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[Lore & Novel] ❝ᴘʀᴏʟᴏɢᴜᴇ❞//Chosen By Dawn

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The world is dying.

The people are suffering.

Rafaela could see it.

More families crowded her temple, illnesses getting more serious and fatal. The other day, a mother came to Rafaela's shrine, crying. Her son was dying, no medicine she had could save him. On two white steads, they rode back to her humble hut in the borders of the Twisted Trees.

It was a dark hut. Rafaela scanned the surroundings. The musky scent of clay cottoned her, and within that, a whip of stench.

As quickly as the smell hit her, pots crashed down. She cracked to one of the room openings. There was no door in this small hut. Just a rectangle that emitted light.

She looked back at the woman for an explanation, but the fear proved her no condition to speak. Rafaela gestured her to stay back while she crept towards the opening. She peeked into the room, only to make immediate eye contact with a boy. Pale skin and tired expression. And... a shadow lighter than it should be.

While the angel was trying to grasp the situation, he lunged at her. The inhuman speed caught her off guard and she merely managed to caught his hanging mouth with the pole of her staff. It gnawed on the pearly whites of her staff, making it drip with drool.

Her wings pricked up and stretched into the sky as an emerald aura surrounded her. The burst of strength was enough for her to yank her staff out of the boy's mouth and send him crashing out of the room. He rolled into one of the table legs with a force strong enough to break it into two.

"Albert!" Rafaela heard a cry.

The woman ran towards her son, arms open. Rafaela leaped to hold her back, but it was recovering slowly, and she lacked the strength.

"Wait!" She said into the mother's ear, "He hasn't been cleansed yet!"

"No! We need to help him! Now!"

"You need to wait! I-"

"NO!" With a large rush of strength, the woman broke free from the angel's grip.

She watched as the mother run right into the boy's gaping mouth. It ripped her flesh and gobbled it hungrily. The last look the mother shared with her was one of shock and disbelief, before her eyes turned dead.

Rafaela watched the whole scene unfold before her. Her feet were rooted and her teeth clenched in a fixed position. The boy consumed much of his mother until she was a bloodied mess, until finally, it turned on her.

But this time, Rafaela was ready. She sent a blinding light that made its screech, stopping its advancements. Then pointing herself and her staff to the sky, she brought a spark down from the heavens onto the monster. Whatever remaining plumpness left in its grey meat was sucked out with a blooding curdling scream.

The angel stood in the dark hut. A splatter of blood and a pile of bones questioned her. She wished for the world to disappear. Maybe it was just a dream and she would wake up, ready to lead the humans into battle against the Dark Lord, again, for another day. But no. She didn't. This was a world after the war. A reality where the Angel of Healing didn't know her place anymore.

It was all she could think of as her white mares galloped her back. They had been pegasi once. But they lost their wings.

If only she could've moved. If only she could heal anything. The son would grow up to be healthy and the mother would live a long life in the warm care of her son. But she snipped their life short and transformed them into unwanted decoration.

Then she started thinking, what happened? Her healing had no effect on him. The memory of his shadow crashed into her. That was no ordinary illness. It was... a curse... buried deep inside the scrolls of the God of Light's memories. Rafaela had only saw it a few times, before the two gods had disappeared.

The plague that hit the land an eon ago had reappeared again. It was-

"My Lady!" A nun rushed to greet her. Her face was painted with desperation, "My Lady, there have been so many patients in your absence! We don't know what illness they speak off! They describe it as-"

"Try as hard as you can. Send out eagles for help if must. I'm sure the Moon Elves have some cure that would at least numb the pain. Open the Heavenly Gates."

She nodded. The nuns parted the sea of sickly people. Rafaela looked at the floor and tried to drown out the pleas with her own thoughts. The desperate screams faded into the distance as she arrived to the deepest part of the temple, a dome where few are allowed to step foot into.

Right in the middle of the circular space was a hole, surrounded by intricate markings and writing. Rafaela fitted the bottom of her staff into the hole, which started a flow of light that seeped into the markings. Blinding white engulfed her until she was in a place not of the mortal realm anymore.

