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[Lore & Novel] ❝ʜᴀɴᴀʙɪ❞//Chosen By Dawn

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The kunai hit the center of the target with a satisfying 'thud'. The other kids sending in a semi-circle around the court cheered. Hanabi pretended she didn't care, yet she posed, with one hand on her hip and her head held high.

"Your daughter is simply amazing, your highness! Her aim is better than most of the teenage groups! And she's only five!" The teacher praised.

Hanabi's mother, who was overlooking the lesson. She gave a tiny nod, to which Hanabi just rolled her eyes.

"I need more of a challenge, mother!" She said at dinner, "I'm prepared to take on any of those stupid demons! I can hunt down the Shadow that killed father!"

The room suddenly became silent. Hanabi dared to take a peek at her mother's expression. Her mother looked at her food, unmoving but Hanabi knew the death of her husband had ruined her. It was less than a year ago when the Rogue Shadow had killed him. Hanabi could still vividly remember the sobs when her mother thought she was sleeping.

She knew she had to apologize, but her word about taking on stronger foes was firm. She left the room in a huff and put on her footwear. A row of kunais and shurikens was prepared by the maids, outside the house, as they always had been. She took them in her hands and climbed up onto the roof of the house with dextrous movements and acrobatics.

She had ordered the maids to set up poles on top of the houses. They were etched with the wounds of her shuriken and kunai points. Her mother had told her not to practice on the roofs of others', but the training area was used by the peasants. On some nights, there would even be sweaty, middle-aged men practicing.

Royalty obviously shouldn't be mixed with the lower classes, Hanabi had always protested. If she didn't demolish her father's dojo, this wouldn't be the case.

She had no idea why her mother thought stopping her from becoming a ninja was a good idea. Her interest was sparked when her father first let her hold a kunai when she was three. Her mother panicked, but Hanabi never harmed herself.

If anything, training herself to be the strongest ninja would enable her to avoid the path her father took. It was weakness that caused his death. Not being a ninja.

Hanabi extended her hands, three shurikens in the gaps of her fingers. She spun, releasing them.

A quiet but satisfying swoosh filled the air as they flew. She heard each of them hit the poles in succession. She was supposed to hear six thuds, but she only heard five tonight.

Hanabi spun around to the target the sixth was supposed to hit. And there, a figure was standing. It had caught the last shuriken between its first and second finger. Hanabi could only tell from the moonlight reflected by the shiny shuriken, otherwise the figure was a shadow.

A threat, huh?

She narrowed her eyes and took out the kunai from her belt. She spun it, then held the handle with a backgrip and made a jerking action, "Come at me."

To her surprise, the figure snorted, "Are you trying to act cool or win a fight?" The figure was revealed to be male, based on his voice.

Hanabi was caught off guard, "What?"

"I saw you doing those dramatic actions of yours before throwing the shurikens. Were you trying to be some flower blooming or what?"

Her throat burned in embarrassment, "I was preparing myself!"

He scoffed in contempt. He held his first and middle finger up beneath his chin. Without warning, a shadow appeared in front of her.

While in the midst of processing what was happening, his real body filled the shadow. Hanabi had swung her kunai in an attempt to slit his throat, but the boy's hand caught hers and twisted it. Her struggle to get free promptly stopped when the cold touch of metal grazed her own throat.

The boy relaxed, and let go. Surprised by the release, she jumped backwards, but only slightly in an attempt to hide her surprise and retain some dignity. Whatever relaxation he showed was gone as quickly as he moved, and his guard was up once again. He disappeared then reappeared again, standing on the edge of the roof.

"You claim that it's preparation, yet the instant you have your back turned while you twirl like an idiot, you have no chance of counterattack. Maybe if you focused less on looking flashy, you'd be able to make it out without a hole in your chest."

The full moon was behind him, but Hanabi still couldn't see his face as it was covered by a matte black cloth.

He flickered. And disappeared.


That boy came every full moon. She had come to learn his name, Hayabusa. She had asked her mother if she knew anything about this stranger. All she knew was he was the heir to the head of the Shadow Clan, destined to kill the Rogue Shadow.

Finally, Hanabi had found a match for her age. That was the person that was going to avenge both their clans. He was strong, more than she wanted to admit, but she wasn't going to let some boy restore the dignity of her clan!

Her mother was strongly opposed to the idea of her becoming a ninja. The most she could give in was by letting her train with the common folk because apparently, "Hanabi was a lady, and she was supposed to marry off to a man".

Well, she was a princess. Who would she possibly marry that was worth taking her hand? Not any of the common folk, certainly. Though if she did tell her mother she had someone in mind instead of that, she would never be allowed to leave the house.

The few times the Scarlet and Shadow clans had meetings, they brought Hayabusa along. Without the moonlight casting a shadow over him, he was handsome. He had a sharp jaw and tousled black hair. The image stuck with her, and she hated that it did.

The two had exchanged glances in the meetings, and their interactions ended at that. He acted like he didn't know her at all. As if she, Hanabi, princess of the Scarlet Clan, were some insignificant peasant.

That greatly angered Hanabi. She was going to train hard, harder than she ever had before, so that Hayabusa would acknowledge her, and then they could roam the Land of Dawn in search of the Rogue Shadow. And they would do so together. The future was as clear as glass for her.

Until she shattered that glass.


I wasn't expecting to update this early but here I am, I guess.

Also the upcoming Hayabusa chapter is my personal favrouite. A lot of people seem to really like it too. Stan HayaGura?

ALSO also. I'm not sure if I made it clear but this is going to be a series and I will be jumping around from character to character a lot.

Aside from the Japanese Line, I've done about four other characters that are ready to be uploaded.

Post time 2019-9-11 03:01 AM | Show all posts
Very cool! What are the characters that you've finished?
 Author| Post time 2019-9-11 03:06 AM | Show all posts
baitandswitch replied at 2019-9-11 03:01 AM
Very cool! What are the characters that you've finished?

For now...? Karina, Miya, Fanny and Vexana, who I am not uploading because of narrative reasons. Don't know which one out of the three to upload first though.


i want miya!  Post time 2019-9-11 12:15 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 04:17 AM | Show all posts
Omg. I can't believe this story just ended like this, i want more. That first encounter with Haya on the rooftop seems like an amazing love story. I'm waiting for the Hayabusa story, i'm a true fan of him. Truelly hope Hanabi will find her way to his heart in that story and not HayaGura
Looking forward to read the series


Haha.... Kinda. I don't wanna spoil it though so please keep on reading!  Post time 2019-9-11 11:14 AM
Post time 2019-9-11 06:14 AM | Show all posts
superb writing skill i must admit. I was eager to know the boys name. i thought lance or hanzo. but no its hayabusa. you should be hired by moonton. so good.
Post time 2019-9-11 03:47 PM | Show all posts
MLBB is planning on create its own animation, this would be good if this have next story and i hope this story can be implemented to the animation, moderators should submit it to developer who knows it will be accepted


Its already in survey, check on "General Discussion" in my thread  Post time 2019-9-11 04:18 PM
wait seriously? what type of animation?  Post time 2019-9-11 04:08 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-9-11 05:25 PM | Show all posts
DennisST replied at 2019-9-11 03:47 PM
MLBB is planning on create its own animation, this would be good if this have next story  a ...

Ah, I see. But if they're looking for plotlines, it'll probably be through their MGL team. Though, I am in it.
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