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[Hero Concept] Earthyl - The Forgotten Prodigy (Mother of Layla)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-11 11:20 AM

*This idea was already posted somewhere here in the Forum. This was my very first hero concept and i just forget where I posted it. So, here I am, reposting this concept here in the right place! I hope the Mods will not kill me because of this.

Earthyl Hestiaryx
The Forgotten Prodigy

Role: Marksman / Fighter
Specialty: Reap / Burst

Soldier's Versatility
Earthyl can shoot her laser at long-range or go melee depending on the enemy's distance and only enjoys 70% range of a normal marksman. Every 3rd basic attack hit will leave a Challenger's Parallel Mark on the enemy and Forcius will shoot 1st Set of lasers that deals True Damage. On 5th basic attack, Forcius will shoot 2nd set of lasers that deals another True Damage, leaves another Challenger's Parallel Mark and Earthyl will enhance her Laser Magic with Arcane. Depending on her distance from the enemy, she will do the following:
(A) On Melee mode, she will do super-fast dual heavy punches to the target enemy hero. The first punch will pierce through at the back and the second one will knock back the enemy hero. This is invalid on minions.
(B) On Marksman mode, she will do a barrage of laser shots that deals 5 times of True Damage in a fan-shaped area. This is invalid on minions.

Challenger's Parallel Mark: The marks can be stacked up to 3 times. Within 5secs, if the mark will not be completed into 3 stacks, each mark will only last 2secs each. The completed set of 3 marks will last for 30secs. This works on both Fighter and Marksman mode.

Dance of Ricochets                    AoE Buff
Cooldown: 9          Mana Cost: 40
Earthyl will dance and shoot a barrage of laser bullets from all of her fingertips. Each bullet will pierce through enemy hero that deals 200(90% Total physical power)(+95% Total Magic Power) Points of Magical Damage for the first damage and 100(90% Total physical power)(+95% Total Magic Power) Points of Magical Damage for the succeeding hit on the same hero. The bullets will then ricochet 3 times on the walls. Each bullet that hits any wall will leave a Parallel's Fissure. The enemies hit will be marked with 1 Challenger's Parallel Mark (Only 1mark per enemy even if the single enemy is hit twice). Can't use this skill while inside the Mirror Plane.

Parallel's Fissure: A dimensional crack on any wall that will last for 45secs. Earthyl can use any of these fissures to go in and out of the Mirror Plane. Inside this plane, Earthyl can't be seen, targeted or attacked. Vice versa, Earthyl can't target or attack enemies but she can see everything and can go everywhere on the map. If Earthyl stays inside the Mirror Plane for more than 45secs, she will be trapped inside. The only exit left is to use recall. Earthyl can stay inside the Mirror Plane infinitely and she can only use the fissures 3 times at a time (Count starts with the first exit).

Stealth Bringdown (First Phase)                   Blink  CC
Cooldown: 5.3          Mana Cost: 45
(Passive) Within the duration of this skill, Earthyl will go invisible for 1.5secs whenever she'll pass through bushes if there’s no enemy hero caught in the path.

(Active) Earthyl will do a super dash in a specified direction. Enemy heroes that will be caught in the path will be pinned down to the ground for 0.9secs and Forcius will shoot lasers twice dealing 95(90% total physical power)(+100% Total Magic Power) of True Damage each hit to the stunned enemy. Reduce this skill's cooldown for every Challenger's Parallel Mark that the pinned down enemy has: reduced by 1sec for 1mark, 1.5secs for 2marks, and 2secs for 3marks. Removing all the marks afterward.

(Use Again) Within 3secs after a successful pindown, Clearance can be used.

Clearance (Second Phase)                   Blink
Cooldown: 0          Mana Cost: 0
Earthyl will do another short super dash after successfully pinning down an enemy hero unit. Earthyl will be invisible for 0.5secs after casting this skill.

May it Rain!!! (First Phase)                    Burst  CC
Cooldown: 41         Mana Cost: 130
Earthyl will command Forcius to fly above the enemies and shoot down those with the Challenger's Parallel Mark. Forcius will consecutively release super-burst laser shots on all enemies caught inside the range dealing 90(+230% total physical power)(+245% Total Magic Power) Points of Magical Damage each shot. The damage can be further enhanced and Slow Effect will be applied based on the number of Challenger's Parallel Mark on each enemy (can stack): 5% increase dmg, 10% movement speed decrease on 1mark, 10% increase dmg and 20% movement speed decrease on 2marks, and 15% increase dmg and 50% movement speed decrease on 3marks. Removing one mark each successful hit. Can't use this skill while inside the Mirror Plane.

