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[Hero Concept] [Assasin/Support]Takage:The Untainted Pupil

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Role: Assasin/ Support
Name: Takage
Type: Poke, Crowd Control
"Blaming upon others because of the acctions of one man close to them is a foolish act."
Intro Appearance: A shadow flies in from the background. Upon hitting the ground it explodes into 5 shadows and Takage teleports to each of them while attacking with an assortment of weapons. At the last shadow he slashes towards the screen with his katana and stands back into position.
"I will renew my family's name."

Skin Ideas:
The Untainted Pupil
Master of Shadows
Cyber Hunter
Scarlet Viper

Takage was part of the Shadow Clan that was once the most powerful ninja families out there. Since his youth he had trained under various masters at the same time in order fulfill his dream of restoring this family name after the incident of the Shadow's betrayal and Hanzo's bloodlust. Overtime, he became incredibly adept at any kind of weapon he could rest his hands on and he was grew close to Hanabi and Hayabusa as he continuously sparred with them while they strived to improve each other.

One day while hunting, he encountered a powerful ninja in the mountains and was surprised at how quickly he was beatened. Neverless he wasn't fazed but instead got excited, bugging the ninja to teach him everyday.

For a long time the ninja was visibly annoyed at him and came close to killing Takage a few times if it wasn't for his reflexes. At last they struck a deal to be trained every weekend at night in the forest, and that Takage was to never reveal the existence of the ninja.

Under the mysterious person's guidance, Takage's powers grew exponentially and surprised even Hayabusa's trainers. They praised him for his development and told him he was sure to restore his family's pride with the way things were going.

Disaster struck one day during nightfall. The village that all the ninja's were training at was set ablazed. A inhumane looking silhouette was seen to have caused it and was still wrecking havoc to the residents. As Takage jumped in to attack he was greeted by a horrible sight. It wasn't clear earlier on as they had always trained in the dark but now, lit by the flames of burnning debris he learnt that his secret master was Hanzo himself. Upon seeing Takage, Hanzo merely laughed in his phantom form and sliced at Takage who was too shocked to  move. Before delivering the killing blow, Hanzo bared an evil smile and mocked him.

"Do you think you can really beat me outcast?"

Angered by these words Takage's resolve hardened. He exploded into a flurry of shadows and held back Hanzo while transporting Hayabusa, Hanabi and Kagura through shadows to aid him.They kept Hanzo at bay but to their surprise Hanzo disappeared when the "Killing blow" delivered, his evil laughther echoing throughout the ruins of the village.
When their training was completed, he followed behind Hayabusa and his friends. Determined to kill the person who made a fool out of his name and to show the true values of his family.

Some rough stats at level 1:
Hp: 2689
Movement speed: 260
Physical attack: 150
Attack speed: 0.780
Magic defense: 10
Physical defense: 15
Energy: 1000

" Takage is a hero specialising in ambushes and requires quick reflexes and
instincts to maximise his gameplay potential."

Passive Ability:Natural Instincts
Takage is proficient in using the items that he gains, boosting the effects of items by 5%.
(Allows for easier item line ups and greater damage.)
Extra notes: Item passive effects are also affected.


Skill 1:Shadow Kunai [Damage, Flicker]
Energy cost: 30/50/70  CD:10s
Takage throws 3 kunai knifes forwards, dealing 30[+90% Physical Power] Physical Damage to them.
Units that are hit would be given a "Curse" mark that lasts for 5s and allows Takage to teleport to them as a shadow [including minions]. Allied units within skill range can also receive the "Curse" though no damage is dealt to them.
When selecting a target, Takage becomes a shadow and flicker's under the enemy. He does not receive any damage and will always be underneath the enemy, providing vision. He cannot do basic attacks to any units in this state though battlespells can still be used [Though they wouldn't affect the enemy host, spells like sprint, purify and aegies would only work on allies hosts.]
When in a shadow state Takage gains a new set of skills and he is released from his host when they are killed.
(An effect that allows you to be invulnurable and latch onto an enemy. Also provides a method to lock down enemy heroes that requires farming if u have retribution. Hidding under minion units can also be great for ambushes.)
Extra notes: You can't do anything without proper skills in this state. There would be mark showing your presence under the units though it disappears 3 seconds after staying under the host.


Shadow  S1: Shadow Walk [Flicker]
Energy cost: 10/20/30  CD:5s
Takage leaps into a nearby unit's shadow. [Doesn't need the Kunai's and maitains invulnurability]
(Allows for a simple target switch)
Extra notes: If Takage is CCed halfway to target, shadow state ends immediately.