Tall, white, polished buildings and waves of clouds surrounded her. Her wings could finally take shape here. Puffs of clouds purred as her feathers ran its hands through it.

"Argus!" She yelled to an angel, armoured in white.

He turned away from the crystal ball that served an eye into the mortal world.

She let Argus take her hands as she caught her breath, "Vexana. She has... somehow found a way to reach the villages. Our villages! They are so near us-I cannot fathom how she reached them!"

Argus didn't say anything.

Rafaela looked at him, surprised by his lack of response, "We need to help them!"

"And how do you suppose we do that?"

Shocked as she was, she didn't reply.

"Rafaela," Argus said, returning to the crystal ball. The fog dissipated, revealing a red crystal. It was large. Bits of gold surrounded it, propelling in the air. The base was a hexagon, which emitted red light.

"The Nexus," Rafaela whispered, recognising it.

He nodded, "It has awakened once again. And in a few months times, it will be choosing its new batch of Guardians."

She flicked her eyes up. She knew exactly what he was suggesting, "It grants absolute power. A lot of people will be trying to get to it.

"The journey to the center of the Land of Dawn will be dangerous, but that's the only way we can defeat Vexana. And likely... Alice."

"Alice?" Rafaela gasped, "But she was sealed thousands of years ago! By the humans! With our help!"

"The seal is weakening. Alice is preparing. Deep down in the Abyss, her army awakens and is raving for their queen," He slid a palm across the crystal, which then cleared to show the prison that held the Queen of the Blood Demons.

The bright orange light of the stars was fading. The Molten Essence that floated weary barely had the strength to reach at the bars of the cell. Rafaela squinted, leaning closer into the crystal.

A face emerged. Its grin was of malice.


She looked directly at the angel with all the malevolence. Her spite was of glee.

Rafaela withdrew. The fog swirled around Alice's smile and whisked into its original grey. She turned away from it, shaken by what she saw, "She looked directly at me. She has gained enough strength to sense the All-Seeing Crystal."

Argus took her crossed arms in, drawing the lines of her blonde hair.

"I'm going to the Nexus." She said, with more confidence than she actually had.

"Then I'll go with you. The Angel of Healing won't survive in this cruel world alone."

Rafaela smiled as he imprinted her forehead with his lips.

That day, the two angels made a descent to the Land of Dawn, seeking the Nexus.


Something new I'm trying. This is no way my first attempt at literature, but it is my first project of this scale.

I'll try to portray every hero's backstory accurately, but there will be some that I don't include because they have little relevance.

Feedback,,, thoughts?

Also, I wanted to add that if I get enough support, I'll make this an interactive novel, where the readers can vote and choose what the hero does.

Of course not every decision is going to be straightfoward. So-

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excaliburn20 replied at 2019-9-10 07:16 PM
I wish they will be a couple somewhere in your story. But I don't like them to be married. Lol

They aren't married in a traditional sense. Anyways, from here onwards, the only sword Argus is putting in Rafaela isn't the one down there


Since the demon sword controls Argus' emotions, i hope that sword down there wont be controlled as well. LOL  Post time 2019-9-10 09:31 PM
Post time 2019-9-10 05:16 PM | Show all posts
utsukushii des..please give a copy of complete edition
 Author| Post time 2019-9-10 06:26 PM | Show all posts
RohitBK201 replied at 2019-9-10 05:16 PM
utsukushii des..please give a copy of complete edition

It's gonna take a while :,)


i can wait..hehe  Post time 2019-9-10 07:02 PM
Post time 2019-9-10 07:16 PM | Show all posts
I wish they will be a couple somewhere in your story. But I don't like them to be married. Lol
Post time 2019-9-10 11:21 PM | Show all posts
I was very touched to read it, an impressive story
Good job & keep writing
Post time 2019-9-11 06:25 AM | Show all posts
superb. first part i was a bit afraid. i read twice. the situation is really dangerous. the son became something undescribable. damn. 2nd part is touching and i like it a lot. great writing skill. keep it up.
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