Veteran's Arcane Wrath (Second Phase)                    Burst  AoE
Cooldown: N/A          Mana Cost: 400          Gauge: 400          Charge Time: 6secs
(Passive) Each successful hit of Forcius on any enemy units will charge this skill's gauge by: 10 points on the enemy hero units and by 3 points on enemy minions.

(Active) Earthyl will imbue her Laser Magic Core with pure Arcane within herself that she learned from Gord. Channeling the charged magic in her palms and empowering Forcius with some. Upon releasing the shot, all heroes that's caught in the blast will take damage 5 times for 2.5secs, Dealing 390(+200% total physical power)(+215% Total Magic Power) Points of Magical Damage each hit for the enemies and 30(+50% total physical power)(+55% Total Magic Power) Points of Magical Damage each hit for the allies. The damage on the enemy can be further enhanced based on the number of marks on the enemy: 10% increase dmg on 1mark, 15% increase dmg on 2marks, and 30% increase dmg on 3marks. Removing all the marks from the enemies after the skill ends. After the skill ends, Forcius will enter Overheat State and is unusable for 6secs.

Skill Note(s):
Passive: This is like YSS's passive.

Skill1: The dancing will be like Claude's ulti but not moving.. The bullets that haven't ricocheted will not fly infinitely, of course. Just imagine the endpoint of the circular radius of Lesley's ulti, the bullets will disappear there. While in the Mirror Plane, everything is Blue colored and Earthyl will ignore and walk through walls. The fissures on the wall have its own fan-shaped area, you can then use this area to shoot enemies or use Skill2 while inside the Mirror Plane.

Skill2: She can use this skill while inside the Mirror Plane. The trajectory range of this skill is the same as Bruno's old 2nd skill. Included in this skill's animation is that Forcius will attach themselves at Earthyl's back. Becoming thrust boosters for her. This skill ignores Minions. Clearance's range is only half of the range of the Stealth Bringdown.

Skill3: (Phase1) The laser shots are twice per second. This skill's range and animation will be like Bane's very first old ulti.

(Phase 2) The range is the same as Moskov's Ulti range. While Earthyl and Forcius are charging for the shot, Challenger will release a small streak of burning trajectory line for which the shot will pass and which everyone can see this (acts like a warning signal) but won't damage any hero. This is like that split-second line in Layla's Ulti animation right after using the skill and before the damage dealt. The blast is 1 Lane wide. The overheat state affects Earthyl's Passive with Forcius, 2nd skill, and Ulti's First Phase. The first phase will be unusable if Forcius is on the overheated state. While on charging mode, the trajectory can be controlled like Gord's ulti but the blast will be fixed. This skill damages both enemies and allies. There will be a button in the upper part of the 3rd Skill’s button for you to have the freedom to choose when to use the 2nd phase. I imagined the 2nd phase’s animation as like Goku charging and doing Kamehameha, only with the Forcius assisting. LOL.

Female Mother Body design.jpg
The hair and the body of Earthyl will be in this image. Of course, I imagined her to be some kind of Hot Mom with huge... By the way, Earthyl lost her right arm and left leg because of Helcurt. Dr. Rooney installed mechanical arms and legs on her similar to Bruno.
Mechanical Left Arm concept.jpg this arm. I don't have any photo for her right leg.

* These images are Google grabbed. This is an effort to try and visualize the hero concept. I don't know who the owner or creator is and which game or anime some of them are in but credits to them.
* I will be posting another hero concept tomorrow which is a Mage/Fighter! She is a servant to the Royal House Paxley. Sounds familiar? Hate it or love it, your choice! Mabuhay!

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It's good concept, did you previously submitted this to customer service in game?


I did but i haven't proper reply. Only those templated once. But i will send this again and again until they will notice me. LOL  Post time 2019-9-10 11:35 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 12:19 AM | Show all posts
Wait are they biologically related because Layla's mother is dead


Here it is!:  Post time 2019-9-11 03:13 PM
Nope. that was in the story, now, i changed it! Lol. She managed to survive the night attack on their house, well, i have her background story.  Post time 2019-9-11 01:20 AM
Post time 2019-9-11 06:18 AM | Show all posts
thanks for explaining each skill details with available heroes in mlbb.
i am a bit confused about passive. this hero enjoys only 70% range of mm. but which mm. we have short range mm like karrie or moscov. long range mm like granzer or kimmy. other than that the skill set is quite nice.don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion. just post the thread link.


Well, let's say 70% range or Moskov and Karrie. That's how short it is.  Post time 2019-9-11 11:19 AM
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