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[Hero Balance] Suggestion for Natalia (BUFF)

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Post time 2019-9-10 02:25 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by LegendaryCat at 2019-9-10 03:09 PM

Hello. I just noticed that the use of Natalia declined over the seasons. I rarely see her nowadays. I remember when her silence went from 2 seconds to 1 second.

She has left the meta long ago, and she can never go in again, for the new meta requires early game strength, which she definitely lacks because she is an item reliant hero. On the other hand, Lunox, Gusion, Esmeralda, and Helcurt can dominate the game once they reach level 4 without any core items. This makes Natalia very weak, as she would struggle to farm for her items because all the other heroes can kill her easily on the early game

Even Helcurt recently got a buff from the advanced server. His silence duration went from 0.8s to 1.5s. Helcurt was already a viable hero. Natalia, on the other hand, gets no buff.

Moreover, marksmen can counter her. Kimmy's AOE basic attack can easily find her when that yellow "!" pops above her head. Even Granger can just kill Natalia with one skill, because Natalia is not immune from his first skill.

As we can see, Natalia has the lowest win rate compared to all other heroes: (see picture below)

My suggestions include

Option 1: A longer silence. If we give it to Helcurt without needing it, then it would be pretty good to give it to Natalia who obviously needs it.  I read a suggestion somewhere that gave a good idea: upgrading her ultimate will also increase the silence duration. This is comparable to Layla's range increase after upgrading her ultimate.


Option 2: Rework her ultimate. The ultimates of Claude and Chang'e have bonus damages on creeps and/or monsters. I suggest that we employ this bonus damage to Natalia's ultimate. Maybe she should also be able to walk while casting her ultimate, or perhaps count her ultimate as basic attacks. She farms so slow, she needs a little burst for her early game to get her core items.


Option 3: Make her first skill a hyper burst skill. I have seen a lot of Natalia users that can't actually do anything because of her weakness at the early game. Though, these users have developed techniques and skills on agility: running, and escaping. If Natalia users have mastered the art of using her first skill, then they could take advantage of option 3.


Option 4: Combination of any/all of the options 1, 2, and 3.

I hope that this suggestion will be put into considerstion. Thank you and have a good day!
Post time 2019-9-10 03:14 PM | Show all posts
just bring back 2 sec silence.
no need more..
Post time 2019-9-11 10:15 AM | Show all posts
Hi forum user @LegendaryCat,

Please submit your suggestion via the in-game CS and get a chance to let your ideas be implemented! Simply click the "guy in headphones" icon located near the top left corner of your main lobby in-game, and select the category "Suggestion".

We hope to see your ideas soon
Post time 2019-9-10 07:38 PM | Show all posts
i think nats 1 second silence is fine, it gives mages a chance to fight back. but i would agree to buff her smoke bomb or her ult. imagine her smoke bomb to become like akalis from league. the middle where shes invulnerable to basic attacks. but the edges where she cant be targetted at all unless she attacks. or a revamp to her ult
Post time 2019-9-10 06:58 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I agree. I suggested the same thing about changing Natalia's ultimate. I really hope that the developers consider our suggestion.  I hope they reply.
Post time 2019-9-10 05:54 PM | Show all posts
to be honest i really don't like her Ultimate at all.
it should be useful. i agree with longer silence along with reworking ultimate. thanks for your valuable suggestions.
Post time 2019-9-10 04:07 PM | Show all posts
I agree with option 2, Natalia need more farming just like old heroes to get core items, if Natalia have full build she is quite OP even with 1sec silence is enough to counter enemies mage and mm
Post time 2019-9-10 02:59 PM | Show all posts
ya i think too that she needs buff,she is squishy and weak in early game ,and a lot of cc heroes counters her and i see very less natalia in rnk and classic,nice suggestions.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-10 03:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-11 10:06 PM
ozgunlu replied at 2019-9-10 03:14 PM
just bring back 2 sec silence.
no need more..

Personally, I would love this. Though, I've read a lot of opinions opposing this idea, so I came up with other suggestions.
wrenlara replied at 2019-9-10 06:58 PM
I agree. I suggested the same thing about changing Natalia's ultimate. I really hope that the develo ...

I really hope so. I wouldn't plea for this but I felt injustice for her when they buffed Helcurt's silence. I have seen a lot of comments on YouTube channels and many other posts on the forum complaining about her silence duration. Though, Helcurt got the buff instead.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2019-9-11 12:54 AM | Show all posts
They can buff Natalia all they want but its a big NO-NO to give back her 2s silence, giving it back is like giving Harith back his immobilized Ultimate. Invisibility+2s silence+Immunity what chances do we have to fight back lol. I remember how scary it is to use MM and Mage back then when Natalia have her 2s silence. She is balance now, a little buff is fine.

Aldous should receive such treatment as well, he have too much abilities. Something have to be taken out.
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