Skill 2: Smokescreen [CC]
Energy cost:40/50/60  CD:15s  
Takage throws a bomb that creates a cloud of smoke lasting 5s. Within this cloud Takage becomes invisible and enemies loses their map vision.
(Allows for quick hiding and ambush.)
Extra notes: the area is smaller than Natalia's s2.


Shadow  S2: Soul Grab [CC, Flicker]
Energy cost: 90/100/110  CD:15s
"Let's go."
Takage selects a nearby unit [can be allied, cannot choose host] and summons a shadow to swallow them, dealing 90(+80% Physical Power)Physical Damage[allies receive no damage]. Once swallowed, Takage's shadow form detaches from the host and is able to move for 2.5s.

During this time, the shadow containing the swallowed unit would circle around Takage as he moves. After the 2.5s Takage reverts to normal form and the target is released.

When carrying an enemy and the "Swallow" shadow hits an obstacle the enemy inside would be dealt 70(+100% Physical Power)Physical Damage, released immediately and stunned for 1.5s. Takage will continue moving to the end of the supposed path unaffected.
(Allows for snatching away crucial enemy heroes and even saving allies from a hard to escape scenario.)
Extra notes: It is hard to target quickly. Has the potential for trolling.


Ult skill: Sonic Blade[CC, Burst]
Energy cost: 100/150/200 CD:30s
"Death, is silent"
Takage empowers his katana and strikes the targeted enemy instantly, silencing them for 2s and dealing 100(+90% Physical Power)Physical Damage. Eliminations would reduce CD by 15s.
(Terrifying burst damage with small cc.)
Extra notes:the range is pretty short.


Shadow Ult skill: Dance of the Night [Flicker, Burst]
Energy cost: 300/400/500 CD:30s
"Die now, by the wrath of shadows."
Takage shadow leaps from it's host and explodes onto the ground [Terizla ult range] All units affected would be marked with the "Curse" that lasts for 5s. For the next 4s Takage can continously teleport without energy cost towards the enemies. Casting at them "Sonic Blade" though only 40% of original damage and 1s silence is dealt before hoping back into the unit's shadow.

Skill passive [Shadow enforcement]: When teleporting to allies, their next attack deals double damage.
(Allows for mass attacking and small team buffs.)
Extra notes: Requires very quick finger tapping for maximum effect. Being CCed  outside of shadow would cancel the skill immediately.


It is time to make my name known.

That creature played me for as a fool and hurt my people. He will die.
I refuse to let my family be tainted by one monster.
Come forth to my world of shadows!
Didn't see that coming?

Special interactions:
Hayabusa: Heh we truely are brothers in arms
Kagura: You told him yet?
Hanabi: ...oh, hey..
[Hanabi needs a true ship, not a ship with Hanzo]

Death :
I will not give in...
My departure is merely temporary

Personal note:
Also yeah, some skills would look similar to Hayabusa's though they function very differently. I just did it to match the storyline xD

Who knew that finding a Shadow Ninja image was so hard.
Maybe something like this:

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RohitBK201 replied at 2019-9-10 05:02 PM
interesting hero squad

Thanks xD
*Fades in shadow "ninja for life"
Post time 2019-9-10 05:02 PM | Show all posts

interesting hero squad
Post time 2019-9-10 05:38 PM | Show all posts
skill set very suitable for assassin. its good that item passive also enjoy 5% boost. overall a nice hero concept. don't forget to submit in game cs.
Post time 2019-9-10 07:11 PM | Show all posts
Nice! you have one too! I hope you don't mind me asking but, where is the support part?
 Author| Post time 2019-9-10 09:16 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-11 10:09 PM
excaliburn20 replied at 2019-9-10 07:11 PM
Nice! you have one too! I hope you don't mind me asking but, where is the support part?

I saw your concept too xD (love the heals she gives)
My concept [s2] allows you to hide an ally from enemy fire [useful for escaping] and the shadow ult allows you to provide allies with a minor damage boost.
While being a shadow under your ally you can hide and help your allies ambush enemies too [let them think there's only one guy. Also you can buff them with proper battle spells like inspire, sprint... Would affect the ally you are under while in shadow form]

They are small supporting skills but I decided to add him as a support due to them
will do thx xD


I was actually confused at that at first about the Battle Spells, now i am enlighten. That would be OP if you will use Sprint or Execute. You can help allies definitely. Naisuu!  Post time 2019-9-10 09:30 PM
Post time 2019-9-11 11:19 PM | Show all posts
This character seems really fun and awesome honestly...and i love ninjas haha
 Author| Post time 2019-9-12 05:23 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-9-11 11:19 PM
This character seems really fun and awesome honestly...and i love ninjas haha

Thanks for the compliment xD
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