a year. She was then given the option to continue serving the City or to serve the Empire. If she chooses the latter, she needs to enter The Moniyan Empire's Military University. Which she doesn't like the idea but her father forcefully signed her in any way.

It wasn't all in vain. She learned that the academy's library has a shelf for studies on magic innovations. What's gotten her interest is the Laser Magic and Artillery Magic Book, a study on how to use magic for super long-ranged damage and military purposes. A stumble of chances and she met [Layla's Father], who was interested in heavy artillery and firearm studies that happen to be in the same shelf as Earthyl's books. The reason and the spark of their story.

While on the University, she would sneak out on Sundays to study at the Magic Academy as a technical student. She used her mother's connections to keep everything in secret. She was then introduced to Gord to be her secret instructor and met his apprentice, the young Valir. She wanted to learn the basics of magic for her to further understand and utilize what's in the Magic Book she discovered in the University. Gord assisted her with her technical studies and even agreed to share some basic arcane knowledge to her.

Years passed of hardships, sleepless nights and endeavors, she graduated as the top student of the University with astounding grades and results. Her father right away arranged her contract for the Moniyan Empire Military thru his General Friend (Kimmy’s Father).

Throughout her service, she had many friends and colleagues, including the Knight-Captain of the Imperial Capital's Mosennia - Tigreal, Blades of Freedom - Fanny, Church of Light's Proud Assassin - Natalia and the Kung-Fu Master - Chou. Earthyl always believed in innovations and the idea of combining magic and technology. She befriended some of the greatest minds in the world: The founders of Lab 1718, Dr. Gogh (Angela's story) and even Professor Henry of the Dawn Council (Jawhead’s Story). She took part of the Lab 1718's pioneer experiments on how to strengthen a human's body and even gives insights on how to create a super humanoid for warfare (Saber, Angela, Alpha & Beta). She never thought that all of this will be part of the lab's plans for their future. Professor Henry and Dr. Gogh love Earthyl's eagerness to take part in their projects because of her uniquely sturdy body, her first-hand experience in the battlefield and her passion for innovation. Some of the Lab's and the Doctor’s specimens are Earthyl's spoils of war.

Earthyl retired from the military service at a young age of 20 to give birth. They stayed and lived happily in Eruditio together with their lovely baby girl. Time passes by and [Layla's Father] became the most famous firearms master in the City of Scholars. Little did Earthyl know that his husband has some kind of history with the Magic Academy and spent his time researching the ultimate firearm technology that would be more powerful than anything possessed by the Academy.

Earthyl never hated the idea, but was hesitant because of his overwhelming obsession is devouring him. Even going to the point that he would never eat nor sleep just to finish a project. Then, his husband discovered a piece of stone that can help him in his quest and it can be found in the Southern Abyss. Her eyes widened in shock. She's been there, on one of her missions when she was in the military.

She did everything she could to stop her husband but he still insisted ongoing. He then embarked on the journey and later came home successfully with the stone. She's happy and sad at the same time. She knew of the possibilities that would fall on them... and she wasn't wrong.

The Lord of the Abyss commanded a sneak attack on them to retrieve the stone. She took the young Layla and ran to the underground hideout that they built in case of any emergencies. But little did Earthyl know that [Layla's Father] sneaked the magic stone in Layla's pocket and the Abyssal creatures detected the stone and attacked them first. Her husband lost all reasoning and took off.

Through her battlefield instincts, she knew why they were chased before her husband. She grabbed Layla's pockets, found the magic stone and run out to try and save the poor Layla. Earthyl fought hard to drive the enemies away and managed to kill dozens of the Abyssal minions. Suddenly, one mysterious creature went in front and all other minions backed down. A dark creature that's covered in a dark mist aura. So black that she can't see its face, wears a hood, super sharp blades attached to its arms and a long black tail that smells poison.

An intense clash of speed and agility ignites but after minutes passed, her left leg and right arm were cut-off clean. She can't follow the creature's movements as if it is moving through space and time itself. Though she managed to inflict huge damage to the creature, she knew it was not enough to stop it. Layla saw the scene and used the cannon that her father made. It made a huge explosion in which, fortunately, made the creatures turn back after picking the magic stone.

Lolita, Captain of City Guards of Eruditio, saw [Layla's Father] running out of the city. She tried to catch up to him but he's gone so fast. Soon after, smoke burst out from Earthyl's house. It was the explosion due to the attack that Layla made to defend using the Malefic Cannon. Lolita rushed hurriedly to the direction of the smoke.

Just in time that night, Saber, who came to Eruditio to ask for help from Earthyl (by Dr. Rooney's commands) to help and repair Alpha and save Beta, also saw the smoke. He then dashed through the city at full speed to check what happened. He knew that the smoke's direction is where Earthyl's family lives.

Lolita held Earthyl who was drenched in blood on the ground outside and Saber jumped at the burning house to save Layla that was trapped inside. The two were saved successfully and the attackers were never found, not a single trace.

Saber reported what happened right away to Dr. Rooney. The doctor then instructed Saber to bring Earthyl's body to his research lab in Antoinerei as fast as he could after patching her wounds to stop more blood loss. Lolita was then entrusted with Layla to send the poor girl to Moniyan Empire to be healed further.

Earthyl was saved by the doctor and were given Advanced Mechanical Automail leg and arm that's specially infused with high dense materials made from his own invented Special Device (which will later be stolen by The Thief King - Claude). The physical recovery took over a year though because of the poison from Helcurt's stinger mixed with Malefic Infection by the Abyss Magic Stone.

Not long after Earthyl's waking up and recovery. The two teamed up in the lab to try and recover Beta's consciousness in which they were successful. She also invented her own version of Beta's new form for herself to use. A pair of gold and black colored miniature A.I.S.A.s (Artificially Intelligent Satellite Aircraft) she named "Forcius". Her mechanical leg was enhanced by Dr. Rooney thru her request for mobility and she then learned advanced skills from the Protector of Antoinerei - Bruno.

Angela known Earthyl as a skilled veteran in the first Abyssal Attack. She then collected all of this info about Earthyl into a blueprint and sent Dr. Rooney a proposal. With the help of Saber and Alpha, Dr. Rooney finished the product just in time for Earthyl to go out and venture the Land of Dawn to find her daughter.

It is a pair of specialized gloves, colored gold and white, that is continuously linked to Dr. Rooney's Special Device and is Magic Absorbent. Meaning, it has Magic emblem in it that will read the user's magical signature to enhance itself for more power. When asked by Earthyl what would she call her gift, Angela replied, "The Challenger".

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thats pretty detailed explanation  


Well, yeah. It is not an explanation but kind of a story. Lol.  Post time 2019-9-11 01:02 PM
Well, yeah. It is not an explanation but kind of a story. Lol.  Post time 2019-9-11 12:49 PM
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This seems like a great story, will definitely take my time to read it in the evening


Nice! Thank you for that!  Post time 2019-9-12 01:06 PM
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