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[Hero Concept] Lilith - Aethernal Demon Brood (Support/Assassin)

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Edited by excaliburn20 at 2019-9-10 12:13 PM

Aethernal Demon Brood

Role: Support / Assassin
Specialty: Regen / Burst

Diabolical Investment
Lilith will automatically sacrifice 100 HP to give any nearby ally the Evil’s Interests that lasts for 10secs (50secs CD per ally). Every time a buffed ally dies (either by this Passive or her Skills), Lilith will enhance her next basic attack that deals an extra (+300% Total Magic Power) of Magical Damage (can be critical) and gains 30% Movement Speed for 3secs. Killing an enemy hero using her enhanced basic attack will grant extra 50 gold and 30% Movement Speed Increase for another 3secs. While getting an assist will grant the ally hero who made the kill another Evil’s Interests buff that lasts for 15secs without sacrificing her HP.

Evil’s Interests - A buff that inflicts a Dark Burn Effect to enemy hero units which deals 2% of the target's remaining HP as magic damage each time a skill hits and/or after every 3rd basic attack hit. If the ally kills an enemy hero while this buff is active, you gain an extra 50 gold. If the ally dies while this buff is active, you will gain an extra 100 gold.

Demon's Trade-Off                    Buff  CC
Cooldown: 16.4          Mana Cost: 70
Lilith will swap her HP to a nearby single enemy hero unit that has the highest remaining HP. The enemy target will then gain Movement Speed Increase of 25% for 1sec and this will instantly refresh the CD Time of Blood Leverage.

Blood Leverage                   Buff  Heal
Cooldown: 5.5          Mana Cost: 50
(Active) Lilith will sacrifice 50% of her remaining HP to heal a single ally nearby that has the lowest HP by 65% based on its Max HP.

(Passive) If the healed ally survives for 20secs, that ally hero will be deducted 15% of its remaining HP while Lilith will be healed by 50% based on her Max HP. If the healed ally dies before reaching 20secs, Lilith will be healed by 15% based on her Max HP, gains additional (+250% Total Magic Power) of Magical Damage on her next enhanced basic attack and will instantly refresh the CD Time of Demon's Trade-Off.

Fiendish Immolation                   Buff  Heal
Cooldown: 42.0         Mana Cost: 120
(Passive) Instantly refreshes the CD Time of Demon's Trade-Off. The 2nd Phase of this skill will cancel CD Time of Demon's Trade-Off for 6secs.

(Active) Lilith sacrifices 80% of her remaining HP to heal all nearby allied heroes. The heal percentage each ally hero receives will base on their Max HP and by how many ally heroes nearby: 1 ally hero gets 80% heal, 2 ally heroes gets 40% heal each, 3 ally heroes gets 26.7% heal each and 4 ally heroes gets 20% heal each. If all of the healed ally heroes survived for 6secs, they will be healed again by 10% of their Remaining HP. If one of the healed ally heroes die before 6secs, Lilith will gain the 2nd phase of this skill.

(2nd Phase) Use this skill to pull and devour a single ally hero that has 15% or less HP left of all the healed ally heroes. The killed ally hero will gain 35% Reduced Resurrection Time and Lilith will heal herself based on the killed ally hero's lost HP before dying. Additionally, Lilith gains additional (+200% Total Magic Power) of Magical Damage on her next enhanced basic attack. You can use this effect for 2 more times.

Skill Note(s):
Passive: Her enhanced basic attack will be long-range and will act or the animation works similar to Fanny's "Cut Throat" skill.

Skill1: This is not a target skill, so if an enemy with the highest HP within range is in the bush, you will and can swap your HP with that enemy hero unit.

Skill3: You can't use this skill if you don't have any allies nearby, at least 1. The kill count when you kill your ally won’t be yours or your enemy’s, it will just be an “Executed” state but you will get gold and exp same as if you killed an enemy hero. (2nd Phase) The ally hero that will be devoured won’t take any more damage while being pulled.

Snake Girl.png
This image exactly resembles her but only with Black Skin and Black Snake. The only white skin she will have is on her arms and legs. If you read my Tank/Marksman hero, I stated there that hero doesn't have any arms or legs, she's the reason for that.

* These images are Google grabbed. This is an effort to try and visualize the hero concept. I don't know who the owner or creator is and which game or anime some of them are in but credits to them.
* I will be posting another hero concept tomorrow which is a Marksman/Fighter! She is the Mother of Layla, by the way. Hate it or love it, your choice! Mabuhay!

Post time 2019-9-10 12:36 PM | Show all posts
Lilith seems like biggest healer, even greater than estes xD buthe is somehow one shoot hero, like you can always let ur teammate to die so u could kill him, and ehen someone say support/assassin when their roles are totally differebt, but xoncept is interesting, why dont you rsubmit this idea to costumer service in game :D


I wil ldefinitely send this to them. I dont know though if they will accept such crazy hero like this. Hahaha!  Post time 2019-9-10 12:40 PM
Post time 2019-9-10 06:01 PM | Show all posts
i can see this hero is op but i like it.
suppose she uses her Ultimate to heal everyone and her ho become 20%. then she can swap hp with opponent who has highest hp.
i am not saying its bad but we need strong support hero like this one. very good concept. don't forget to submit this to in game customer support as a suggestion


All of my hero concepts are high-risk high-gain. Same for this one, there might be a chance that this hero will die mid-combat after using the ULT and before using the HP SWAP.  Post time 2019-9-10 07:13 PM
Post time 2019-9-10 11:54 PM | Show all posts
Really complicated, she has regen skills that is soo OP than rafaela & estes.. But, I really like a different and unique concept
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